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Couple of nuggets of information I’ve gathered that I’m passing on. Might be interesting, may not, depending on your interest.

I’ve been contacted by someone using McAfee that says this site is showing up as malware. I don’t use McAfee but I have visited it with other software. Specifically Norton, AVG and Avast without any warnings. Anyone else using McAfee or anyone else hitting any issues? Let me know and I’ll try and narrow it down although I don’t run anything so a bit perplexed.

Just a quick update on the spammers issue. It is now under control. Since I disabled the registration section I have had no spammers joining up. Die cursed spammers. Thanks for those that joined up via the contact form. I appreciate your patience.

As you may be aware sections of the media have made contact with some survival and preppers with the intention of making a documentary. At this stage they are just doing some research and just looking to talk to a few preppers. If it appears to be a viable opportunity then it may go on to be a documentary. I am torn about this because I actually believe peoples views on prepping is changing whilst at the same time I remember that not that long ago we were made out to be tin foil hat wearing nutters and I consider the MSM has a significant chunk of blame for where our country is today. However in saying that not all journalists are the same and perhaps it is time for a change. Is anyone interested in talking to a journalist about prepping in general? There is a discussion going on on the forum if you are considering it. In the interests of tranparency I am torn. I think it is time for change but I have decades of suspicion to overcome and I don’t really have the time. If you decide you are interested then send me an email and we can sort out the details.

I found this post on finding helpful people on JWR’s Survival Blog which I think is good advice and very worth a read. Written by someone from the UK as well so it must be good. Interestingly enough a pal of mine gave me similar advice a few years ago but this expands on that.

15 comments to Nuggets

  • Ellen

    I remember the flap over a documentary about preppers over here. I did see all the program and to me it was not what I would want to do. Although I realize we did not see all that the participants have done, seen enough that find it unsettling that one would open themselves up to it.
    I sometimes find a conspiracy theory in everything that is out there. This is one of them. I wonder if it in some way benefits someone else other than those giving up their OPSEC and just who it does benefit. And I mean OPSEC to those doing the documentary not the viewers specifically.
    I just do not think it is a good idea period.

  • northern raider

    Every time and I mean EVERY time the media and the prepper / survivalist community meet we always come off worse, the media does not understand us, nor does it want to understand us, Journos need to categorise and pigeonhole everyone and because we dont fit into their idea of normality they ALWAYS end up either vilifying us or making out to be frauds and lunatics.

    Even the BBC who are supposed to be completely impartial have twice in recent years addressed survivalism. one with Louis Theraux who went out of his way to portray us ALL as racists and gun nuts inbred with conspiracy theorists and anarchists. then they humiliated loads of ordinary american families who invited the Beeb into their homes.

    Journos and documentary makers exist to ENTERTAIN and SHOCK, not educate and build bridges, they dont get the high viewer ratings and lots of advertising revenue by portraying normal people acting sensibly. Its probably less risky putting a pervert in charge of a nursery than trusting a journo with our preps.

  • Skvez

    My first thought was that someone had managed to add your site to a ‘danger’ list. But who could have done such a thing and why? The group you are most vocal against are the government.
    A relatively easy first step towards censorship, many people would be put off by a malware warning.

  • Skean Dhude


    I understand your concerns. I can’t see any of us showing our preps to anyone let alone the media. Taling maybe but not specifics.


    That was previously. Prepping is coming mainstream in the US and JWR and others have been interviewed. I now the Uk is slow and our people are less wolves than sheep but maybe it is the time.


    Only for one AV product? I suspect it is someone who wet themselves when they spotted the gun section and pressed the red button on their web security. They are probably recieving therapy as we type.

  • northern raider

    SD Prepping and self reliance are the foundations of a culture that represents everything that socialists hate.

    The society we live in is obsessed with community, cohesion,inclusion, socialism, cooperatives, To the left and socialists we represent something they hate, Freedom, Liberty, Independence, etc.
    We call it prepping they will call it terrorism, we called stock piling they will call it hoarding.

    I think it will take until the bankrupt gopvt and EU can not longer pay out the lavish and extravigent benefits and be able to pay the state sectors wages before self reliance and self sufficiency become acceptable.

