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Morality, Conscience and Survival

More and more often the issue of what is legal or morally right comes up on these sites. It makes for particularly interesting reading and I like to find out what other people think about these things. I’m a Libertarian and my views are well known.

I do however have a lot of empathy for people which was instilled into me by my parents. That empathy has been sorely tested by that soulless bureaucratic system called the DWP. It is full of people who don’t do anything outside of the rules on a personal basis. Who are immune to personal circumstances and have had to turn their souls in at the door on the way to work. No wonder so many are off sick at any one time. Having no soul for the day can’t be good for you.

However from our perspective we have a very uncomfortable situation. We have a list of things we need to do to ensure our survival and the survival of our family. Perhaps even the human race. Then we have legal issues, laws made up by our politicians that actually interfere in what we want to do. Some laws are sensible like murder is illegal but others are less so such as carrying a knife is illegal. We have our moral codes that dictate what we can do to acquire and retain our preps and these are strong drivers to us. For example I could prep much easier if I stole items from people and shops. In today’s climate that may be a crime but we all know that nothing will be done about it. Still most of us don’t do it because someone would be worse off and we believe stealing is morally wrong.

However, we are adaptable. It wasn’t that long ago we helped others who had fallen down or needed help. Now many of us don’t. It wasn’t that long ago the ordinary person was comfortable with Plod following them in a car. We are no longer that society. Now there are so many laws governing things that government has no business getting involved in that nobody cares unless they get caught. Who now does not speed along 20mph roads. Who does not jump traffic lights and park on double yellows. Who doesn’t feed the birds when they want to or drop a bit of litter, put glass in with plastics and metal in with paper. It is acts of rebellion and a two finger salute to the Stasi.

I myself have done none of these things, I point them out as examples of what bad people do.

So when it comes to prepping why should we be restricted in what we do? We harm no one. It is clear it is the state wanting everyone to be dependant on it. Now, I for one don’t trust the state. I’ve had experience of the DWP recently and they don’t care. So many of them are just drones and mean no harm but by following rules that are meant to I see them as no different to the guards in the camps in WWII. How could the camps have worked if people didn’t type up the lists or supplied infrastructure to keep things moving. Where do we draw the line though. My shit list is so big now It’ll take me a year after an event to track them down and deliver my letter of complaint.

But back to our preps. After an event;

  • When you are starving after two weeks without supplies it is too late to say ‘I wish I had ignored the hoarding rules’
  • When starving by a river it is too late to say ‘I wish I had bought that gill net’
  • While being invaded by looters intent on killing yourself and your family it is a bit late to say ‘I wish I had bought a gun even if it was against the law’
  • After a year and you run out of ammunition it is too late to say ‘I wish I had stored more ammunition than I was allowed’

There are many things that can get you into trouble with the law now. Some of them you are already doing and you don’t even know it. Ever gave anyone some financial advice? If so you are nicked mate. There are some ridiculous laws out there and most are unenforceable but that doesn’t stop them and they can add them to our crimes. Most of these laws we get by everyday without knowing them.

The basic laws however are ingrained in every right thinking persons mind. Sadly, that is much less of us than you think.

Like law abiding citizens we tie ourselves up and restrict our actions to follow a rule put in place to theoretically stop bad guys doing something. To the bad guys though it is just another rule they won’t follow. Only a leftie believes that a law on having guns will stop bank robbers, murder and robbery. Bank robbery is already a crime. Murder and robbery are already against the law? So why the restriction on guns? It is clearly not for the reasons given. It is because they want the state to be the only ones able to apply force of arms. Arms being the great equaliser. That is not a good idea. The states started WW1, WW2, Vietnam, etc. and enable Stalin, Pol Pot and others to kill hundred of millions of people, much more than civilians ever did. The state is not your friend. It is a hippo that kills by being uncaring about what is around it and sometimes it decides to kill as well. It is not benign and you cannot keep out of its way.

Personally, I’ve always been law abiding where I can but now accept I don’t know all the laws. So I decided that I didn’t want to know any more. I’m not going to check up because it is depressing. Fuck em. They can email me or send me an official letter. I never agree with these new laws anyway. They are usually anal and self serving. I would reject them all if I had the option. From my understand instead of the bonfire of legislation that was how one law in and one law out was described at the last election. I’d have the Dresden of legislation by removing every law put in place since 1950 as that seemed to be around the last time we didn’t have too many problems. If any laws were removed and they need to go back we process them through parliament, debate and replace them.

