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Making your choices

People choices define their capability to prep. Sometimes you are lucky and you already live in an area which supports prepping, you may even have spare money or you may have a job that allows you to work from anywhere.

Most of us are not that lucky though. We don’t have that many choices. We either work and stay in a bad tactical situation or we don’t work and can’t afford to prep properly. We need to work to keep ourselves and some of us if we are lucky may have a little extra to put aside for prepping but it is not enough to move on and continue doing what we are doing. If we did then our incomes would be reduced. Our choices are Hobsons Choice.

Generally, those that live in the wilds either go there with existing money or they live on reduced money.

Personally, I couldn’t move anywhere because it would move me too far away from my job. I would then have difficulty paying for my dream place. A catch 22 situation.

So I have now revised my plans and decided that my best option is to compromise and stay in a decent job. Prep as much as I can there and find myself a bit of land close by that I can use as a BOL. I just can’t afford to move and live on the property.

This then creates a different issue for me. I will have some land that I can use to practise on and prepare for a BOL whilst still having my home in suburbia with all the risks in that. I’ll keep my preps spread between the two with longer term preps buried in the back garden and enough in my home to survive for a few months, while the land will contain the bulk of my preps well hidden. I will then evaluate the situation and either dig in at home or move to the BOL when it is suitable. I will consider staying at the house full time but the BOL is there for just in case.

It’s not ideal but I can’t see any other way of doing it and it suits my circumstances. The issue is getting a bit of land that is suitable, I have a list of criteria, the key areas are

  • Within 45 minutes of my house
  • Woodlands
  • Stream
  • Not to close to main roads
  • Access for machinery
  • Affordable

So, the next step is finding some land before I go any further.

Wish me luck.

15 comments to Making your choices

  • Loodles

    Good Luck Skean! 😀 There is a piece of woodland out there somewhere within 45 minutes of you, with your name on it! I would love to do the same thing but pennies won’t allow just now!

  • SD

    If you manage it, which I hope you do please tell the rest of us how you did it. Getting out of the city is a dream I am in doubt I will ever realise. Like you it comes down o the choice of ncome or no income and the money wins, without it we don’t eat let alone prep.

    All the best in your quest.

    Take care

  • ib1

    It’s difficult sometimes, i know from a prepping point of view I am better off out in the boonies but prepping isn’t the only consideration that needs to be taken into account. Work commitments are one consideration but my family is another commitment that needs to be taken into account.

    I am in the process of moving from a rural area back to the suburbs (I can hear NR’s teeth grinding from here)to look after my elderly parents. I dont believe that i should just let the state deal with it, to my mind they are my responsibility to look after, exactly how it used to be and how it still is in many countries.

    I cant afford to move to a rural location near them so I have opted for the suburbs with very easy access to the sea. My prepping plans will have to change to reflect the change in circumstances but i’m thinking more of learning to sail and buying a boat rather than buying land

    Good luck

  • Lightspeed

    Good Luck SD

    Good rational deciasion making on your part, as ever.

    Hope the plan comes to fruition, but honestly hope that you nevre have to test it in ernest.

  • iaaems

    I realised, when quite young, that compromise was going to be a very important part of my life and it has served me quite well. Your piece illustrates this I think.
    However, when all is said and done, it mostly revolves around the best utilisation of your flexible asset, in this case money. Another flexible asset is the time you have available for any given interest or task. There are many other flexible assets that can be brought into play in the game but my attitude is ‘keep it simple’ and do what you ‘need’ to do not what you ‘want’ to do. There are many things that I want to do but my assets will not allow me to achieve many of them.
    Best of luck with your quest – it seems like a good plan.

  • Northern Raider

    If its land within 45 minutes of your house you will prolly find a Labour politician telling you Taffy Bin Laden has WMD hidden on it. 🙂

  • bigpaul

    i wish you luck with finding land SD, but if your area is anything like mine you will find land is VERY expensive, even out in the middle of nowhere. still we can all dream!

  • fred

    You say, Skeane: “Personally, I couldn’t move anywhere because it would move me too far away from my job.” But in such a situation as catastrophe, would the job still be there?

  • Northern Raider

    I thought your job was some sort of mobile technician?

  • Skvez

    This is a very difficult position to be in when it comes to pre-positioning the bulk of your preps.
    If you split them equally you almost guarantee that half of them won’t be easily available to you.
    Keeping those you leave on your land safe will be difficult if you have no ‘house’. Burying is hard work especially in certain soils and water damage is a constant concern in the wet UK climate. Rotating food becomes a major operation.
    A take it the 45 minutes is 45 minutes by car? Do you have a maximum distance by foot incase car is not available to you (fuel rationing, road blocks, too dangerous to stay on the road)?
    What acreage of land are you thinking of?

  • good luck mate hope you get wot you want

  • Harry

    Is 45 minutes far enough away? It will still leave you in the suburbs of most major cities if you have to travel by foot. Even by vehicle, you may still be in the suburbs which will be very expensive, or in farm land which you will not be able to purchase without buying a whole farm.

    Either way, it will still be known locally or with access probably signposted. It will not be an out of the way place to hide. The only purpose would be as a training, preperation, and staging area close to home, but I do not believe it could be a long term base unless you had the capability to make it defensive.

    I wish you the best of luck.

  • hrusai

    good luck buddy 🙂

  • Brixham Badger

    Is there not a t.v. programme that could find you such land, like that series which helps prospective buyers find their dream home in the country? If not, why not make one & use the proceeds to fund your project? Just surmising ha ha. ;)p

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