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Prepping or hoarding

When I was younger one of the old guys up the street had a massive house with a mini barn full of wondrous stuff. The garden was an orchard which had a few old cars on bricks, a tractor and was guarded with guard geese. Boy could those give you a vicious peck and they were noisy when we were our scrumping. He was a nice guy who was screwed over by the council because they wanted his land and he died not long after his land had been compulsory purchased.

His barn was full of wondrous things. He had a lathe, milling machine, drill press, welding gear and all the million and one other items that we thought were great. He also had a fantastic collection of crates, beer kegs and bottles as well as books. There were also nails, screws and lots of wooden bits. It was a kid’s paradise but we all thought he was a bit weird.

Today I was looking at some aluminium cans that were ready to go out in the bin and I found I wanted to keep them. Just in case we decided to use them for currency or whatever. In the end I decided not to. As I went to put the cans in the recycling bag I had a vision that reminded me of all those years ago. I have turned into that guy. OK. I don’t have the large bit of land or all the gear but I would if I had the room. I have a million and one items hoarded because it may be of use. I have several items that would have gone in the bin only a few years ago and I’m now considering keeping because you never know if it will be useful.

I don’t even think this guy was prepping. He was a survivor though; it was natural in those days to make sure you could look after yourself. He was just self sufficient and doing what made sense to everyone at that time. I on the other hand am storing plastic bottle and glass jars as well as a hundred and one other things just in case.

When the kids look at me I wonder if they think I am a bit weird. I suspect they do.

I need to move to a bit of land somewhere where I can hoard my aluminium cans in a shopping trolley in peace.

21 comments to Prepping or hoarding

  • iaaems

    Don’t tell Tesco – they might want it back if it’s a good one. Last one I used two of the wheels did not go round at all and it was filthy.
    Nice memories though – keeps you ‘young’.

  • grumpy old man

    i’am getting like that the wife say’s. i think it could be old age?

  • Kenneth Eames

    I am joining with you, and we should form a hoarders ‘tribe’. I am limited for space here but I do have a small workshop. If I am asked to quit the workshop I don’t know what will happen to my tools, etc. The flat I live in is already ‘choc-a-block. However, I shall cross that bridge when it comes. Kenneth Eames.

  • Skean Dhude


    I think it comes with the prepper mindset. Only thing is it requires lots of space.

  • Skvez

    My definitions:

    “Prepping” is buying a large supply of something before it becomes scarce in anticipation that it might (become scarce). “Prepping” does not deprive others of the item.

    “Hoarding” is buying a large supply of something as soon as it becomes scarce, hoarding will deprive others of the opportunity to get the item.

    I have “prepped” a (small) supply of water.
    If you hear that a water-main has been damaged and water supply will be cut off while it’s repaired and you go out to the shops and by up all the bottled water you can, you are hoarding.

    Once you have the item it’s difficult to prove you prepped it rather than hoarded it. People who don’t have the item like to accuse those that do of “hoarding” so they can “redistribute” it, it’s so much nicer to paint the owner as the bad guy rather than admit they are “stealing”.

  • Skean Dhude


    There is no difference between prepping and hoarding. Both require someone to predict a future event and them make plans so they will not go without. Even prepping denies others the opportunity to acquire that item as does every other form of trade.

    As you say though hoarding is a negative word used to demonize someone so you can steal their preps… sorry hoard.

  • Brian

    Some years ago my sister had cupboards stacked to the roof with sugar because there was a shortage forecast, she didn’t even use sugar very much. That’s hoarding to me. Prepping is a more controlled approach where necessities are stored away because they will be needed by the prepper. A fine dividing line true but the issue to me is need not greed.

  • Skvez


    I disagree, right now if I “prep” and buy a shop out of something the ‘shortage’ in the local shop lasts on a few days until it’s restocked.
    “Hoarding” involves buying up the last of something *when no re-supply is coming*

  • Skean Dhude


    I think I remember that ‘disaster’. We had plenty of sugar because we had prepared previously or was that hoarded.