So, what does that mean to us?

Well first all you are legally bound to follow the law or risk become a criminal. Where your morals add additional rules then you have only your conscience to face while if your conscience allows a more liberal attitude to the law then you risk prosecution as before.

However I have noticed that in our modern society that to become a criminal you have to be found guilty in a court of law. After all killing someone by mistake is OK. It may just be a H&S issue after all. Nothing to worry about. Killing someone in self defence is still allowed even in our mickey mouse country. To put simply you need to be caught, prosecuted and found guilty by your peers. After all our MPs were all only suspected of fiddling expenses, even when the evidence in our eyes was conclusive it seems they were the honest law abiding chaps they always claimed they were. Of course there was a few rotten apples but it seems that they were few and far between despite parliament having a higher percentage of criminals than in an other single group outside prison.

The one area where the law abiding among us is that our conscience causes us issues. We admit our guilt and give an explanation. The really bad guys don’t do this. They lawyer up as the saying goes and it appears that most of the time the ones that get prosecuted are those where there is clear guilt, they have left evidence or are photographed or caught holding the items, or those that admit what they are doing. A valuable lesson to be learnt there. Get them to prove their case before you admit guilt in a court. Without your admission only traffic and serious offences seem to make court.

I’m not advocating breaking the law. That would be wrong and I, being an easy target, would be prosecuted by our *cough* justice system. What I am saving is go as close the line as you can while staying legal. The line is there to show where you can go. Go right up to it. Do 30 mph. Don’t brake for yellows if you can get well across the line before they go red. Many of the laws are open to interpretation anyway so the only limit on you without recourse to a court is your interpretation and bear in mind we usually err well on the safe side. Follow the rules where you can have but find the loopholes and use them to the maximum. It’s not illegal. I store many of my items on business premises to avoid the private property rules. Some items are not allowed on private premises in the quantities I want. In addition I store the maximum I can on my own premises and the maximums I can elsewhere, as many places as I can too.

One final thing. There are a few items that are illegal to own but can be owned as sub components. In the states owning a receiver tooled to be automatic is a felony yet many people have an incomplete reciever. It just won’t work as it is but drill a hole in the right place and insert an item, supplied with the unfinished receiver and it is a working version. People sell them in this way and it is legal. There are a few items in the UK that we can use that technique on. After all, a block of stainless steel can be made into a SMG or a door lock. Your only consideration is that it is not unknown that when/if your home is searched for some reason that the totality of items is considered by plod. People have been jailed for having common household items such as cleaners, car body filler and documents on how to make explosives with them. None illegal on their own but together worth 5 years or so. So keep your toys apart and if you have an almost complete receiver keep it in a different place than the barrel and the stock. Keep your fuel supplies spread about to avoid the limits. Build up your SMG from plumbing parts as per the downloaded instruction but keep the parts seperate and don’t finish the final parts. Just have the means to do so when there is no laws stopping you and it is not illegal. After all you might not be doing anything illegal atm but the laws change and/or it may be interpreted that way by the stasi. So make sure your home is squeaky clean.

Remember guys at all times stay legal but even then consider that the state is not benign and doesn’t care about you as individuals. It operates the laws the way it wants to its benefit and to your detriment. So take care out there. Justice UK style.

17 comments to Morality, Conscience and Survival

  • mike

    Couldnt have said it better myself… “Viva la Revolution”

  • Northern Raider

    I see what SD is saying in rather simplistic terms, cos I’m not an interlectual, But at the end of the day it is a choice Do you get carried by 6 of your peers, or do you get tried by 12 of your peers?

    I would like to add one small personal comment, and that is I do not for one second think that any police officer, CPS lawyer or Magistrate gives a damn about JUSTICE, The cop is seeking approval, praise and promotion, the lawyer is trying to fill targets without offending any one of a dozen SIGs, and the Magistrates generally have no concept of society or the real world beyond their midddle class backgrounds.

  • Kenneth Eames

    Excellent article. Kenneth Eames.

  • Lincolnoldie

    I tend to agree with the comments by NR about those in “charge” of the justice system. Agendas have become the norm instead of honour and integrity.

  • Skean Dhude

    There is Justice and there is British justice. British justice is the best you can afford. Justice is blind and impartial.

