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Looking for an emblem

As discussed on the forums we are looking for an emblem that can be used by one of us to recognise another and that won’t be too controversial or obviously a symbol. I’m looking for something simple. Something that can be worn anytime and not be out of place and it doesn’t have to be Survival UK related. I don’t want to make it too much like a club with only Survival UK members being allowed to wear it. I want it to be a symbol that anyone who is prepping can recognise and feel comfortable about approaching that person. Bit easier than a special handshake and not as permenant as tattoos.

I see this emblem being able to be placed on business cards or drawn on walls so it needs to be simple and easy to draw, no complicated graphics. So round, oval, square or rectangular but not a complicated shape. Simple colours and simple graphics.

Personally, my graphics skills are down in the bottom 1% on the planet. Even when I was at school my art work was ripped apart and it helped mould me into the person I am now. For better or for worse has yet to be decided. I’m still going to try a couple of symbols I have thought of. So over to you. Show us what you think is a good emblem and we will pick one. Have as many goes as you like.

10 comments to Looking for an emblem

  • Dana

    The universal Civil Defence Emblem – Orange Triangle on a Blue Square (look on Wki).

  • Northern Raider

    I honestly can not think of anything universally acceptable, the only point I can make is it appears the dominant colour choices are subdued greys, charcoals and black shades?

  • moosedog

    I think it needs to be one colour so it can be chalked on a wall but, when used on clothing or business cards, could be a different colour. So on a wall it could be white but on a card black. The hash tag was my first thought but it has been used by OWS and might evolve into “safe accommodation” for them. So maybe something like The Saint but in a more masculine pose? The Saint also had his own tune which if whistled could be another “prepper sign”. It’s easy enough to draw a stick man with a halo and might be dismissed as kids scrawling by those not in the know.

  • fred

    Sketch of an Anderson Shelter?

  • Lightspeed

    Good idea SD.

    What about a Stylised Acorn?

    = Because lots of people think we’re slightly nuts!

    OR = Squirrels store acorns to survive the winter?

    Good idea about a simple graphic Moosedog. This emblem can be reduced to diamond for the cup and a partial egg-shaped elipse above as the nut.

    In colour simple earth colours Green and brown would be subtle, and these dyes will be available from natural sources in the long term.

    Let individuals find their own emblems to wear, be they badges, pins, earings or printed t-shirts etc. That way, any group is not immediately identifyable as a group to outsiders. The emblem is suble and semi-covert.


  • Mickey

    First time commenting.

    Having an emblem is irrelevant. All this planning etc is a waste of time unless you the preppers organise with a proper consistution with a proper command structure Inc checks and balances. We won’t live in the ass end of Canada. We all live in areas with millions of people live on our door step who will try to eat us never mind taking our food.

  • Joe Poncho

    What about a simple IS as in I Survive?

  • Skean Dhude

    I like all of these they have a certain simplicity.

  • Hi – Came across your site as I have been thinking a lot lately about issues raised.
    I’d happily design you an emblem/badge etc for free if you are interested – I’m a freelance graphic designer.

  • Skean Dhude


    Welcome. And a SciFi fan too.

    Anything you can think of will be good. You can see what we want so have a go.

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