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How we need to prepare



Couple of nuggets of information I’ve gathered that I’m passing on. Might be interesting, may not, depending on your interest.

I’m off to Beardyman’s camping weekend in South Wales tomorrow so won’t be online until Monday at the earliest. So, if you are looking for a new account or have any PMs or emails that require my response you won’t get anything until Monday. If you have my phone number then feel free to call, my battery is poor though and should run out Sat evening or Sunday.

Just to make you think though I have a scenario. It is very unlikely but treat it seriously and lets learn a bit more about each other. Feel free to answer in the comments or on the forum if you have an account.

The scenario is; You have just won the Lottery, £10M is being transferred to your account and an army of advisors are waiting to tell you how to invest it. After they have had their talks and presentations and you walk out the door what are you planning to do;
1) Immediately. What will you do withn the first month?
2) Medium term. What will you do in the next year?
3) Long term. What will you do for the future?

7 comments to Nuggets

  • Northern Raider

    (1) Convert it to gold, then buy some land and build a prepper homestead
    (2) Secure the land with various perimeter security systems preferably natural, build houses for guest preppers, build prepper visiter center.
    (3) Stock land with crops, critters, Off grid power systems,and prepper supplies

    Spare funds used to secure my kids futures and to help fellow preppers with bursary / grant scheme.

  • bigpaul

    buy a decent OLD house in the countryside, rural,remote,isolated, no near neighbours, with some land and some woodland, preferably with a well or spring and a septic tank or soakaway. get some chickens and some rabbits to start with, later on get some smaller breed of sheep, soy or something like that, a couple of donkeys to pull a cart when there isnt any fuel, if no buildings then get some built, at least a workshop and a couple of sheds.start building raised beds for the veg and get some fruit trees.

  • bigpaul

    i have to say i dont think i’d need anything like £10 million, £1 million would do, heck even £500,000 would do, i’m not greedy!

  • TheFalcon

    (1)Give enough money to the people i care about(which isnt many)to move wherever they want,Get a passport
    (2)Move to iceland
    (3)Prep in iceland and get a nice icelandic women to breed with

  • grumpy old man

    have the best time of my life we could all die tomorrow

  • fred

    Report on its success or not.

  • Straight Shooter

    Remove all money from the banking system, convert 5 mill into gold and bitcoin, buy a farm way off the beaten track , build underground shelter for 25 people stocked for five years , 3000 gals of diesel, solar panels, generator, tractor along with all the plant to go with it , grain silo’s , water storage systems, seeds, fertilizer, surveillance system 12 volt with movement trip alarm , 3 barns , beef cattle, milkers, parlour ,sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, gleeneys,ducks, geese, grinding mill, fully equipped workshop , then defence system covert all the above camouflaged to blend into the countryside including 2 barns , land rovers 4 off old ones with new everything ….just for starter’s then start living the life amen

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