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Having a life

A few years ago I was recruited as a senior manager in a chemical company. It was a massive change and a learning experience which taught me a lot about many different things. I was lucky and have had a few good mentors in my life.

Although I work in IT I am not one to just put in an IT system if it wasn’t required. Systems need to be prioritised and resources spent in the most cost effective way. This sometimes meant that a computer system was not justified although it was technically possible. It was a simple case of making the most of the resources.

In addition I found that I could have spent every living moment at work and had no life myself at all. It would have been living, and well paid living, but imo barely living with no time for me and the family.

In the same way we as preppers are looking at how to prioritise our limited funds and resource to maximise our prepping whilst still having to go to work, have enough to live and to actually have a life. It is not simply like a job but like a high stress job. One you cannot just ignore but one that chases you through the day wanting more and more time and money to prepare, plan and prepare some more.

Living is critical for existence but living a life is necessary for our well being. As we are keeping ourselves alive we do not want to sacrific our very souls by putting every penny into preparing or every second of our lives into preparing for an event that may never come. We need to make sure we continue to meet our friends, we spend a proportion of our money on enjoyment and we allocate plenty of time for our families, friends and the nicer things in life. Time simply to lie back and smell the roses.

Let us not get fixated on an event that may never happen. Let us not spend all our spare money after living on preparing and let us live and enjoy whilst we prepare.

Life is what happens, while you are busy making plans.
John Lennon (1940 – 1980)

2 comments to Having a life

  • fred

    Yes but I thought a survival blog was all about preparing for the coming troubles. There’s the land to consider buying, the equipment, e.g. the solar panels and water storage – all of that.

  • Skean Dhude

    All I’m saying is that you can only plan so much.

    I can plan for a total nuclear war and spend millions with a underground bunker, aircraft, stores for 20 years for 100 people and then an asteroid lands right on my shelter. All I have left is a hole in the ground 20 mies wide.

    Onle so much you can plan for.

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