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How we need to prepare


Running out of Steam

We all hit it. That time when you look and you just can’t be bothered doing anything. It happens for various reasons, initially because there is so much to do you don’t know where to start and you stall trying to decide. Later on because you have other calls on your time and/or funding and you have to prioritise. Sometimes, just because it is sunny outside. Finally, and I don’t know anyone at this stage, because you are all set up and you have nothing to do.

We handle this with different results either by just giving in and having a rest away from prepping or changing priorities to reduce what we are doing or telling ourselves we need to do this as nobody knows when an event will happen. We all have our own ways.

The next stumbling block is indecision Regardless on how you intend look on prepping, either as a lifestyle where you want to become self sufficient or as a insurance policy that simply needs to be done, eventually you will hit the point where you don’t know what to do next. This is a common issue and people hit this all the time. How do you work out what you will priorities your time and finances on? Starters especially have so many choices that it is no surprise they get depressed and want to give up. Beginners are easy, buy the basics.

It should be easier for people like myself, although it is not. I still hit this every time I get paid. What am I going to spend my money on this month? Do I buy that new gun or crossbow, do I buy that stash of bolts or bullets? We only have so much to go around. It just means that my choices are different.

Prepping does that to all of us. Personally, I treat it as a lifestyle where I spend a certain proportion of my spare income on preps. I treat it like insurance in that I have to spend it although as it is a percentage of my spare income it varies from month to month. It isn’t fixed, after all real life requires funding too.

So, like now, it is a quiet period for preppers. They are all our making hay whilst the sun shines and those that are not are taking advantage of the good weather to get other chores done. Myself I’ve sorted my garage and now looking at the sheds. All preping related but less so than working on the solar panels.

My projects are still going but moving slowly as I’m out playing with the kids and they get little time. Making progress on several fronts but too many projects and too little time means that in reality nothing gets done. Working away from home during the week means that time is my limitation.

So, booster injection next week when I will get some time, time that I will use to create some new articles and spend some time on projects. Hopefully anyway, provided I can get my lazy ass in gear.

5 comments to Running out of Steam

  • Northern Raider

    Wish I had the luxury of being able to pause or take a break or whatever, I never seem to get more than a few days without some aspect of prepping catching my eye and miy time.
    In my own case its now become a case of selecting what is worth investing time and effort in and what aspects are like flogging a dead horse.

  • Jumbo

    >>Wish I had the luxury of being able to pause or take a break or whatever, I never seem to get >>more than a few days without some aspect of prepping catching my eye and miy time.<<

    @NR Sadly most people here have to work to earn a living and happily, actually also have a life outside of prepping too!

    Obsessing 24/7 about TSHTF is not altogether healthy I think! Just my opinion! I think most people SD, like you, prep around living their lives! Compulsive worrying, obsessive thinking, talking and writing about perceived threats just heightens anxiety and feelings of fear!

    I prep as and when I can or choose but never worry too much about it. There is ALWAYS the next prepping project to work on, additional supplies to buy and things to learn.

    I enjoy reading this website, thank you for all the information here, it is a great resource. Good luck with your preps and enjoy the sunshine while it's out!



  • bigpaul

    personally I try and do one thing, however small, everyday to take my prepping forward.

  • Grumpy Grandpa

    Thank you.

  • Timelord

    It’s so hot, I’m all out of puff! I’m not worried though, because soon it will be all down hill!! lol.

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