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The EUSSR and prepping

As you now I’m trying to avoid politics but sometimes it fits in with what we are doing.

Here is a comment from Václav Klaus, the Czech President, in a article on The Orphans of Liberty. A site I visit.

It seems that Europeans are not interested in capitalism and free markets and that they do not understand that their today’s behavior undermines the very institutions that made their past success possible

See the whole article here. This guy grew up in the USSR super state and his country is currently trying to emulate the West and doing a better job than we are. Ironic isn’t it.

I think it simplistically says what we have all observed and despite his use of the word Europeans we can see that the same disease of Socialism has struck the US. As Obama drags the US down to a third rate country, in exactly the same way as our socialist masters have done in the UK. As all great civilisations in the past have gone, not with a bang but a whimper. We can see that our society is certainly failing while most of us stand by and wonder when the government is going to fix it. This quote from Ronald Reagan says why not.

Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem

The situation will change. It has to although this time we may not be able to get up as quickly for all the reasons we have already stated. Sadly, I don’t think it will change until it is too late. I think we are very close to the edge and those in the driving seat are just not going to get up and let a competent driver take over even if there was one ready to do so which doesn’t appear to be the case.

So keep prepping as much as you can and preppare for a collapse that leaves everyone alive. At first anyway.

All comments regarding the content to be made on the article on the originating site. Comments left here are to be survival related and not political please.

4 comments to The EUSSR and prepping

  • Kenneth Eames

    Thank you for this Skean. Excellent info. It says so much. Kenneth Eames.

  • Silent Storm

    How strange, I am currently reading Atlas Shrugged. It’s an interesting book though a little on the large side.
    I Think it will be difficult for many preppers and sheeple to accept that there will be no ‘big bang’ when society collapses, it will as you said die with a whimper.
    I have travelled the world and seen the ruins of many once great civilisations. The advantage that those peoples had that we don’t is that they could leave the affected area and try to make a go of it somewhere else, thanks to strict border controls and immigration laws we no longer have that privilage and all but the super rich will be stuck here to suffer.

    This is ‘The Great Western Decline’

  • tango

    I think the czech president has hit the nail on the head. European leaders are only concerned with kicking the can out of their election cycle. The government spending boom only delayed the financial collapse. Whilst the breakdown wont be a big bang it wont be a slow straigt line decile. It is more likely to be a series of shocks and events followed by small recoveries only to be followed by further shocks and events. Whatever happens the next 20 years wont be as safe as the past 20 years.

  • Skean Dhude



    That is something I keep on about on other sites.

    Personally if you ran up debt you would be forced to pay or have your assets seized and you may go to jail.
    If as a company you can go to jail and have your assets seized for maladministration.
    If you are the government you leave it for someone else to sort out and just buy your votes.

    Our whole system is broken and politicians are to blame.

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