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Helping ordinary folk

For a while now I have been talking to people, discussing the political and economic situation and everyone nods their heads and agrees that it is dire. Something must be done about food prices, electricity, and the state of the country in general but nobody wants to do anything. I try and get them moving with talk on alternatives and what have they done to prepare for these things. The answer is a big resounding nothing.

To make matters worse many believe that passive protest is the way to go. I point out that not voting and passive resistance doesn’t work. The Dalia Lama hasn’t done too well whilst active resistance by the IRA, Hamas, Anti Government forces in Libya etc. seems to be working well with the politicians in place in the West. It amazes me that our government doesn’t see it is showing us a working way forward but Hey Ho. On their heads be it. Literally I hope.

So we have a government that just ignores the people and does what it wants regardless of what the wishes of the people are. The media helps them by hiding what they do and not making it public. Coupled with the fact that they don’t present an unbiased report but a heavily biased one. This gives us a false sense of what is going on with sacrificial lambs paraded by the state to misdirect our attentions away from what the government is doing. The few of us that have any interest of course. When it comes down to it the bulk of the people in the UK are not happy. They are skint and worried about the future but their actions are to just stand there and shrug their shoulders.

I now it isn’t the same thing but I always wondered why the Jews in WWII just walked passively to their deaths. Many must have known and yet the walked into the ‘showers’. I see the same passivity here. OK, we are not being walked to showers by anyone but I’m convinced if it came to rounding people up for camps most of us would go and take that same walk.

Few are preparing for any shortages, most are relying on the infrastructure put up by corporations to feed, clothe and house us while we protest those same corporations as being greedy and sit idly by while politicians rip that infrastructure apart. We do nothing to stop our government destroying our society when we know from history the culprit for all our ills is always government, either governments made up of dictators or governments made up of scheming liars. At least the dictators have risked their lives to take power, not through cowardly back room dealings.

So I get asked sometimes if that is what you believe why do you raise your head above the parapet? I answer that very easily. I know I can’t change much myself. I’ve tried and no changes happened. All I can do now is talk about it and try and make more people aware and for those that are aware I show them a path that they can use to prepare properly. I can’t prepare for everyone and I watch people I have talked to about this buy a new car or TV and know they don’t have much food put aside. I know that I could very well be watching them starve soon and I will be unwilling to help. I did what I could for them. I’m not that good a person that I will sacrifice myself and anything else I could do puts me and mine at risk and I’m just not prepared to do that. They chose to take a gamble on an event not happening, they may be right, but my way is relatively risk free. It just means that they do without a new car, a new TV and home cinema set up or they just live at a lower standard for a while. That gamble may cost them dearly.

For me though I am doing what I can. I make ordinary people aware of what may happen, I point them in the right direction so that they can prepare for their own events and I provide them with information or sites where they can gather that information and finally I help them find like minded people who they can discuss situations and issues and, hopefully, make friends and contacts that will be the start of a community if an event occurs. My conscience is clear. I have done all I can.

I provide all this for your use and expect nothing, bar conversation and knowledge, in return. However, I hope that you will help me in one way. Spread the word about our political and economic situation to any good ordinary people you safely can, if they are interested let them know about what we see going on and point them to this site and others and, if safe and suitable, introduce them to our community.

The alternative is that good people will perish and what will take their place are the gangs and criminals. The more of us that make it the better.

8 comments to Helping ordinary folk

  • vandam

    I, like you skean try to educate people, telling them about the uncertain time we are now facing,
    but mostly i am met by ridicule, one friend in particular says “its ok, i’ll just come round to yours”
    these so called friends have families with young kids!
    Charity can only go so far!!!

  • Ellen

    Don’t mention end-times or such.
    Just keep mentioning the price going up. Mention sales at the grocer’s. Keep mentioning inflation. That hits everyone in the face.
    I mention inflation in every conversation even with those that are buying up. Got to keep ahead of it.
    I have found that when you mention the price of food going up and that sale price are not getting any better people tend to absorb it.
    Some I hope don’t wait to late for it to totally sink in.
    But if you keep the conversation on their melting pocket book they understand that better.
    I cannot fathom why they cannot see inflation is going to cause their food budget to be non-exsistant because of utilities going up and other life’s little pleasures.
    They say next year is going to be really bad. I have read up to 30%, how reliable that report is I do not know. So if they spend $20.00 now it will be $26.00 so there went some rice, beans, and canned goods. Six dollars even now will buy a bit of stuff.

  • Kenneth Eames

    Thanks SD, As always plenty of common sense in your post. I am doing my best here but I’m sure most people think I’m a nutcase. However a few do listen but still do nothing. Many still have there heads buried in the sand. They think that nothing is going to happen and that the politicians are doing a wonderful job. In most cases I might just as well talk to a brick wall. The five people who have listened to me, have now grown to eight. Perhaps I have had some little success. I’ll keep trying. Kenneth Eames.

  • northern raider

    I’m getting ever more wary of helping or trying to help ordinary people, for example last nights hacking attack on PUK I think at least may have originated from a person BP and I tried to help, and lived to regret it.

    I think genuine people will take the time to research us and to seek us out, rather than having us approach them.

  • Skean Dhude


    Good point. I tend to get dragged on to politics rather than end times and people just don’t really see our politicians as a threat. Corrupt,inept, need some jail time but not much beyond that.


    We can only do what we can without risking ourselves. You have done well with 8. Must be your location. Here we look at the hordes shopping and don’t see any issues.


    I think they need to be made aware of certain facts though. People need to have some things explained at a basic level. That is why they are so easily led.

  • JD1

    I admire anyone like SD who tries to get the message across to “normal” people but for me I gave up trying long ago.

    These days I might mention something to someone in a very subtle way and see what the persons response is, but it seems that either i’m being too subtle or no one else is interested.

    Getting more people involved is a good idea. I’m always looking to meet up with fellow preppers/survivalists, I have met a few in my time and have arrangments in place to meet quite a few more in the early part of the new year, but these are all people from survival/prepping forums etc, not “normal” people.

    At the end of the day, no matter how well we think we might do on our own, a small group with specific skills would imo stand a better chance than a single person or small family group. The problem is getting a group together before an event who are local enough to each other to make joining up after an event realistic

    Getting non-prepping people to think about things is difficult which is why sites like this are invaluable. But other than websites I cant really see what we can do without sticking our heads up over the parapet, which experience has showed me isn’t always a good thing to do

    But I do admire those who do 🙂

  • Kenneth Eames

    The way I look at it is this, if I can get ten people out of every thousand, I am doing well. The small town that I live in is just a little less than 5,000 so if I get ten times five, equals fifty people in the town. The population of the peninsula is 15,000 which would mean a total of 150 survivors. This is what I am aiming for and I will continue as long as possible to achieve this number. Kenneth Eames.

  • Skean Dhude


    The usual motives.

    1) I would like to be living alongside like minded people in a community to help share the load.

    2) I would feel guilty watching people aroundme starve to death knowing that I kept my knowledge to myself. Those people may have prepared but were unaware with their head buried in the sand. I was like that until I read some newsgroups that made me think. I’m passing it on.

    3) I enjoy helping people. Makes me feel good and you get to know good people.


    Sounds like you have to potential for an entire civilisation there.

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