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Sign this Air Rifle Petition

Id just like to put this link up for the petition against the air rifle licencing laws the Government are trying to bring into force.

The Air Rifle Petition backed by the BASC.

You should also know that these law changes includes general plinking at home which will stop you zeroing your air rifle before you go shooting or teaching your kids to shoot safely at home.

This is only in Scotland at the moment but if this goes ahead it will soon be push across the UK.

Now when I was a kid having an air rifle was part of being in the countryside and this law will only create more anti gun feelings in the public eye.

You can sign the petition if you live anywhere in the UK so please make a stand and feel free to share the petition link with friends.

I can see once these laws are put in place other restriction will follow, so speak up now before its to late guy and gals.

10 comments to Sign this Air Rifle Petition

  • Kenneth Eames

    Our freedoms are gradually being taken away from us and eventually we will be no better off than the citizens of Nazi Germany. Surely, it is time to make a stand. Anyone who posseses an illegal weapon of any sort will be a criminal and will receive severe punishment. Kenneth Eames

  • Highlander

    We have to send the strongest message we can to the Scottish Government, this law will make no difference to anyone other than the law abiding shooters, the criminals who pot shot at passers by will not take the slightest bit of notice

    The petition also has links to your MP, I have sent messages to mine, the more it is in their face the better.

    So please sign, and let the SNP know where you stand, maybe they will see the names on the list as `NO` votes next year if they go ahead with this daft law

  • Anthony williams

    I do back garden shooting with my grandad (im 15) and the amount of air rifles in circulation would counteract this licencing and make licensing them pointless anyway,also registration on perchase would be useless also as I regularly see an air rife at the car boot salegoing cheap so registration on perchase would not work either.
    This is my opinion on the matter and it is a matter I care very much about and research things like the british constitution(magna carta and the english bill of rights 1689) and much recomend people read up on the english bill of rights as it is basicaly the same as the American one and is still law(technicaly)

    At school I put up with COD (call of duty) fanboys and know that there are not to be trusted with such items but they are a small minority and most people if raised right should be trusted.

  • John-lee Swann

    Anything can be a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.
    Teaching them young how to use if properly and safely is thd way forward.
    My son loves guns.
    He only has nerf guns but has used bb guns, paintball guns, pistols and air rifles.
    He uses them all safely and shoots targets.
    What next laws on knife forks and spoons!

  • Highlander

    There is another meeting of the Public petitions committee on the 12th of November,… and we are just about 300 short of 22,000 signatures via the on-line petition

    Please anyone who has not signed, please do so, remember that it is not just Scottish shooters that this apply s to any visiting person who wishes to bring an air rifle with them will need a license to bring it north of the border [ if this goes ahead ]

    ….and I am sure that if the Scottish powers that be get there way, England may be next on the list, I am sure that Westminster will be watching this with interest, please sign, the more we get, the more chance we have of gaining some sort of result

  • Tim White

    Yes ban guns, then only the criminals will have them. It worked really well in the UK, now we have shootings that don’t make the press because it would point out that the clusterfuck of a government have done it again and messed up our civil rights. So, I say ban, license do whatever. But the ban should be everyone, police, armed forces, royal security etc etc.

  • I strongly object to the licensing of air rifles, don’t forget some air rifles are already licenced because they have a muzzle power over 12ft pounds, and for these you need a section 1fire arms licenced. This is way above just a shotgun certificate. These weapons are called high power, what the majority of us have are so called low power rifles, which most of find good enough for our back yard plinking, and target shooting. I am sixty years old and have had a air rifle most of my life, I would never use it to kill a living creature but get great pleasure from target shooting. This is also very good for keeping your hand and eye coordination up to scratch, which aim sure is carried through to other things in life like driving. I have had a full car licence over forty years, and never had an accident, ime sure my quick and accurate reactions show here. Please do not fix something that’s not broke.

  • Tamzin

    We need a NEW petition against licensing our air rifles

  • keith

    we should not have license for air rifles has the majority of people that own airrifles are sensible people and should not be penolized by a small number of moronswho use airrifles for criminal activities

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