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The Biggest Threat to Us

With my internet problems I’ve spent a lot of time reading books and watching DVDs with a significant number being survival related. It has been interesting seeing several different scenaria played out and what the writers believe will happen after those events.

The early films and books show us all banding together and sharing. The later ones less show but do show a lot of community spirit. Sacrifices are made and everyone seems to make it through despite the conditions, nobody dies from lack of access to modern medical care, a few diabetics and dialysis patients are written out but in general things run smoothly. It doesn’t matter what the event is the story is pretty much the same tight up to either the return of society or the start of a new of government.

Then after the initial aftermath and the die off along comes a threat that is much more insideous. Socialists or Fascists wanting to set up a Government to make everything fairer and more organised. They are so driven that they will not let anything stand in their way, even the people they say the want to save. The fact is they actually believe what they are saying and in their mind the sacrifice, you, is worth it. They believe that only their way is right and that all others must conform or die and they will take everything from you and enslave you to ensure that nobody, except themselves of course, is treated differently and their conscience won’t even fell the slightest twinge. Not even the slightest bit. The ends justify the means and the transition is never easy with death being pretty much the penalty for everything as they struggle to assert their authority.

Initially we will need to survive not just the event and the aftermath of the event, all of which we have been preparing for, we will also have to survive the return of civilisation. This could be much harder than we can cater for. After all gangs need to find thugs that fit in and disagreements lead to fatalities as well as the few sheep who resist who whittle their numbers down. Starting a government will attract those it does now, people that use their positions to gain power and those that enforce their views. Fully supported by the law which although no longer viable will be used as justification and you can be sure that many will accept it at face value especially when they are sold it as a cure for all ills.

Our biggest issue will be identifying the difference between our local MP setting up his own dicatorship and the return of our existing society. Our local MP can be ignored or bumped off but if it is part of a return of society and martial law is in place, you just don’t know it, then you will find swift and deadly retaliation. We need information and the most likely way that will get distributed is via Radio. You must store at least one in an EMP proof case and then set up a process where you can listen in for any sign of life, government or not.

The only real issue is that does not appear to be a single frequency that you can listen to in the UK for an emergency transmission since Civil Defence was passed to councils and they spent the money on wheelie bins. The only thing discussed as alternatives is BBC Radio 1, local BBC stations and, strangly enough, Radio Four on 198 Long Wave which appears to be the only frequency that can be received across the whole of the UK. So as usual in this mickey mouse country you will not find a similar system to the US EBS you will have to try a few frequencies to find out and the chances are some will be foreign.

So using this you can identify the return of true government and avoid being hung as a rebel or you can validate the authenticity of a local wannabe. Bear in mind that the local wannabe may be just as well armed as the goverment as they may have been part of it and like the power.

You should think about what you will do in each circumstance, return of government, government returned but not in your area, a wannabe setting up power with or without a far away government getting on its feet even a strong figurehead with a belief that they can handle it better than everyone else. These or many more situations may face you so you need to think how you are going to avoid them or handle them.

As usual though keeping your head down seems a very good option. OPSEC again is going to help save you. It really is your friend and you should remember that.

What about your situation? Are you prepared for this which is more thought than stores?

9 comments to The Biggest Threat to Us

  • Northern Raider

    We could benefit from a prepper radio channel that broadcasts news, views and reviews plus planning tips via an internet radio system, I’ve heard a couple already but am pretty unimpressed with what I hear.

    As our community grows we should be simple natural progression start migrating naturally to certain prepper related events similar to the Wilderness Gathering where at least we know that once or twice a year we can touch base with others and share / exhange/ barter etc.

    If we have a total societal collapse we have a duty NOT to put the same establishment members back in power who created the collapse in the first place, If neccessary we may need to live as outlaws to ensure we gain enough leverage in any new society that all our basic fundamental rights are restored and preserved in law like the US constitution. Personally I hope that if we collapse the US will come to stabilise the UK and we can then campaign to join the union.

  • iaaems

    Thorny subject.
    As a breed we need leaders to build a society. The sad fact is that our ‘leaders’ seem to conform to the same old tired stereotype no matter what type of system is introduced or tried. In the main the rest of us do not wish to be embroiled in a long drawn out semi permanent revolution so we let them get on with it and do the best we can.
    On a personal level I feel that there are too many people on the planet and that we should, over several generations, reduce the quantity of life and try to improve the quality of life without masses of bloodshed. While we are doing that we also try to co-operate more and leave the ego driven bully boys to one side.
    In any event there is no ‘easy’ solution. I wish us all well.

  • moosedog

    Thank you for that thought provoking article SD. Although I’ve been prepping for years my focus of attention has been the immediate aftermath of an event and hopes to find a viable community for long term survival. You identify that lust for power which some people are driven by and, unfortunately, that will probably survive anything, so I will have to think a bit further ahead in my plans, perhaps like NR suggests avoiding the new law at first. Time for some serious reevaluation…

  • NotsoRich

    Living near Southampton, one of the largest ports in the UK, and being a yacht owner I would be on the water. Moat’s were quite effective for castles and my castle is a yacht where I can keep out the way listen in and communicate on VHF and SSB. I can choose where and when I put ashore. I have this contingency because I love sailing and I believe our highest probable risk is civil unrest.

  • prepper1

    I think that’s a very viable problem.
    There’s many a sheeple now that don’t want change in their life and if a shtf scnario happens, which one doesn’t matter, would kill you or turn you in in a heartbeat for a promised return of their old way of life.

    I don’t think there’s many options regarding the power hungry individuals, you could “off” everybody power hungry within a hundred mile radius… they would then set up 101 miles away.

    Then come after you when they had enough “followers”.

    Imagine if they told hundreds of sheeple YOU were the one in the way of the return of their old life….

    There too mant people, preppers included who want some sort of return to what we have now or as close as possible.

    Why? this system is why the worlds in such a shit state, but people want their electricity and gas and shopping and shoes and the latest gadgets.

    What do the chavs rob first in a riot?
    Plasma tvs and stereos and Nike airs etc…

    Me If I were involved I’d rob blacks outdoors or a surplus store…

    Shows the mentality of the people you’s face.

    Other preppers think I look on the dark side too much with too much thinking about the potential for incredible violence that would be meated out post shtf.

    Maybe this article might wake a few people up as to why that might be.

  • Tibbs735

    This is a similar scenario to 1984; nightmarish dictatorship built from the ashes of WW2 in Europe

  • Mandlaka

    Thanks for this article, SD.

    When the scenario (regardless of which it is) comes there will be gratuitous violence in so many places and hordes will die. I hope it does not happen but the little I have pieced together of possible outcomes is bleak. It is depressing but our current society has taken away parental authority yet blames parents when the kids grow into misfits, those who rule are out of touch with reality and getting ready to serves the sheeple and anyone else they deem expendable up on the altar of convenience for themselves. What will be left except a broken society ripe for madness after the SHTF?
    I am probably being pessimistic bout this but i don’t see how I could have much faith in society at that time when it is so messed up now in times when most of what we want and need is available.

  • fred

    Makes a person wonder whether it’s worth surviving at all if that’s the end result.

  • bigpaul

    why do we need a “society”? seems to me, that if and when TSHTF everything will go back to such a basic level it will take a century or more to get to where we are today!

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