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Contaminated Food

One thing I am starting to get concerned about is all these issues with food that are being raised. Rice with high levels of Lead, beef with additives bad for our health. When I’ve been buying things I like to buy a couple to make sure I get some discounts. However buying that way means you get everything from the same batch and if that is contaminated then we are in big trouble. Especially as none of these contaminants are visible or can be checked by the public.

The solution as I see it is to buy from multiple sources, don’t buy too much at once so you don’t get it all from the same batch. Then if a batch is contaminated then it won’t kill you to dispose of it.

Keep notes of what stock you have so when an announcement is made you know if there is some in your stores. You can then look at the situation and decide what you will do with it. After all you could use it as visible stock and let it go when you are raided. That would serve them right and after that you could claim that was all you had.

All these issues increase our risk. After all we can’t just get replacements if our food is contaminated nor can we rely on medical help if someone becomes sick so we need to try and minimise these. The issue is it isn’t as easy as it sounds for the reasons already stated. Tins contaminated in this way look no different from uncontaminated ones and we do not have testing gear to check it.

I don’t see any option but accepting this risk. So, mitigate it by spreading your purchases around. Check the recall notices, there are not that many, and replace any items you are in any doubt about.

Of course it isn’t just the latest fears. Tins get damaged, some are faulty and the contents inedible straight from the cannery.

Examine the tine when you pick it up, check for dints, holes, etc. Smell each tin when you open it, look at it and see if it looks off in any way. Use your common sense and if in doubt discard it.

4 comments to Contaminated Food

  • Northern Raider

    On a similar vein I’m noticing the appaling quality and size of potatoes available in the shops now after 2.4 years of abysmal weather. They are selling Veg not fit for pigswill as normal root veg.

    so the availibility as well as its safer is becoming an issue.

  • Joe

    Your concerns about heavy metal toxicity are valid, and not just from food. I received intravenous chelation treatments and am following up with an oral regimen for multiple heavy metals. To save money here (USA) my doctor recommended EDTA at night in a cup of water, about 1 TBL for 4-5 few days a week, a couple weeks a month. Others would need different approach. I assume UK can purchase this over the internet, as it is advertised for bathing. My doctor specified “Beyond Clean.” Familiarize yourself with Garry Gordon’s information on the internet. He is the “father” of chelation. Lead stores in the bones and then is slowly released as the body clears it out or loses bone. Thinking is some with chronic disease may be experiencing heavy metal symptoms: symptoms differ widely.

    To deal with pesticides and GMO, I purchase certified organic, which there is a version of in UK. It is more expensive, so I prep in small quantities each week. USA has a list of foods least contaminated, useful to keep costs down. I have run across some organic activitist sites in UK…they might help to select food save to purchase in quantities.

    Love visiting your lovely country–have several times and hope to come back soon. Cheers!

  • franc

    you can go to and click on enforcement and regulation, then food alerts.

    This lets you know any product recalls for food in the uk, you can also subscribe for a free email alert for all product recalls, and warnings, etc.

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