    So if Apple offer a sale of iPhones for 90% off for the first 100 purchasers and I buy 90 of them am I hoarding, prepping or investing. My intent is to deprive others formy benefit.

    I just don’t see a difference between prepping and hoarding except on a intelectual level. Those without will not even see that distiction. The common perception of the words however is totally different for political reasons. Hoarding will be made punishable by death. It has been done before, don’t think it won’t again.

    btw: My distinction and the reason for the post is that we used to call anyone who couldn’t throw anything away a hoarder. For just in case it became useful in the future. That sounds most like the definition of prepping above. Also when HMG stockpiles fuel and food that is preparing yet they label us hoarders.

    One intention of prepping in my opinion is to separate people into those that have and those that don’t and we intend to be in the have box. We are not stopping anyone else doing so and if TSHTF we will also be there doing last minute shopping as well. Others have the same opportunity but will expect to be given it for no work because they will call us hoarders and make us feel guilty.

    I won’t feel one guilty twinge at all.

  • Skean Dhude


    Cross posting.

    So you would return the goods you bought if the resupply did not occur?

    Plus yet again it is a slight difference. Resupply is coming when? One day is prepping and week is hoarding?

  • Skvez

    I dislike hoarding it has ‘unfair’ and ‘greedy’ connotations for me, I’m fine with prepping; perhaps I’m just trying to assuage my conscience? 🙂
    Let me try and state my case another way.
    If I buy 1 extra tin of food once a week all year I’m prepping but not hoarding, if I buy 50 tins of food the week that bad weather is forecast I’m hoarding, I guess I’m *also* prepping so perhaps hoarding is always prepping but prepping doesn’t have to be hoarding?

  • Skean Dhude


    Prepping = Hoarding. It is just that people like to demonise people.

    Just make sure you are OK with your own conscience and let others worry about theirs. Nobody who has prepared will look at prepping/hoarding badly only those that want something for nothing.

    So in a nutshell. Bad guy = Hoarder. Good guy = Prepper.

    Glad that is all clearedup. 🙂

  • grumpy old man

    i think hoarding is keeping old stuff that you don’t use any more but you don’t really want to get rid.
    prepping is when you buy or get things you think you will need to help at hard times.
    every one has a choice what to buy and what to throw away
    they shouldn’t take the huff when they get it wrong
    you pay your money and take you chance!

  • Skean Dhude


    Close to what I was originally thinking when I made the post but not quite.

    Hoarding is keeping old stuff that you don’t use any more but you think it may have a use at some point in the future. Everyone else thinks it is junk.

    However, I think that like many things the meaning of the word has changed to something negative for most people.

  • fred

    It’s a process – first comes the shopping trolley, then the beard and finally the muttering to yourself. Plus the hoard.

  • grumpy old man

    i knew a was turning into my dad

  • Skean Dhude


    I object to that stereotyping. The exwife had the hoard long before she was muttering to herself then came the beard and the shopping trolley.

    Myself I just have the hoard, the beard and the shopping trolley. No muttering yet, or I don’t think so.


    Most of us do.

  • Skvez

    I have to butt in here with definitions of “Rubbish” and “Junk” too!

    Rubbish is something that has no use
    Junk is something that could have a use but that use won’t be discovered until two weeks after you throw it away.

  • Skean Dhude


    Most things have a use. There is not really any such thing as rubbish. One mans rubbish is anothers gold. Think that was Steptoe and Son.

    That is a good definition of junk and fits my stuff exactly.

    Maybe I should put a glossary on the site. 🙂

  • mike

    The people that acuse you of hoarding are the ones without the foresight to prep it first.
    If they preped it first others would call them hoarders, imo just a cobvienient label the unprepared use.

  • Skean Dhude


    That may be but there will be plenty of them all after it so keep it hidden.

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