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Herbal Pharmacy

Pharmacy and Dispensing.

Pharmacy and Dispensing are classified together under the heading of PHARMACOLOGY.

Pharmacy deals with the making of extcacts, tinctures, pills, tablets, etc., whilst DISPENSING deals with the mixing of these preperations and putting pills, tablets, etc., into suitable containers for the patient.


These are books of standard formulae. In Britain the […]

Traffic Jams

Interestingly enough I’m considering that road blockages may not be as bad as we think with cars blocking every road after an event. It is simply understood that the scenes we see on the US films and shows will be fact after almost any event. Why?

Many events we are looking at do not require […]

Keeping track of your preps

I think anyone who is prepping has storage problems. Either they do not have the space to store everything they need or the have stored everything in a haphazard way. I know I have both those issues.

I have several large jerry cans full of fuel. Every now and again I fill the cars up […]

Secure Encrypted Instant Messaging Communications

I will explain below how to install Secure Chat Services. Below is information on what the software will and will not do so you can understand its strong and weak points:

Nobody will be able to find out where you are. If they are already observing you and sniff your internet connection they will not […]