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Living rough

I came across this article on my travels around the blogs today about a Norwich family who are living in the woods.

I thought it would be an example to us and show that if an entire family, with children, can live in the woods in this day and age then people like us who are actually preparing for an event like that will have no issues at all. Fair enough, they are going getting water and food from shops as well as other needs but they are only one step away from what we are looking at doing.

Also remember that there are hundreds of people in our major cities that live rough every night of the year. We should get some tips from those people. Living rough, no money and yet living.

Before you feel too confident though. I wonder if our kids would take to it as readily as these appear to have done. It’s summer soon so perhaps we should look at a camp out even if it is in the back garden so we can find out.

Camping in the back garden. That brings back memories.

2 comments to Living rough

  • maddog

    skean, living rough with soup kitchens and charity workers is not the same thing as being a survivor. Most of these people will be dead about 2 days after they stop getting alcohol or food presented to them.

  • Skean Dhude


    I agree with you about their chances of survival.

    However, I used them as an example of how they are surviving now. We will have prepared and we will be educated but we have no real experience. These people neither prepared or educated themselves for survival in box city or whatever yet they survive freezing nights and on the minimum of food, medical care and with no power.

    We can do much better than that with our preparations and planning. We can see what they use to keep alive, newspapers, boxes etc. and what kills them, cold winters etc. and try to ensure we avoid those.

    So we learn where we can and get examples where we can. It makes our planning easier.

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