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Finalising details for the Bow and Arrow Weekend in June

I thought it was about time I resolved the issues with the bow and arrow weekend and qualified what was going on.

As you are aware I have found a field where we can play for the day and the land owner wants £60 for it. Not knowing who was coming it was a bit awkward to define numbers and thus split the costs across the attendees. I’ve therefore decided that I’m going to set the cost at £6 for each attendee and sort out the rest myself. If it worked out more come then fine but if not I’ll take the hit. I know some people can’t afford much so £6 is the limit.

I’ve reviewed the field today and I’m going to set up the target, a Barnett bow, a Barnett Crossbow and a hand crossbow from my own stores as well as some throwing knives. I’ll also erect a toilet tent with a chemical toilet in and a couple of tables to put stuff on. Some people are bringing their own toys so feel free but positively no guns. No permission will be given by the land owner.

I’ll suggest you bring your own food, drink and a seat if you want one. I don’t have enough to go around us all. We are about 15 mins from civilisation with a McDonalds, KFC and Burger King among other shops though if you are desperate. In fact the women, not interested in the toys, could have a day out here if they wanted to. That may make things easier for those of us with wives who are not interested in prepping.

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