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I’ve been reading a lot lately about how the public perceives guns in the UK. There was an article where someone was using a perfect legal air rifle to shoot rabbits in a field near a school. They had permission from the land owner and there was nothing illegal about the situation. Plod still sent out the goon squad and a helicopter took 25 minutes to find them still in the field shooting rabbits. Read the comments to see the comments from both sides of the argument.

In the UK it is now clearly policy that before you go on a murderous rampage in a school you gear yourself up by shooting rabbits. If only the nutters who went berserk previously were so helpful.

So waste of everyone’s time, school kept the kids in and frightened them to make sure they understand guns are bad. Plod who can’t get a handle on real crime were off on another jaunt in the country showing their power, the lads were shown what it was like to be on the wrong end of a gun barrel and parents were given another lesson in fear by a bunch of whingy whiney socialists making a point that the world is not safe.

It just shows that we need to keep our heads down where guns are concerned. Personally only two people in my street know I have my weapons, a nurse across the road who signed my forms and a close friend next door. Although I’m happy to shoot things in my back garden I’m not overlooked and I only walk out with a hidden air pistol just in case my prey isn’t dispatched properly.

So keep OPSEC about your weapons, make sure the kids don’t use their air rifles without you being aware or if they do they follow simple rules. Not for general safety mind, they should already have those rules ingrained but for their own safety as you don’t want them given lead injections by plod or come home and find your house stripped and occupied.


  • The basic safety rules
  • Don’t tell anyone about your weapons
  • Keep the weapons covered when out and about
  • When cleaning or checking them in the house keep the curtains closed
  • When firing them in the house or back garden make sure you are not overlooked
  • When collecting your prey keep the weapons out of view
  • Leave the weapons covered and in a car when not in use
  • Don’t use gun bags with gun symbols on
  • Don’t engage anyone who talks to you negatively about your guns
  • Do spread the word when you can about gun ownership
  • Make fun of the whingy whiney people when you don’t have your gun

In saying that I have given a few of my friends children lessons in using a gun. I’ve taken them away, shown them how to handle the weapons and let them have a few shots at targets and clays. Although because of new rules at the clay shooting club I can’t do that any more. Still I can take them out to blast a few things. Too expensive to buy my own clay launcher but at least we can use the rifles. Got to do my bit for the next generation of gun owners.

It is going to take a massive culture change for the sheep in the UK to actually get a bit of common sense in them. I’m not holding my breath and think it will take a massive change in government policy and several years to change the culture. This government won’t do it and I can’t see any government in the wings having the balls to do it either. I’m just playing safe and keeping my head down and keeping out of the crosshairs of the righteous and of course our legal killers SO19.

I suggest you do the same.

20 comments to Hysteria

  • Skvez

    > Too expensive to buy my own clay launc
    I believe you can get catapult clay pidgeon launchers. Not as good an the motorised ones but adequate.

  • moosedog

    There has already been a massive culture change in the UK regarding guns but unfortunately it has been in the wrong direction for the likes of you & me.

    I was brought up in a village where guns were just part of everyday life but after a couple of high profile tragedies (Hungerford & Dunblane) the media and the powers that be went on their own rampage to demonise guns and gun ownership. More recently anti terrorist legislation has added to the fear instilled into the public about guns, although I can’t think of any terrorist attack in England, Scotland or Wales where the perpetrator used a gun.

    So Joe Public is terrified of guns and regards anyone owning one as being in league with the devil. Government war on guns won and I believe there’s no going back. Look at America and their politicians are trying the same thing, though their gun culture is very different to ours.

    Here in the UK the battle is lost and the sheeple have been brainwashed into believing what they have been told. The TV says so, therefore it is true.

    I know ECHELON will be displeased with this reply but while there are a few brave souls who are not in a hypnotic trance induced by the TV being on during the whole of their waking hours we must speak out. Don’t believe their lies.

  • flashbaztard

    Although i have a air rifle and used to love to shoot at targets in the yard and i am a master at killing zombies on call of i cant help but agree with plod. the only purpose of a gun is to kill. as i have said in past posts i dont hunt [or agree with it] but when you hear of complete flocks of swans being killed by kids with air rifles and all the reports of cats needing vet treatment with pellets lodged in them. [my ex is a vet] [did you see in the newspaper the other day the dog that was shot 12 times in the head,legs bound, buried alive and still survived] i too think they should be banned
    You and me may make exellent gun owners but the rest of Britain’s finest youth are too out of it on booze or drugs to be responsible [they never grow up either,just buy bigger guns]
    Its not the guns but the owners, so the only way to deal with it is to remove them [the guns i mean]
    sorry you cant hunt anymore but if you get really hungry just pop to mc donalds like the other sheeple

  • Skean Dhude


    I’ve seen them but not used them. The reason I like the automated ones is that I can be right by the oerson with the gun. Having to go off and be even a slight distance away makes me nervous. Although I suppose if there is more than one of them it shouldn’t be an issue.


