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You are unique – Just like everyone else

Everyone reading this is in a unique situation. Your location, social and financial situation are yours and yours alone. Even your mindset, what you see as important and what you will do in each situation is likely to be different. We all draw the line in different places in the sand. Because of this there is no one size fits all solution for any situation.

  • Q: Bug In or Bug Out?
  • For some this will be obvious. They may live in the inner city surrounded by thousands of others and little private space or they could live in the country, the middle of nowhere and living on a viable homestead. Most of us it won’t be.
  • A: We have to work it out for ourselves based on our facts.
  • Q: How much to spend prepping?
  • Some will be able to buy two years worth of preps in one go. Some people have the money, others have access to cheap sources. Some will only afford to put aside a little every few weeks. Again, most of us will be able to afford a bit each week without issues.
  • A: We have to work it out for ourselves based on our finances.
  • Q: What food should I put aside?
  • How much space is available? How many are being catered for? What is eaten now? Keeping your head down or bugging out? Able to cook where you are? Requirements will be different depending on needs and the facilities available.
  • A: Work out the requirements yourself.
  • Q: What do I need to grow my own food and what food should it be?
  • Some already grow their own and supplement their food stores and others do not even have a window box to grow herbs. What you need depends on what you think you will be doing after an event. Remembering what you eat already. Again, our needs will be different, our requirements different and what we think will be different.
  • A: What is needed must be worked out by ourselves.
  • Q: What other items should I put aside?
  • How much space do you have? How many of you are there? What do you need to do? Again, your requirements will be different depending on your location, needs and the facilities you have.
  • A: You need to work your requirements out for yourself.
  • Q: What Bug Out Vehicle do I need?
  • Where are you going? How far is it? How quickly do you need to get there? How many of you are there going? What are you taking with you? How heavy is it all? For some walking with back backs will be fine. Others will need a HGV. Some will have a boat. Even those bugging in will need to consider an evacuation and how that will be achieved.
  • A: We will have to work out what is best for ourselves.
  • Q: What will I do for hunting?
  • Some will have enough firepower to bring down an elephant. Some won’t even want to eat meat but after an event we will need to acquire protein. Trapping, hunting, rearing all will depend on our location and situation.
  • A: We will need to work out what is best for ourselves.

Seeing a theme here? Of course you are. It is not that we are keeping things under our hats and keeping secrets but that we just don’t know what your situation is. Your location, situation, priorities and your finances force certain decisions and we can’t make a general decisions on any prepping subject that is right for all. We can make general statements and you see that we do but each one must be tempered by the person who it is important too; You. It is possible to look at specifics and offer advice but it is a big job and nobody has the time to volunteer for that and do a proper job for you and, in reality, nobody really wants to reduce OPSEC and put themselves under the scrutiny necessary either.

So we need to do it ourselves. To be honest it isn’t all that difficult but like everything else it just seems daunting when we first look. Read the advice, ask questions and listen to advice. There will be lots of opposing views but you can mix and match, creating your own solution that meets your unique needs. You will also need to revise your plans as your situation changes. Make sure that everything is covered and if you can at least let someone else review it with you. Even if it is informal.

Just don’t expect to go to a site like this and find a document that has a solution right for you, well not without paying for it anyway.

4 comments to You are unique – Just like everyone else

  • mike

    I’m not telling you ha ha hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! shhhhhhhhhh It’s a secret….

  • fred

    Bug out vehicle is fine but costs money.

  • Skean Dhude


    Not if you can find an old bike somewhere.

  • Tommy

    I am hoping that things don’t fall completely apart, because if they do I would have to get my family from London to the west of Scotland. If things start appearing to go wrong then the wife and kids are heading off first. Then if things go really bad I go. nIf society really does collapse badly it would at least be an interesting journey!

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