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Time for your Input

As you know I’m currently looking at making significant changes to the Survival UK sites.

  • Adding a new reference system for easy access to data
  • Adding a store to sell kit relevant to us
  • Adding a video area linked to the reference system

Reference System
This will be similar to a Wiki with downloadable information and organised in categories in a similar way to the other Survival UK sites. I have been intending to do this for some time and am working on it now with another member of Survival UK. It will not be user editable but will contain books, videos, completed articles which are output from Survival UK or other sites who have allowed us to copy them. This should be up at the end of this month.

The Store
This is going to be a store where we sell quality items that we will need for our prepping. No gimmicks, just good quality items some of which will be unique and won’t be easy to find.
This again is something I was intending to do and again another member is working with me in a partnership which is allowing me to bring it forward. We expect this to be available later next month.

Site videos. I don’t intend to spend much time talking about general issues but more of a podcast on how to do things; start a fire, how to build a water filter, etc. Taking an item and showing how it works. This is something I had not thought about but has been suggested by a couple of people. I can see the benefit so I’ll be looking at integrating this with the reference section when the store is complete. We can see how it goes and move on from there.

This is where you come in
To this end I am looking for some input from you. I want to know what are your hot topics that we should concentrate on fror the reference site. What are the areas you think are more important and should go on first. We will be processing as fast as we can but it will be a while before everything can be processed. What should be first?

Same with the store. We have access to a large amount of kit but want to be careful and don’t want to buy inventory that we won’t use. What are the items you are having difficulty finding? What do you want the most? I’m not promising that we can source everything but I can say that everything we are looking at is of high quality and we will be reviewing in the field. We have some ideas what we want to do but what are you interested in?

Any other issues you have? Think we are going in the wrong direction? Let us know and we will see what we can do.

I’ve said this a million times now. It’s you that make this site, your contributions, feedback and knowledge are needed to keep it going. Just tell us what you think.

9 comments to Time for your Input

  • Northern Raider

    “To this end I am looking for some input from you. I want to know what are your hot topics that we should concentrate on fror the reference site.”

    Kit choice personal
    Kit choice group / family
    Kit choice home
    Essential skills
    Book List
    Risk assessments

  • Northern Raider

    Sub groups
    Heat & Light
    Reference and archive

  • mike

    Ditto for what N.R. says I’ll leave it to the experts/oldtimers… I’m sort of happy with how it is anyway.

  • Hassen

    Im looking forward to the improvements; What we need a systematic approach when it comes to the shop; starting out as you mention, there is little use in duplicating material on the website.

    So before purchasing, what might be beneficial is having ALL the items in the various lists.. having html links embedded in them – directing the user to THE SPECIFIC ITEM that you have bought/ tested and now recommend to buy, leaving it to the reader to purchase directly from the online retailer, and considering price changes – google shopping or any other shop bot should be used for good measure before buying.

    Where items on the lists are unavailable to buy online, or if available are cheaper offline, or are cheaper if we were to purchase them in bulk, then you should stock them in reasonable quantities in the Survival Shop. At the moment I have only purchased around 10-15% items recommended in your lists, so this approach will be very helpful to me.

    What would also be extremely useful would be to turn all your articles into instructional videos and from them also creatding new shopping lists so that we can practically implement them (as mentioned above, directing the user to the specific items you recommend where available online)

  • Skean Dhude





    It’ll be worth doing that as a default when things get going and I’ll look at doing that for the existing site and see what the work will be.

    I’d be interested in what you have bought from my lists and what you have bought that is not there. It sounds interesting.

    The intention is to provide a video for everything we can starting from the basics and working our way as we can. Specialist stuff will require some people making their own.

  • Lightspeed

    Ditto NR’s list,

    And I think he has it in exactly the right order priority-wise.

  • Hassen


    Besides a few months food storage, Ive pretty much bought the majority of the items youve listed in the personal survival kit post, making one BOB, 2 tents, stove, very basic so far – and then stopped there, thinking I’d be okay, very naive! I had done this around a year ago, prior to becoming aware of your website a few week back. As a result, I now feel Ive barely touched the surface. Besides that which is outstanding in the diffent survival kits, Im looking forward to kitting out my home with many of the home improvements you have detailed.

  • Skean Dhude


    I do like to make people think. Many sites seem to think that guns,some stores and bandages is going to be the way. I very well could for some but in the UK with the people here, the small size of the country and our draconian laws it isn’t any good for us.

    You are in front of many people who are just openning their eyes so you can take advantage of that.

    Good luck.

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