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How we need to prepare


To Buy or Not to Buy

Most of us believe that if an event occurs of any significance there will be a lot of material around that we will be able to scavenge. I’m asked why then would we purchase anything at all with our limited funds when we can just pick it up for nothing after an event?

Like everything else though there are so many variables that there is no simple answer. There is no guarantee that the items will be available for your use. There is no way you can count on this in your preps.

The only way to ensure that you have the items for your use is to already have two or three of these items. After all things break and there is little you can do about it.

My belief however is that you have to decide for yourself how important the item is and how your funding is. If it is critical to your plans and you have the funds then buy one, two or three depending on your requirements. If it is an item that isn’t that important then make a note of where the items are and try and get there quickly. In my case I think I need access to a flat bed lorry.

Our funds are a limited resource and we must make the most of what we invest in prepping. If you don’t need it but want it, don’t buy it, try building it regardless of how long it takes. Make it a hobby. If you do need it and you can build it and you have the time then build it. Building it is the best way because it means you can build it again if you need it but like everything else many of us don’t have the time. If you need it and you can’t build it, or acquire it via other means, then you must invest some of your limited funds.

Even with the price of food rising you can still buy several months worth of food for the cost of the latest console or PC. For the price of a few console or PC games can buy enough water filters to ensure your supply of water is safe for decades. The basics are affordable and even if you only have a few pounds you can build up a good store of food by shopping carefully.

Look around for bargains and spend your money only when you have to. Prepping for the basics isn’t as expensive as it appears. When you have the basics sorted you will have spent less than you think if you buy carefully, BOGOFF, 3 for 2, sale items, go a long way. When you start on the next level though, that is when it can get costly, Crossbows, guns, generators, solar panels, etc. are not cheap. Build your own if possible. Use funding when you have to and prioritise in line with your risks.

We all have different resources, time, funding and skills. Use your resources wisely and make the most of your strengths.

1 comment to To Buy or Not to Buy

  • fred

    That’s the whole issue – what to discard, what must be bought. Sometimes later we realize we could have done without it.

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