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Couple of nuggets of information I’ve gathered that I’m passing on. Might be interesting, may not, depending on your interest.

My internet is down at the moment and will be until the 19th. Promises made by Talk Talk in their sales pitch are not binding, on them anyway. So I’m having problems checking comments and making posts as I have to travel to link up to the internet. If you have sent me an email don’t worry I will get back to you eventually.

I’ve also been sent two books to review.
The Official Zombie Handbook UK
War against the Walking Dead
both by Sean Page. I’ll be picking them up tomorrow and reviewing them in the next few weeks. Sean has kindly signed the books for us and there is going to be a contest with one of the books as a prize. More on this later.

It’s official now. Another collapse is on the way, as if we didn’t know, a economist has spoken out on the BBC about another dip and nobody argued, it was accepted and surprisingly it was even aired on the BBC. When the situation is that bad that even they can’t cover it up it must be bad.

In the meantime the government continues to spend more than it collects, taxes are going up as new stealth taxes are introduced and our politicians talk and talk with no actual positive action anywhere on the horizon. Make building your food and water stores a priority.

3 comments to Nuggets

  • iaaems

    The video surfaced a few days ago. When it did it seemed to me that the chap was trying to be helpful. Others have dug around a bit and it would appear that all is not what I first thought. Rarely is these days. Doesn’t alter the fact that we should be financially prepped as well as food and water etc..
    Sorry to hear about the broadband/email stuff. I get the impression that with all these companies these days we are just there to supply a cash flow and they will ‘supply’ as few ‘services’ as they can get away with. That is life these days – hope you are back on a regular basis soon.

  • Skean Dhude


    You don’t need to dig far before you see the extent of where we are. So we need to get prepared and if it is not a big deal then you won’t have wasted your food and water.

    Yes, no matter what is said they all give the same service at roughly the same cost. These things change over time.

    It’ll be the 19th apparently.

  • grumpy old man

    talk talk give me a headache glad to be back with bt
    i know how you feel i couldn’t wait to be out of my contract with them

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