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Couple of nuggets of information I’ve gathered that I’m passing on. Might be interesting, may not, depending on your interest.

First of all I have decided that I will not be doing a forum at this point. I simply do not have the time. When circumstances change I will revisit the decision because I do think it is a good idea and would complement the site and aid us in preparing.

I’m a member of Arm Britain, A No-Compromise, Pro Gun UK Forum who are campaigning for the re-establishment of the Right for Armed Self Defence in the United Kingdom. They are currently commencing an effort to contact as many MPs as possible on the subject of non-lethal weapons and firearms control. Pop over there on this link and help restore a basic human right to this country.

While we were talking about free offers and taking advantage of them I have came across this offer for free solar panels. I have just signed up and am awaiting more information. It is for specific areas though so it won’t apply to everyone.

6 comments to Nuggets

  • Skvez

    The free solar panels are intersting.
    I don’t see how they can afford do to this, the payback time on a solar investment including the government Feed In Tarif is still a long time and thats *including* the cost saving of the electricity generated.
    That said I can’t find any ‘trick’ in what they’re offering, if you’re in their catchment area go for it!
    Ask what happens ‘if the mains fails’ whether or not the Solar panels will continue to supply your house with power? I strongly suspect the answer is no, they only work in parallel with the grid and are disconnected when the utility power fails. Still in a TEOTWAWKI event; although you’d have to do some modification to use them; you’d still have a lot of PV panels professionally mounted to your roof, that’s a great start!

  • Skean Dhude

    I thought the same. What can I lose? Although I have not heard anything from them yet. I’ll find out what I can when they get in touch.

  • maddog

    a forum would be good and will give you some free time

  • Skean Dhude

    A forum is a lot more work that a site like this. I can post as and when I can and reply to comments the same way on this site. When I do a forum I not only need to do all that which I am doing plus reply to comments, manage the threads and the users. I’ve had a couple of volunteers to be moderators, thank you, but I want more free time myself I can’t just leave it to others.

    It will get here.

  • grumpy old man

    a forum would be great but just to have a site with like mind people to bounce idea’s off is great just goes to show we aren’t mad just carefull and hope for some of us after all
    thanks for just doing this !!!

  • Skean Dhude


    Things have moved on and I’m now setting up a forum which will go live very soon. Watch this space.

    Thanks for that. I’m just doing my bit.

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