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Waiting for the axe to fall

I don’t know about you but I was expecting something to happen during the Olympics. I’m glad it didn’t as the longer we can go on the better it is for all of us. We collect more preps and live comfortably now. Although I do wonder sometimes if the axe is going to fall in my lifetime or if people are just going to go on accepting what is going on as slice after slice is removed from our freedoms until we just have nothing left.

With the government already rewriting books and many once legal items prohibited by law it wouldn’t be long before our existing life would be forgotten. Old codgers like us will talk about free times but the propoganda machines will already have indocrinated our kids to say ‘But Grandad the world is much better now without that’.

I started prepping many years ago because I couldn’t see a significant downside. All I was doing was stocking up and at the worst it would be a cost saving exercise as I would be buying goods whilst they were cheap or on sale. After a while though I started to add tools that I never hope to use such as water purification bottles and some tools. These are potentially items that I may never use in anger, in fact I hope I never use them in anger as that would mean my childrens life expectancy is likely to be reduced. I justify these purchases to myself as insurance costs.

I truly believe though that the most likely event we will face now is some sort of collapse. No asteroid or nuclear war but a shutdown of our way of life. Engineered by political scum that couldn’t run a ice cream stall in the Costa del Sol without making a loss.

This type of event will be a million times worse for us because it will leave almost our entire population alive and starving. They will annihilate any preppers they find and raid their food stores. They will also salt the earth out of spite as revenge against the wrong people. People who have prepared will be destroyed by mobs just because if they are going then so is everyone else and the people who caused it will be unavailable.

This is why we must continue prepping whilst we keep our heads down and we must secure our preps against raiders. Bury them in caches, hide them in false floors, walls and ceilings and be vigilant. We must be among the first to react if there is a crisis. We must be first off the mark if we are going to bug out. Doing it after the mob has gone will be too late. You will get stuck with them.

The advantage however with an economic crash though is there is no single point in time when it happens, it is a slow motion crash over several days, and this gives us, the forward thinking ones, plenty of time to react. Just identify the slice that is the last straw for you. Stores starting to run out of things, water rationed, plod confiscating firearms. It could be two things or more. Whatever it is just make sure that when the exact slice that is your line in the sand it taken you implement your plans and don’t second guess yourself. Plan it now, document it, make sure everyone understands it and implement it when the conditions are met.

In the meantime be mindful of the axe waiting to fall but live life to the full, continue prepping and learning. Hope that it never happens.

11 comments to Waiting for the axe to fall

  • Paul

    I have no desire for my family to face mayhem and death because of a disaster but this lingering painful decline into poverty for our nation and particularly my family only gets worse the longer it continues.

    I don’t care about the predictions of financial doom and Armageddon from the experts. I’m pretty convinced a lot of it is BS anyway.
    Besides what’s the worse that can happen?
    Death of our nation? Flash news, we’re already there.

    So I vote for immediate collapse of everything.
    Lets get this event started, running, and over.
    Then we can rebuild.

    I’m no where near ready for what is supposed to happen but I doubt any prepper is completely happy with their preparations.

  • bigpaul

    couldn’t agree more Paul. lets have the event and get on with it, i dont think we can carry on(as a nation) like this much longer, resourses are like a rubber band they will only stretch so far, and then it is all downhill from there.

  • fred

    Have to admit – it was a puzzle to me why nothing occurred. Perhaps the Arab world was behind Mo and didn’t want anything to ruin that.

    • Northern Raider

      By nothing happened I think you mean no bombs or massacres occured, what I think the Islamists did achieve was nearly as spectacular though. They created a sense of blind fear, they caused the UK govt to spend billions on security, they created an atmosphere that ensured tourists visited the Olympic venues but nowhere else, the threat by the Islamists crippled the UKs tourism business this year and caused millions to live in fear.

      Even now I know people who will get off buses and trains if a muslim get on carrying a bag or wearing loose clothing, I know preppers and ordinary people who simply will not venture into any multi cultural cities full stop.

  • fred

    I think the Islamists did achieve was nearly as spectacular though. They created a sense of blind fear

    Yes, that’s true. Plus they claimed Mo’s gold.

  • tommy

    Tank goodness nothing happened. Yes it cost us a flippin fortune, but a lot of people enjoyed it (Not me) and nobody got hurt. So I’m happy.

  • Did the non-event not make you think that this is all guberment propaganda to further reduce our freedoms?

    I was almost certain nowt would happen at the olympics.

    Saying that though, if you REALLY wanted to cause outcry, then you’d go for the paralympics wouldn’t you?

  • The Bear

    We are all lucky nothing happend,

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