    So true. I’m doing my bit by trying to educate the younglings and talking to the adults. Although the sheer lack of logical thinking forthe average person is beyond me.


    People use guns every day without killing. Same as golf clubs, knives, baseball bats and a million and one other items.

    The examples you give are actually illegal to do. The issue we have is that there is no punishment for these people when they are caught. Therefore no deterent. I note you don’t suggest that they ban the rope or the spade used to tie up and bury the poor animal. They were as much to blame as the gun. ie. not at all. It was the animals that did the deed but of course a gun was used so it was a gun that did it and needs to be banned. Do you seriously think that if those animals did not have a gun that dog would have been left alone.

    Most gun owners are sensible people. Those that are not get punished and their guns removed. In fact minor infractions get punished worse than people involved in mugging, assaulting and GBH. What is happening here is that people are being punished because other people do crimes and their methods don’t work so they need to do more but government screws up everything it touches. That is immoral and wrong. You are wrong about there only being one way. There are always alternatives. You cannot remove guns from the world. All you do is remove them from law abiding people, the bad guys don’t bother about laws and have guns anyway. Pistols and machine guns are illegal in the UK but how many times have you heard about them used in crimes here. The only real way to deal with it is imprison the offenders but that would require us to have a working justice system. The US is now allowing more use of guns in places, high crime, where they were banned before and unsurprisingly crime is going down. There is alink between unarmed victims and armed citizens and it doesn’t support removing guns but allowing them. Criminals there are not sure their victims will not retaliate, unlike here where the sheeple are certain to be unarmed and they can do what they want unhindered.

    I’m glad you have fun on Call of Duty. Enjoy it while you can as it’s on a list to be banned. Clearly the skills you are picking up encourage you to be another of these mad gunners. Whingy whiney people have lots of lists from rock music to your favourite clothes all which make you a bad person.

    If we are unfortunate enough to end up in an event you will find that those guns will give the criminals a massive advantage. One that will increase their chances of survival significantly while people without guns will decrease. If we have any sense we should ensure we are not unarmed in that situation. Who is going to open a store and sell us some then. Err… nobody so we need them now same as we need food and water. Just in case.

  • flashbaztard

    i agree with what you are saying but! the gun was invented for killing. its its main purpose knives are to cut rope and stuff, baseball bats for sport, spades for digging..ect
    i love shooting [targets] played with toy guns all my life but just think that ‘humans’ of today are not responsible enough to have them, maybe you can blame my call of duty ect, [i feal i would be happier shooting other humans that intend to harm me than a defenceless duck]
    call of duty and the like may well be banned in the future and yes that would annoy me, but whilst i am old enough and wise enough to know its just a game, its the new generations that have been weaned on it, and weaned on air rifles that are the problem ,games and real life to them are the same thing!
    so yes ban them all just blame the kids [and their parents]
    but like you say banning them wont stop criminals using them to terrorise the law abiding amongst us, so we cant win [mind you i do have a pretty nifty archery set that may deter them]
    banning wont stop all the problems but it would stop a few [them that cant find a black market gun]
    so you cant blame folk for trying, even one saved life is worth it!
    the end of the world stuff that we are all prepping for as likely as not will never happen, we are preparing anyway just in case [me too] but i really cant see the british [empires, 2 world wars , stiff upper lip..ect]all fall to pieces and go round robbin and shooting, its just not cricket.
    no we shall sit down with a nice cup of tea and take it on the chin!

  • craig


    you are obviously winding us up. you are saying that it is ok for criminals to have them for crimes but they will not use them where they are starving to death even if there is no tea to sit down with.

  • Skean Dhude


    Welcome, It looks like it.


    I’ll assume you are serious.

    1) The gun was invented for killing. Dynamite and the knife was not. The fact is that all are banned or restricted because some people misuse them. That is a nanny state looking after children. None should be banned and any abuses should be punished.

    2) You don’t kill people yet you think others cannot be trusted. You are saying that because a very few people are stupid and don’t understand reality all should suffer. I like action movies, car chases and shows like James Bond. I’ve not killed anyone, had a car chase with plod or blown anything up at all pretty much the same as the other few hundred million who have watched these shows yet half a dozen nutters dictate what we can have and use.

