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Survival UK Forums

I’ve been asked by a few people now to set up a forum so we can discuss survival in the UK and in particular anything that is raised on this site. The recent discussion over the risk from solar storms is a good example. I think it is a good idea as people can make up their own minds about things based on people’s opinions and we can discuss the points easier than on the main site. There are so many ideas out there that it just has to be a good move.

There are already a few forums out there on Survival and some cover the UK, I want to compliment them and not compete with them if that is possible. However, all the ones I have gone to have several membership levels, usually based on contributions or posts, which means no lurkers. I don’t want to do that here. I think that 99.9% of us lurk on sites to pick up information and as for myself I only comment when I have something to add to the conversation not just to get some brownie points. From my own stats I see that comments to visitors supports that view. I believe if you are interested you should be allowed to read most things with restrictions, including sign up, for specific topics only and contributing via posts. Curse you spammers.

There is however, only one problem. I just don’t have the time to run one at the moment. What I will do though is think about it this weekend when I am doing my challenge and see what I can come up with to resolve this. Let me know if you have any views.

3 comments to Survival UK Forums

  • tinkertytonk

    Possibly don’t have a forum but a live chat instead? That way your not always checking posts. You could have the live chat for say example 7-9pm every Thursday that way you may get a few doing it as everyone knows the time?

    Alternatively, if we all got Skype and a webcam we could all do a live chat and see each other once a week?

    I have Skype and an webcam? Will have to set the SKYPE up again though!!!!

  • Luddite

    There are actually several UK fora. No matter what you did, you’d be competing with one or more of them at one time or another.

    You need to look at what YOU want to do, not what others want. If you have neither the time nor the inclination, then decide – and don’t do it, and don’t sweat it either.

  • Skean Dhude


    Interesting idea but not practical for me I’m afraid. I have to grab time when I can and a regular slot would be a problem. I’ve done something like this before but with only 4 of us and it was more trouble than it was worth unless you pay for a decent service.


    You are right. I’m not one to sweat about things anyway and I’ll decide what I can do and what I can’t and keep you updated.

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