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Air Guns in Scotland

Just been reading the proposal for registering air guns in Scotland. People are saying it will be unworkable but I don’t see it any different to the licensing laws for any other firearm. They can just add it to the SGC scheme and handle it in exactly the same way.

They won’t of course, they will fiddle and tweak and in the end there will be a new scheme specific to air guns as part of a FAC. I can see their generosity as they leave air pistols available for the plebs, at first anyway, until in a few years there have been some incidents and the sheep will start to make too much noise and air pistols will follow pistols and be added to the Cat 5 list. A Cat 5 air pistol is beyond parody but in our socialist nightmare I can see it as a reality.

I can even see them making it two tier. Tier one up to 12ft/lb and Tier two, the more restricted one over 12ft/lb. A similar scheme with pistols at the 6ft/lb barrier.

The aspects I am interested in though are;
1) How many will get registered of the millions that are out there
2) How will they handle foreigners who bring them into Scotland by accident.

The first will show what people think about the law. I doubt even 10% will comply. Many will be caught over the next few decades as they empty loved ones lofts, garages and sheds and come across old and broken toys. Such is the price for a heavy handed government.

The second is more of interest to us as in the United Kingdom our laws have been pretty much consistent. This paves the way for some poor sap, like me, to leave an air rifle or pistol in the car, drive to Scotland to go hunting with a 308 and then find myself nicked for having an unlicensed air gun.

I wonder though how long though before airsoft and similar guns go the same way. After all I have no doubt someone’s eye has already been lost to Nerfs and the like. It seems the ease of use and sheer look of a gun is what frightens people and no-one seem to be frightened of crossbows, bows or catapults yet although they have had their share of death and maiming. The sheep are very easily led.

It is best for us to prepare though. When they raise the spectre of registration then you need to either decide to register and pay the tax or you need to get rid of the item.

14 comments to Air Guns in Scotland

  • Northern Raider

    Parts of Scotland have a knife crime problem as bad as the ethnic parts of Londonabad so the socialist control freaks in Scotland go after air rifles !!!!! Just waitin for Salmond to blame it on England.

  • Kenneth Eames

    I have a very old Diana that needs a lot of work to be done on it. I really don’t know if it is worth it. I have been thinking of buying a newer one but am no longer sure if I need one. Iam wondering if a crossbow would be better. At my age I may not need anything. It might be too late. lol. Kenneth Eames.

  • Kiddsy

    I do not condone breaking any law, so buy a nice Break barrel air rifle now while it’s ok, tins of pellets, and put away in your cache, it will supply you with small game in the future if req after an event. (I doubt anyone will be checking licences then.)

  • bigpaul

    what about gun clubs, i suppose everyone who uses a club range (like the pair of us) will either have to have our guns registered or leave the club, having said that my 2 break barrels are for when TSHTF so they’ll be stashed away out of sight, the SMK co2 is the one i use at the club so that’ll be the registered gun then!!

  • Northern Raider

    I can see lots of Scots heading to B And Q to buy lengths of waterproof plastic drain pipe, and two solvent weld end caps !!!

  • fred

    How will they handle foreigners who bring them into Scotland by accident.

    Entirely by accident of course.

  • MR nicer

    Anybody know the stats on how many people get hurt by air gun each year ? prob more people get hurt by golf balls or screwdrivers or whatever the whole thing is a stunt.

  • Northern Raider

    All UK gun laws have sod all to do with reducing crime or accidents, and are everything to do with keeping the population disarmed, subjugated and under control. Its all about keeping the ruling elite happy, Legally held guns were only ever used in less than 1% of all gun crime, and of that 1% most were suicides by farmers. After the Poll Tax riots and Miners strikes etc it was clear to the social and ruling elite that the public were totally fed up with the status quo and if another large scale public wave of discontentment occured if the public still had guns there could have been a revolution or insurrection. Guns and batons, tazors, gas sprays all had to go so the public could not arm themselves and fight the government.

  • Highlander

    I will look at the proposal form for the license when it comes to it,… I will then decide if I am going to go for the license or not,… if not, then the rifle will be stored away, it was purchased as a prepper item anyway

    I have spoken to Police, and to members of the SNP,… and everyone so far has agreed on the fact that going down this road will NOT reduce the air gun crimes,.. simply because the irresponsible shooters will never give up their guns, and would never dream of licensing them either,…its just a case of shifting the responsibility

  • I struggle to understand such tight controls and struggle even more with the reasons given for doing so. Don’t get me wrong I am not looking for the liberal attitude adopted in the USA but most of the people I know with air rifles know to use them with a high degree of sense.
    The biggest source of accidents that come into A&E are from Rugby, Football and accidents in the home. I have never seen one caused by an air gun or rifle.

  • PrepperLeigh

    A sticky subject for the govenment as they could not even manage to protect a poor soldier a few metres away from his baracks in Woolwich…
    This attrocity was inflicted by what most have in the contents of thier kitchen drawers.
    Weapons aren’t dangerous, people are.
    Control has always been a cause of underground sales and ownership of various weapons. Archery is only continuing because it is classified as a “sport”. Watch what happens if the Olympics drop it…
    I’ve been an archer for some years and all will agree that it requires some skill to become accurate. this is why Henry VIII produced laws to allow archery on Church grounds on Sunday’s, and young and old to practice weekly, a law that is still in place now.
    I believe this came from the 16th century asize of arms (correct me please if I’m wrong). What I’d really like to know is that if the American constitution was based on our Magnacarta, do we have any “rights to bear arms against our agressors” in our law like our American friends in the colonies?
    In summary, where does weapon ownership controls end? will we need to licence our kitchen as a dangerous weapons store and register the food processor at the local police station?
    I for one will be very inventive when TSHTF and will ensure the last thing I will be relying on are weapons built for purpose…
    … Of course, I have none!
    One thing you can be assured on, when the S!”t does hit the fan, these people who make these idiotic laws will be deep underground leaving you to it!

    • Anthony williams

      Our right to bear arms is not in the magna carta but in the English bill of rights 1689 and is aslo a part of the british constitution and says that “no british monach has the lawfull right to deny protistants the right to bear arms for their deffence” and thats what the Americans based there bill of rights off thus proving it means the same thing and is still law as parliment is opened by the queen(she shows up to say they may begin)
      Also the law on longbow practice on sundays was repealed in the 1960s

  • Mojo

    FFS, listen up… I am 53, and did the hippy shit for real the first time around… agree that may buy me little creds beyond the fact that I started out loving all of humanity but now weep at the fact that humanity is the problem and to be brutally honest anyone reading this are probably not those that humanity needs to survive but fuck it… Here you are…. Hopefully you’re not all telephone sanitisers… Crossbows are good, bows, clubs and anything else you can use to deminish the earths population is to be applauded but the principle objective of this website is to foster survival of the species post what ever cluster fuck is heading our way and you pussys are bitching about constitutional bullshit…. So here’s a radical notion…. Fuck the law, do what the uneducated lower classes do… Get guns, get money, get food, get as many resources as you can buy, steal, acquire, by what ever means… Because if you don”t you will just be well PREPARED fodder for what comes next….WAKE UP, you are presumably reading this because you think that something between something bad and something really fucking horrible confronts us… And you are probably right .. But given the quality of your current thinking you’re all fucked … Anyway, please continue to prepare… All the more for us to come get 🙂 mojo

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