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How we need to prepare



Couple of nuggets of information I’ve gathered that I’m passing on. Might be interesting, may not, depending on your interest.

Found this article on a ‘magic’ ingredient for food storage to extend use by dates. This could be a preppers dream. Something that would allow longer storage of milk, cheese etc. Although I would be concerned about relying on it at this early stage. We could of course prep as normal and add this into our stores. That way if it wasn’t what you expected or it caused side effects you could just throw it. I’ll be watching with interest even if it is just for the wine.

Our Politicians show that they just don’t get it. The UK burns because of policies put in place over the last 50 years by Socialist governments removing rights and personal responsibility and our politicians respond to our protests by becoming more like China and removing more rights. On the plus side the tighter the grip the more intelligent people that become disenfranchised and the sooner if is forced home to them. We just need to keep preparing, although keeping OPSEC, just in case it gets too bad before the Politicians are tap dancing in the air.

As a related aside during the Olympics they are going to close of roads in London so our Masters, the Olympic contenstants and other Olympic related people can get to and from the Olympic games in Zil lanes. I hope that the situation is resolved by then or they may find the news on the Olympics not quite the sort they are looking for. Read about the disruption a test caused. Now consider main roads closed in one of the busiest cities in the world and everyone forced on to hot sweaty trains for hours on end. This is going to work out well.

It seems that the MoD are having a car boot sale and selling off lots of kit. Helicopters, land rovers etc. I can’t see any Barratts, SA80s or Milan’s but I’ll keep an eye out. maybe I should just write directly to them and see if they have some items that they are not advertising because of whingey whiney eBays policies.

9 comments to Nuggets

  • Hi Skean,

    Oh yeah I loooove Landys, just can`t afford one right now, but sooooon!

  • Skean Dhude


    I’m sure there is much more to buy before then.

  • moosedog

    I see a link between 2 nuggets: road closures in London and the MoD selling cut price Gazelle helicopters. Problem solved, just fly!

  • Skean Dhude


    It is thinking innovative thinking like that that is going to make the difference. The only thing we are short of is having the cash to set it up.

  • Ellen

    If I didn’t know that my computer shuts down when ever it wants to I would believe that when it has shut down the last 5 frustrating times I have tried to leave a comment that there is some kind of agency that doesn’t want me to comment on your site. So am writing this and will cut and paste.
    I skim-read the article about the food extender. My one near sighted eye and one far sighted eye didn’t want to co-ordinate with each other
    Do or can we trust it?
    Do we trust the scientific community after Climate gate? (Doesn’t matter if the science was different the scientists are of the same mind set)
    Is this a way for them to turn us all into Zomies? Or MOLD PEOPLE?
    Just how long did the Rat live they tested this on? Mice are to small.
    Will we be force fed?
    Will this be another thing that will cause us to slowly decline in health? Better known as population control.
    Will it cause birth defects?
    And will you be able to trust a 2 week old chicken salad sandwich? Kinda tickles your gag reflex.
    Am I a pessimist? You betcha! I help make the world turn.

  • Skvez

    > Do or can we trust it?
    There will be some trials that ensure that it’s not hugely dangerous but (like artificial sweeteners) there may be some undesirable long-term effects.
    > Will this be another thing that will cause us to slowly decline in health?
    > Better known as population control.
    Who exactly do you think wants to do this to you? Commerce wants to keep you alive and buying products. The government certainly doesn’t want you to slowly decline in health (if they wanted to control the population they would want you to drop dead suddenly, unhealthy people cost the economy a lot of money).
    > Will it cause birth defects?
    It seems improbable; your mobile phone is more likely to.

    Will I be rushing out to buy products dusted in ‘keep fresh’ bacteria residue? No. But I’d certainly prefer to be eating preps that have been kept fresh with thus stuff when no other method exists (like cheese) rather than starving! That’s guaranteed to result in a decline in health.

  • Skean Dhude


    Sorry to hear that. I can’t think of another way around it.

    Many of the climate scientists are not climate scientists at all. Just jumping on the heavily funded bandwagon. As it falls apart they will soon want to forget it. Let us not let them. Most other scientists actually follow scientific process so I do trust them in general.

    I suspect there will be some side effects. There always is but I suspect they will be taste related rather than some strange disease or birth defects but you never know. I would eat a two week old sandwich that smelt and tasted OK.


    Good points.

    Like I said. Let us use what we have and as long as wel don’t rely on new untested technology then we will be OK.

  • Ellen

    Well I was also thinking along allergy problems and other things that can happen. Penicillin isn’t for everyone. That is something good that came from mold.
    Yes, I realize if said agency did something they would want us to die instantly.
    Commerce will have a hard time of it if we stock up and it lasts longer. That means that food is going to sky rocket.
    It can very well eliminate waste, but it also could cause loss in the production of food stuffs, therefore causing less out there for the masses.
    And will this be kinda like the genetic vegitables in the long run cause starvation?
    Yes, I also realize that as we keep the population stimulated that the increase need for food will be there and if what food is produced lasts longer maybe no one will starve.
    I would hate to think that my cheese that is now around $8.00 a 2 lb block will be $25.00 or more dusted. And I can say without a doubt that food is not going to last cause it is going to get eaten, even when you have built up a supply. Is your wages going to rise to compensate for the possible rise in food? How will the prepping budget do then even if the food does last longer? It would have to have a shelf life of eon’s to satisfy me.
    Remember for every action there is a reaction.

  • Skean Dhude


    I must confess I don’t tend to think about those things too much as they are so unpredictable. It really depends on the person and if they are then we just have to work around it just like we do with nut allergies etc.

    I doubt a gov programme would want us to die instantly. Can you imagine turning up at the doctors for anything watching the people in front going in for a jab and not coming out. Would you go in of your own free will?
    Now something that takes a few months to kill us gives them a large chunk of the population injected and it is then too late. Well worth the temporary increase in hospital call.
    Now this could easily be done under the guise of a global pandemic. Lets just call it H1N1 or something, make the vaccinations compulsory and there you go.

    I doubt that it would make the price of food go up. It would reduce demand as there would be less wastage.

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