  • iaaems

    What a read!! Obviously from the heart – congratulations!!!
    I can concur on the DWP experience – hearltess, bombastic, autocratic and this was several years ago. Can only assume that the situation has got worse.
    Spent most of last weekend as the guest of our ‘local’ hospital getting some extreme pain looked into. A soul destroying experience and I will not bore you with any details. The point that I wish to make is that the staff spent a ‘huge’ amount of time filling in forms and asking the same questions over and over again. Communications between the staff and those of us in the waiting area were neglible to non existent. We just did not know what was going on.
    As someone who has a little management experience I have to say that this entire operation seemed to be a job creation exercise because there were lots of bodies but no one could make a decision about who went where or who received what treatment or when. The whole thing just seemed to go round and round with no real purpose. When you think of what this all costs…..
    With regard to the so called laws of this country – I get the impression that there used to be Policemen and Policewomen. These seem to have disappeared and been replaced with Police Officers. Apparently there is a difference – a Policeman has to uphold law and order, a Police Officer does not have to or so I have been informed. He can, of course issue a fixed penalty notice or arrest you for some weird misdemeanor. For more info on this sort of stuff go to It is a good site in it’s own way and I have absolutely no gain from recommending it for a wee peek if nothing else.
    Anyway, SD, thanks for the article – much appreciated.

  • Northern Raider

    iaaems, in 1996 my wife had TWO line managers above her in the large 1400 bed hospital where she has spent her entire career. The admin section took up one floor on one tower block.

    Then Labour came to power, First under Agenda for change they promised to revitalise the NHS and did this in part by taking £300 a month out of her pay, by 2009 my wife found herself with 11 managers above her, the admin dept now had an entire 7 story office block and the number of beds was cut from 1400 to 440.

  • iaaems

    NR – what you have just said pretty much endorses my observation of job creation and of worsening value for money. As I am, fortunately, not a regular attendee of our local hospital my comments come from the changes observed since the last visit – shrouded in the mists of time.
    At this point can I say that when I eventually got the necessary treatment the folks at the sharp end were very very good in every respect. It was just the hanging around for hours on end that was so soul destroying.
    What lets them, and us, down is the overly elaborate ‘system’ being worked. It is obvious that the computer system is useless and the decision makers are either not available or overworked. Communication is almost non existent. If your wife is working under these conditions – and it would seem from what you say that she is – then she has my utmost admiration, well done and thankyou.

  • grumpy old man

    there are three kinds of benifit system the first what you get from the dhss when you CAN’T work the other is the tax credit system which just helps keep numbers down working for slave money and getting dole and the third is civil SERVENTS
    those who are paid by our tax money to help us in a civil society which is what i think 95% of them have forgotten instead they want free hand outs from the gov high pensons and provid the tax payer with a c**p service that would not be allowed in the private sector
    give a skilled worker the tools needed to do which you ask them and let them get on with thier way and the lazy A**es from desks and in the field to earn thier money properly

  • Reality Jones

    Like I always say

    ‘There’s no Justice there’s just us’

  • Northern Raider

    A society is broken when the penalty for putting your dustbin out early is 10 times the penalty for theft

  • Skean Dhude

    I think we can safely say our society has been broken a long time.

  • mike

    Our binmen wouldnt empty the bin last week…
    They put a sticker on it saying it was too heavy… bear in mind it a wheely bin 4 feet from the center of the road where the bin wagon is, poor dears not being able to wheel a wheely bin on its wheels, how inconciderate am I, putting rubbish in my bin…

  • Skean Dhude

    The poor souls. The only thing that the council do for all that money they extort with menaces and they won’t fo it if they can get away with it. I have heard if it is not identifiable and can’t be linked to you or is not seen on CCTV (The stasis friend) then people are just leave leaving these things in the streets or on country roads. Then it costs the council a fortune to sort them out by sending people to pick them up. Sad that. Of course if you are caught the penalty is more severe than burglary. (So is spitting but such is life)

  • grumpy old man

    bin men what a joke
    mine stole my kids tent and paddling pool and left rubbish
    i complained to the council and told because i did not have cctv i could not prove it so i was not getting compo for them
    i live in the middle of no where with no crime and the people next door are spys but i still need cctv
    told binmen next time 1 comes in my garden i would treat him like the thief he is and break his legs
    for the last 6 years i have removed my own waste with no money back from my council tax
    that’s what i think of council works all the same

  • Skean Dhude

    It’s funny that when they are prosecuting you don’t even need a witness but when the boot is on the other foot you need three witnesses and DNA. It is the sign of a fascist state.

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