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Thinking Ahead – 10

The next in the series to make you think about things up front. Each of you will answer differently and you will all be right, or maybe wrong. It isn’t a sure thing with definitive Yes/No answers. There are no rights and wrongs only something to consider and plan for.

You have been prepping for a while and it looks like all the events you have prepared for over 20 years have not happened. It is this strange new one called societal collapse that you never even consider with Government takeovers, Nuclear War, Pandemics and Asteroids. The EU was collapsing and Germany had demanded the UK cede control to Berlin. Our government had just submitted to the fourth reich and the people responded with violence. Riots flared up all over the UK and government building and infrastructure were torched and the more public figures were attacked. The govenment responded with curfews and even more restrictions.

For the first few days people had been driving all over town for even the most basic items and many of your neighbours were soon out of fuel as well as basic foodstuffs. The water and electricity was still on and although there was been no sign of plod for the few bits of violence that has been going on you knew the emergency services are still running because fire engines and ambulances were seen where needed although only for real emergencies and not trivial stuff.

You quickly started dipping into your food stores to feed your family and it was plain to see others were doing the same but there are one or two families in your street who had nothing. They clearly have been living hand to mouth. Some, but not all of the others had been feeding them and you watched as one by one the families that were feeding those without start running out. The news was on about food parcels being delivered and the riots taking place but you were well away from all that. Eventually the news stopped and all you got was our useless prime minister going on about sharing food, hoarders are bad and how law and order is being established in London. He had some nice offices somewhere and looks well fed. This message was replaced after a few days with instructions to get to refugee camps, the nearest here was about 40 miles away, where there was food and medical facilities available.

You have collapsed your stairs, left the doors open and scattered around pots, pans and other kitchen stuff to make your place look abandoned and already looted. Scavengers from the group came but didn’t spend much time in your house before moving on and you are all comfortably living in the loft. Sealing your waste in bags and dumping them in a neighbour’s garden at night. It may be cold food mainly with the occasional hot meal but the place is warm in the cold nights and you are comfortable. You have managed to keep your head down because you remember the OPSEC discussions from that nice website Survival UK 🙂 and you have been overlooked because you were always quiet and kept yourself to yourself. None of your family has ventured out of your house since a few days after the food stopped arriving and you have not seen anyone.

It is now a week later. The gas and electricity are off and you watch from your home as a group of your neighbours turn up at one neighbour’s house, kicking down the door, killing the family and taking their food. There are only three families in your street with any food left and you know you have much more than them. The group is much smaller now as many left to go to the camps, most of the elderly and all of the infirm are dead. Funnily enough this left most of the people who started with no food at all. Strange that. 😉 You think the food they just took will keep them fed for a few days and they will move on to the next house. The three remaining places with food have boarded up their houses. You know it is only a matter of time before they start with them. The group is about 10 strong and although the rest of your neighbours number about 14 they are just bunkering up and going on the defensive. Only two people in the group have guns; a shotgun and some sort of handgun. Each of the three houses has a shotgun not forgetting your weapons.

An announcement is made on the radio, the TV being long gone, that a new temporary government has been set up by the army and our politicians executed, in a fair trial of course 🙄 . Food is being distributed to the inner cities and the refugee camps. Power and water is being restored, quite a few have died but it is clear that it is not TEOTWAWKI and it is explained it will be a while before food, water, power and order is restored to your area. The group in your street are likely to make it but only if they take the stores from the three remaining families. You are likely to be safe and make it if you keep doing what you are doing. Civilisation is coming back and although it will be different it won’t be the stone age.

What are you going to do now?

5 comments to Thinking Ahead – 10

  • JD1

    Interesting one. The safest option imo would be to sit it out and hope to go unnoticed. Another option is to try and contact the other 3 houses and pool resources, group together, and either remove the bad guys or scare them off.

    I think I would probably go for the former, reason being that you run the risk of being shot by people from one of the “prepped” houses when trying to make initial contact.

    I suppose it would depend on how well you knew the “prepped” neighbours beforehand, then you could make a more reasoned decision when deciding whether to contact them or not

  • jeff

    If you will consider an American perspective, You can steal the inititave and go hunting the opposition before they get you.Before you jump to conclusions and condemnations, I am desended from English forefathers and mother’s and have the mindset of a free Englishman circa 1640.Skean Dude has , I think this same mind set and I’m sure a lot more British subjets as well so there is still hope for Britannica.I would urge my British cousins to harden their hearts in a scenario such as this and do what is needed to survive.Do not waste the opportunity to purge your land. You are the nation of countless hereo’s and role model’s. The UK has given far more to the world than she took.Your nation is blessed by the Lord God Jehova and your people will endure.

    *edited SD*

  • mike

    If they came to my house trying to take my preps, I’d shoot them and eat them….
    make my preps last longer.

  • Skean Dhude

    JD, 🙂


    I’m with you there. I appreciate your feeling for us and I hope that soon even the doziest sheep among us finally wakes up. We will see.

  • northern raider

    I would go to plan C, use the bug out camper van and get out of the way.

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