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A cat is not just a pet

Currently cats make us feed them and as a reward they let us pet them whilst they relax and claw our furniture. We let them in and out as they want and besides distain we don’t get anything else from them. As a cat provider, owner is a laughable term to a cat, I know this is true.

Everything will change after an event and a pet cat will be a rare thing. Only owned by the rich. Most of our cats will end up feral and the feared predators that they really are. They will spend less time in the home and more time wandering around looking for something to kill. Unfortunately for us, something means anything small and moving, so chicks, rabbits and other small creatures are in their sights. On the plus side we will need to protect those creatures from other predators like foxes, rats and birds of prey anyway.

This instinct will work out fine for controlling rats and mice which we will want to control at minimal cost. It will be too expensive to shoot them, too time consuming to trap them and cats will do this all for free anyway.

The only thing you need to do is make sure you have one when the SHTF. Either have one as a pet or feed a local cat now. If you live on a farm or a similar property consider getting a cat and keeping it in the barn or just letting it access the kitchen. Feral cats in the barn seem a very good option.

Initially there are going to be so many cats around all looking for some food there will be no market for cats except as food but as most have been neutered they will soon die out, either killed as pests, eaten or just reaching the end of their lives. Eventually though a market will spring up for cats as vermin killers. Cats will be a one off purchase to keep mice and rats down. A bargain.

7 comments to A cat is not just a pet

  • So what to do when you and your dogs despise them? I used to never have a problem with them then I moved to a town which does not have a animal control officer and the cats are out of control and let me tell you we still have vermin everywhere and them lazy ass cats must not be doing their job or are getting fed to regularly to be botherd with doing what they ought.

  • Skean Dhude



    A dog, like a cat, will be a valuable tool after an event so we need them to co-exist.

    The cats will need to hunt to live. Simple as that. No bowl of Whiskas or Nibbles. They will earn their keep the hard way. Those that don’t won’t be an issue and I understand cat tastes just like chicken.

    Dogs and cats have different roles and will either ignore each other or chase each other around. Only problem will be if you have a dog that catches and kills cats. That would need to be fixed.

  • grumpy old man

    a dog that kills cats would not need fixixg for me
    the cat is to lazy and slow that’s how it got killed and what was that about tastes like chickin.

  • Skean Dhude


    That sounds fine until your dog gets blinded by a particularly fast cat. Dogs probably taste the same when in sweet and sour sauce.

    Never worry about anything that can be eaten when you are finished with it.

  • grumpy old man

    yes i’ve seen a few dogs hurt while out hunting and i’am fine with sweet & sour sauce just nothing hot and spicey
    meat’s is meat where ever it comes from dogs cats or any thing else:D

  • Skean Dhude

    A man after my own heart. Even down to avoiding hot spices.

  • mike

    Fu** that!! I worked in a slaughter house for years, and one day a feral cat wondered in and tookrefuge under a low shelf.
    Idiot head hear shoved his hand under neath to try and get it out…
    I forgot it was a feral cat… I remembered very quickly when it sunk its claws and teeth into my hand… I had to pin it to the floor (gently as I didnt want to hurt it) with my other hand that wasnt being mauled and then grab the scruff of its neck, wait till it tried to re bite for more effect, pull it off my hand and gently throw it out of the building. OMFG THAT HURT!! The cat had the cheek to look bewildered after it realised it was back outside… I definatly wouldnot recomend getting near the business end of a wild cat…

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