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The gun debate

It seems that the public is not drawing the same conclusion as our politicians from the rioting. Some are now questioning the governments handling on law and order and about time too. 6 months for stealing a bottle of water, 4 months for stealing 12 doughnuts while MPs get away with stealing thousands and those few prosecuted get a paltry 4 months while government as a whole continues to rip us off by billions in wastage.

The long overdue gun debate looks to be gaining ground though, probably because of all that. Read about a political discussion here. It would solve a lot of our prepping problems if firearms were more readily available to the law abiding public. In addition I’m sure it would do our society good as well. Although in the short term I can see a few of our feral teens having to learn the hard way that ordinary citizens were not afraid of them but the fact they were defenceless and unsupported by the state for any action they took against the bad guys made them ultra careful.

I don’t expect anything to come of any gun debate at this stage. The government has long been scared of its citizens and for good reason. They don’t want to do what we say and whilst we are weaponless we cannot do anything about it quickly and history shows peaceful protest takes a very long time as the Tibetans will tell you. So I expect regardless of the weight of argument the vote will be a resounding ‘No’. The States will overrides all.

For the moment anyway.

5 comments to The gun debate

  • Annie

    Guns may not be readily available to us, but we can get our hands on crossbows. As preppers this might be a good option. They are powerful, quiet, and replacement arrows could be whittled from tree branches. Here’s a site that looks pretty good:
    I’ve given up on expecting anything from the government except more corruption and self-serving laws and politicians.

  • Skean Dhude


    It is one of the options we have for hunting and self defence after an event. We should make sure we have a couple with lots of bolts and lots of spares.

    Wheels turn, everything changes. The riots show us that there are many who are unhappy. That unhappiness is not limited to hot spots and is growing. Hopefully, something will change soon.

  • Brian

    Don’t forget all UK citizens are legally entitled to own shotguns as long as they obtain a shotgun certificate, which is reasonably straightforward process as long as there are not too many black marks in the book. This should be no.1 on the preppers list in my view.

  • Skvez


    I would be very surprised to discover that this is the case for ‘all UK citizens’. I suspect that UK citizens located in Northern Ireland have substantial hoops to jump through before they can get a shotgun.

  • Skean Dhude


    I encourage everyone to apply for a shotgun at least. Then if it is a sudden SHTF then at least you are in a good starting position. I also encourage them to go out shooting and get used to it.


    I was under the impression firearms have more rigorous hoops to go through, legally that is, but shotguns were fine.

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