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How we need to prepare


An Elementary Herbal Course – Lesson 9 – Anatomy and Physiology Pt 2

Here is the ninth lesson following on from An Elementary Herbal Course – Lesson 8 – Anatomy and Physiology Pt 1

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY Pt 2 Continued from Pt 1


The THORAX is a cage of bones. It is cone-shaped and is formed by the twelve pairs of ribs so joined in the […]

Prepping for all Weathers

A question that comes up a lot is that because of global warming, err… climate change or whatever it is this month what kind of weather should we prepare for and what would we expect in the UK in a few years time.

Personal Opinion Alert.

Without going to several links and spending hours reading […]

Snail mail

One think that I’m not clear on in my own mind is what will happen to long distance postal deliveries after an event? Will we revert to something like the pony express, will we end up sending our own people out with items or will it be something else?

The need for long distance communications […]

Tools or Weapons

An interesting side issue keeps on coming up related to prepping and survival and that is that our leaders look upon any tool that is historically used as a weapon as an item to be restricted. To take over a country you first have to disarm the population. We are well down that road at […]