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How we need to prepare


Looking for storage space?

One thing we all want and most of us don’t have is storage space. The sheer quantity we require to ensure we prep correctly just takes up so much space. That is not including the special requirements we have for some items to ensure that they are stored correctly and do not get too hot or subject to anything else that will damage them.

Whilst shopping this weekend I came across a nice little unit in Aldi that they used for moving around the freezer stuff. It wasn’t for sale but it looked ideal for storage our electrical stuff because it was basically totally enclosed by metal. I looked inside and it had some shelving, also metal. It was on wheels, which isn’t always ideal but with the addition of wheel locks it would be a useful addition to our stores primarily because it would protect most of our electrical equipment against EMP.

Melissa has also pointed us to a supplier of storage containers that look exceptional value. They are local to me so I may give them a visit.

Sadly our biggest issue is usually funds, quickly followed by storage space. There is no perfect solution and we all have to adapt to make the best of our own situation.

You will be surprised how much storage space there is in your home when you are aware of the hidden spaces. You can put stores behind stairs, under floorboards, under beds, cupboards, under the shed, garage, drains, under the patio and that is before you start constructing places such as making hidden walls, overhead storage systems and waste pipes.

Consider also your next door neighbours land also, sometimes there is a small gap between your fence and their garage or shed. Lift the fence, put the goods there and then replace the fence, or not.

Consider though the basic food rotation systems which automatically ensure that you use the oldest stock first. They tend to only be of use for a small amount of tins, not the amount we need to put aside. If I had enough money I would use one of these but even when you build it yourself you have better use of the funds. I prefer to rotate my stock by hand and I have a paper record of everything I have. Sadly, it is not always perfect but that is down to my disorganisation rather than the process.

Also consider burying your non food stuff, items that you are not concerned about using until after an event. If you bury it deep enough, a few feet, you will find it will keep a fairly constant temperature. Bury your food caches, your electronic gear, water and anything that you don’t want to worry about. Just don’t bury your bug out stuff. I look at the wheelie bins that are used for household or garden waste. They are cheap, look around they are left in the streets, so easily picked up. I also find that they are fairly sturdy, on wheels and have lids. What more can you want? Dig a hole 18 inches deeper than the height. Push them in and refill about halfway. Then fill the container, close the lid, put a thick bin bag over the top and down the bin and then backfill the hole.

For EMP proofing what you want to bury; either bury in a treated drum or put a drum in a wheelie bin. Sadly this gives a lot of wasted space so fill the spaces with food or other items that don’t have an EMP issue.

Ideally though you really want a big barn with nice shelving. Have to be out of the way though or buried. Then you would be in heaven.

Think about other storage techniques and let us know what you come up with.

5 comments to Looking for storage space?

  • Ellen

    There is no perfect plan.
    There is no possibility of being able to even buy all you need.
    There is no perfect place.
    There is only to do and have the desire of “HOPE” ever present.

  • Loodles

    I’m looking for the perfect thing to store behind my bath panel! I was thinking maybe loo roll since it may also act as insulation around the bath itself! The bath panel is tongue and groove and so it would be a faff to keep anything there that needed rotation or had use prior to ‘whatever’!

    I have a faked boundary to my property that harbours a woodpile and coal and am planning to build some fake walls and other hidey holes but it’s well down my list at the moment!

  • Skean Dhude

    Loodles, Welcome. That sounds like good thinking. I can’t do that on mine easily.

  • Druach

    Hi All, I have found the perfect storage containers dumped at the rear of a local Indian restaurant. They had the mango chutney delivered in them. They are about 50 litres capacity, maybe more, heavy duty plastic with a secure screw top lid. They also have handles on the sides. I am storing dried foods in shrink wrapped plastic in them.

  • Gregor

    I live in a terraced house (not good), the stairs run between the front and middle rooms and I have noticed that there is about 8ft x 6ft of unused space above the stairs if this could be panelled off and made structurally sound it could be a good and perhaps secret place to store items.

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