    3) I don’t blame the parents. They can’t control their kids because it is illegal for them to do so. Smacking which worked for thousands of years is illegal because, yet again, a few parents smacked their kids too hard. The law is a screw up now. Every time the government swings into knee jerk action they screw it up.

    4) I hope you are a good shot with your bow and arrow. I’m not. I’ll stick with my shotgun. Good luck with your bow against the bad guys AK47s.

    5) People make guns as well. They even make them in prisons with no lathes etc. so it is only the law abiding who won’t build or acquire one. The statement ‘God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal’ That meant that a big hulk like guy ruled the place until someone invented something that enabled the smallest person, a woman or a child to hold their own against a big man. In this country you can’t use anything except your fists or you have escalated the situation. Most of us have no chance of defending ourselves.

    6) Even one saved life. LOL. Only death and taxes. Why don’t we stop using cars. One of the biggest causes of death. We should ban fat because of heart attacks, (That is McDonalds gone as well) and we need to ban sex. All cause deaths and if it saves one life it should be banned.

    7) I’m hoping it doesn’t happen too.

    8) There is no stiff upper lip now. In general we are a bunch of limp wristed whingers. Expecting everything to be done for us and crying when we don’t get everything we want. Insisting the government gives us more and more while we cover under the bedsheets. We lost our british spunk back in the 50s and 60s when socialism screwed us over and started brainwashing us via lefty education. Our military, Navy anyway, cry when captured, Plod cries when they are pushed and roughed up by crowds. Plod and firemen won’t go in the water while a child dies because it may be dangerous. What a bunch of wusses we have become. We lower the standards so anybody gets awards and wins. The British Bulldog is neutered and toothless. So we won’t fall to pieces. We are already lower than that. People die every day because they looked at someone wrong. You will take it on the chin alright but it won’t be under Queensbury Rules.

    Keep practising with your bow and arrow. You will need it.

  • maddog


    You do not have to be armed if you do not want to. When you and your supporters insist that we are not as well you only disarm law abiding people while leaving criminals armed. That then makes only the law abiding defenceless against criminals when they are clearly the people you want to target and the ones we need to defend from.

    Your choices and decisions should only impact on you but when they are forced on us it is usually us that suffer whilst you remain untouched. I live in South London and guns are available there to any gang member. I must rely on my trusty phone to get the police here when I need them. When seconds count the police are only 30 minutes away.

  • flashbaztard

    ok . ok. stop picking on me lol.
    i agree with all you are saying, it just that i can look on both sides of the argument!
    i do disagree with the british spirit though [its still there its bred within]

    i think our differences stem from what we are expecting our preps are for. i am expecting a few power cuts , food shortage’ fuel shortage due to strikes against the goverment, maybe even water disruption .
    not to the scale that the plod and army will desert us and the mobs will rule.
    at worst a dirty bomb from the ji-had lot but nothing like the armagedon that many usa survival sites claim
    i do hope i am not wrong but when the armed golden hoards come knocking on my door you will all have the satisfaction of saying you told me so.
    [of course i havn’t ruled out alien invasion]
    ps i could make a gun but the ammo would be a problem!

  • Skean Dhude


    Welcome, I’m with you there.


    I understand what you are saying but the gun laws still leave us defenceless now. In an event we obviously won’t care but at the moment we are the ones prosecuted for defending ourselves whilst these criminals kill us on a regular basis. It is OK for politicians surrounded by SO19 and their own Plod to say that it isn’t an issue. If I had two Plod by me day and night it wouldn’t be for me either.

    I to can look at both sides but our conclusions are different.

    btw: Plod have already deserted us. They are a mop up squad now.

    I won’t be satisfied saying anything like that. You will have to look at your families faces and explain to them they better get the kettle on quick. Not me, I gain no satisfaction from that.

    Ammo is less of a problem than you think actually. Heard of Phil Luty? He is dead now, persecuted by Plod in an anti gun agenda, his books are still on the web though. One is making your own ammo.

  • flashbaztard

    i suppose the murder of a 2 year old and her mother on the news today does not prove anything!

  • Skean Dhude

    Yes it does.

    It proves that there are people out there that are willing to kill.
    They will use whatever weapon they can.
    Life is not fair. Poor kid, no chance of life.

    I assume you are suggesting they would all be alive if shotguns were banned. I think that there are many cases where kids have been stabbed, strangled, set on fire and thrown out of windows. When there is a nutter there is a way to kill your family.

    Sad but doesn’t prove anything besides the facts.