  • northern raider

    * SD note for example in Sweden they have decided that murderous barsteward Andres Brevik is insane, they reasoning being in part at least that no sane person could become so hostile to an inclusive , diverse, multi cultiural society.
    The PTB are so afraid of anything outside the inclusive multi cultural box they will clasify it as insane rather than being an acceptable alternative view point.

    We do exactly the same thing in here, almost anyone who tries to get to close to the Royals or get into Buck House ends up on a psychiatric ward, but the PTB can not accept that anyone sane could be so passionate a republican and be British as well!!

    We dont conform so we will be villified.

  • Ellen

    Skean and northern raider
    Independance and self-reliance is feared by all factions that are trying to make our countries fall down and can’t get up.
    If we are independant and can take care of ourselves with what little we can do, we no longer need them for a lot.
    Independance also lowers their tax base that they can waste on all those programs of nothingness.
    When they really take notice of us and prepping we will have some trouble on our hands. That is why any documentary about us is not good. OPSEC,OPSEC,OPSEC. It is hard enough trying to decide whom/what individuals we wish to tell or help.
    Most will not take heed of the documentary nor prepping. But the seed will be planted and who knows who will utilize the information in the future as they are out looking for supplies. If our OPSEC is good enough maybe it will be like the “Lost Dutchman’s” mine that everyone has looked for, for umpteen eons.
    The documentary program I watched was pretty well not super informative or giving up their OPSEC in total. And it was good to sit back and critique what they seem not to have done and what we would have done instead.
    Dig this, one women in the documetary lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She said, they would not be bugging out as there is only four ways in and out of the area and it would be conjested. Well just a week ago Phoenix announced in an Emergency they would not be giving any evacuation orders as there was no way to implement it. I think the women was hoping others would leave and Phoenix would be less populated.
    I have a feeling other big cities will be doing the same. So what does that leave to the imagination?????

  • Lincolnoldie

    I have never seen the Survival Blog blog (?) before but it looks fascinating -thanks for the link.
    My view on journalists has something to do with barge poles. But then that is perhaps just me. Ought I to be more evangelistic? But that requires more idealism than I have left nowadays!!

  • Skean Dhude


    Makes sense.


    It’s the JWR blog we keep mentioning. He has a big readership and a lot of info gets posted on there.

  • northern raider

    I must admit to being not as keen on Jim Rawles heavily US flavoured Blog as with Bax’s far more multi national one

    I am biased though cos Bax is a long term survivalist who has always embraced the multi national aspect of prepping.

  • Skean Dhude


    Not seen that one before. I’ve added it to the sidebar.

    • northern raider

      Bax is a greatly respected elder statesman of a survivalist from Canada, he was the guy that set up either Misc Surv Moderated or Retreat Survival and Secure home, cant remember which but at last count it had over 2000 members.

      Jim does appear to be a bit negative of late and I’ve noticed his second novel is getting some serious criticism on some forums, but hey how do you produce something to surpass Patriots surviving the coming Collapse its an absolute masterpiece easily as good as Alas Babylon.
      The one and only thing that has always infuriated me about JWR is his insistance on trying to ram religion down your throat, EG his new novel SURVIVORS has a brilliant basic concept story but almost every other page he is bible thumping to a point I gave up reading the book.

  • Ellen

    Northern Raider
    Thanks for the link. Will spend time there too.
    Rawles has been getting a lot of negitivity lately. I haven’t figured out why so much unless that he is all set up and we aren’t aka jealousy.
    I know some think he is a know-it-all, but remember he has been sitting in his diggin’ set up and ready to go for some time so he probably knows what he knows.
    I do enjoy his site for the submissions and especially the Odds and Sods.
    As I have said we should not disregard information just because it comes from a location that we do not exactly have love for.
    And I think that all sites wheather US or GB give good insight as to what we are up against all over this world.

  • Skean Dhude


    Agree. Although I have not noticed him getting any more than normal. He always polarises people, some like him some hate him.

    He does seem to be doing quite well for himself though.

    In my view information is information no matter where it comes from. Don’t turn up your nose because it is from the US. It is still useful.

  • Lincolnoldie

    I’m beginning to realise how little I know!! thanks for this -most useful.

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