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I was talking today to someone who is going to start prepping, just in case. I’ve pointed him to a few sites to get started and if he starts up I’ll point him here. He has known me for a while and I don’t want him to know yet what I am up to. (If you are reading this now then It’s me) 🙂

Whilst we were talking we were discussing medicinal use of wild plants. His mother is into that so I’m hoping that he can bring some different ideas into the mix. While we were talking I started to realise I couldn’t remember all the uses for weeds that we have discussed nor which plants were the best for certain tasks. It is not one of my strengths and I don’t reinforce the memory often enough because I’m always replacing it with something new. If I was in a situation then I would be in trouble. I need something to kick start my memory or better yet something I can record critical information on. I suspect that most of us are the same. So much data and not enough time to process it. The curse of the computer age.

Now I know that all of these are covered in the books and articles that we are collecting. However, in an emergency finding the relevant book or article then the relevant text whilst you are in the middle of an emergency is going to be difficult and in some cases impossible.

So what I thought was to have a couple of Aide-memoires. I was thinking of a small diary type book containing critical tasks only with each page tailored for a particular task. For example; one for how to start a fire, treat wounds etc. as well as a list of useful weeds and what they can be used for.

Another task for the list. I think I could do with a clone.

4 comments to Aide-memoire

  • moosedog

    Best to use a waterproof notebook, something like this:

    Waterproof Notebook

    When you’re out “in the field” you don’t want to find your notes are turned to mulch in the rain! I still have my fieldcraft notes from 30 years ago and they’re in perfectly readable condition as the paper is not only waterproof but very tough as well.

  • Skean Dhude


    That is a good link. I’ll add that to the essentials page. I can see many uses for one of those.

    However, that was not what I was thinking. I was thinking of something printed on an A6 waterproof page. There was some Waterproof Paper on Amazon that I thought would be useful. I’ll put the printable text online so others can download. It could be useful.

  • zenboy

    hi……i am sure this isnt new to anyone but one of the best things to eat on a regular basis is garlic…..just one of its benefits is its natural antibiotic effect so hopefully you will have a higher resistance to bugs in the first place…t

  • Skean Dhude


    And, just in case, it is great for vampires. So its a survival winner.

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