  • Luddite

    I wonder if the outcome would have been the same if the mother had also been carrying a gun and was trained? Or would an excuse for a human being be the one at room temperature?

    As for computer games, researchers have disproved that one. The only games that heightened aggressiveness were FOOTBALL games. CoD et al reduced aggressiveness. I don’t have a link handy, but trust me, as someone involved in the industry, the MSM is wrong. Must of us here don’t take the media’s word on politics and world events, why should we take their stance on computer games at face value?

    An armed society is a polite society. – Robert Heinlein.

  • Skean Dhude


    I suspect in this case the outcome would have been the same for the woman and the child. Who could do that to their own kid? He deserves much more than he will get with our disney justice system.

  • tinkertytonk

    You can legally own a crossbow / longbow in this country. I leave this question, Who Ownes Guns In This Country?

    Answer: The Armed Forces, The Police, Landowners & BAD PEOPLE. So should the SHTF (& I hope it does not) then BAD PEOPLE and the aforementioned groups will dictate how what is left of the country is run/governed.

    My advice is the buy a crossbow/longbow now while it is still legal to buy one.

  • Skean Dhude



    We recommend bows for this country but I also recommend you get a Shotgun certificate if you can.

    Have both and make sure you get plenty of bolts.

  • hello to you all its nice to find a site on survival that talks sence.
    the fears of most on this site that those that are to lazy to preper will come and take by forse the stores we have put back are well founded.
    i have had the luxuary if you can call it that to have been in countries when they have collapsed and anakee has taken over and beleve me it is not nice, people no different than us who on Monday where talking looking after each others kids chatting about football and shopping and by Friday the same people are out on the streets killing each other for a cup of water or rice. Many die in the first few weeks , without law and order of a government a new order soon takes over and that’s the one with the most weapons and followers and all food water and supplys that people have put back now belong them and they will go house to house to find them and take them killing anyone who trys to stop them, as I said not nice the point im trying to make is that sometimes to defend your stores and property will mean you don’t survive. Because as good as u maybe with the weapon you choose for defence agaist the intruder they will not come in one or two they will come in tens and twenties and if you manage to beat them back today they will be back tonight or tomorrow with more men and weapons .
    there is a need for us to preper and learn new skills like hunting growing food and how to repair and make things all good skills to help us survive and yes we need defence and the skills to use it, learn that a good defence also means that if you have to get out then you can do your best to conceil what you have put back as the old saying goes don’t put all your eggs in one basket
    also to add to that there are things that will give you away and that is your skin and looks if you are eating and drinking you will very quickly look different then someone who is’nt so keep movemnt out of your home to a minimom, also when your are cooking people will be able to smell it so cooking with doors and windows shut or you may end up with some unexpected new friends round for tea,
    im sorry if this was long winded and also for my spelling not my strong point, and is not ment to knock anyone or what they do or beleve as I have said I have seen what I hope many on this site or that read this ever have to see or go through

  • Skean Dhude


    Welcome and thanks for the post. Don’t worry about your writing it is fine.

    I’m glad you like the site. It is for people like us and the more people that use it and contribute the better.

    There are several ways to handle the gang problem, my favourite is the get out of the way and leave them to it process. However, that is not always possible, especially in a country like the UK, so we are exploring other ideas here. If you feel up to it why not write an article on your experience so we can learn from it? I feel it will be very pertinent to our situation here.

  • dark-light

    Hello everyone

    I just have to say that I agree with Skean Dhude, both on the fact that guns bring about a level playing field.
    an old lady can stand up to an 8ft tall hooligan if she has a firearm.
    an example of this from my own life happened when my father who was ill from chemotherapy at the time had his door kicked in by some local thugs.
    it was an amusing story to hear him describe their reaction when they realised he was sitting in his chair pointing a shotgun from under his blanket, – I expect it would have been less amusing if he wasn’t armed.

    I also agree with the ‘British spirit being gone, I’ve been lucky enough to do a fair bit of travelling in my few years on this earth, and its common knowledge all around the world that British people are pushovers , for example you can rip them off quite blatantly and they are too “polite” to argue with you.

  • Skean Dhude



    The great equalisers have always been weapons. That is why governments want to control them. The lack of weapons in a society makes people dependant on government to resolve its issues. The only thing is nothing the government does is done right.

    Two entire generations have been devastated by socialist policies. On the plus side that usually brings about a generation of rebellion so the spirit will rise again. It is what happens during that struggle that we need to prepare for. The next few generations will hold on to freedom and their children will relax again until government takes over again and so the cycle continues.

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