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The biggest issue facing us today is not lack of funds, lack of time or lack of will it is that we just don’t know what is going to happen. So we look at lists and decide that we will prep by putting aside food, water and medical supplies and then we will hide them and keep our heads down.

The issue we have with that is that there are many threats out there that will impact on our preps such as unemployment or illness which are just two that can drastically change our plans.

This leaves us in the uncomfortable position of prepping for something we are not sure of in an environment we don’t know and planning when we have no idea what is ahead of us. Nobody in the real world plans like this and for good reason.

We have to though. Just for peace of mind we make assumptions and prep. Revising those plans and preps as we gather new information.

The big issue with that is there are many things that you just simply don’t know. You just have no idea about nor do you have any idea that there is this issue. We are oblivious to this. You don’t know what you don’t know. It is our blindspots that tend to screw us.

That is why I discuss my plans with people and get their opinions on what I’m planning. Others see flaws in plans and can identify shortages of key material where you think you have all the bases covered. Even better than that they will suggest ideas that you have never considered or have considered and rejected because they have had a different experience or knowledge of that area. You don’t have to listen to them all, many will be contradictory, but each person will give you what is best in their opinion. That may not be best for you. Consider and adapt.

Sharing can only benefit us by making us aware of other situations. We can then fit this in with our own requirements and adapt them for our specific areas. This shines light on our blindspots and enables us to see a way forward.

The only downside though is that if you are given viewpoints, negative or positive, that are opinion rather than facts then you can easily be misled. After all facts and opinions sound very similar and need to be clarified.

A fact is an indisputable bit of information. An opinion shoukld be a comment based on fact but is often a viewpoint based on personal bias that has no reference point to anchor it.

So what we want are facts or opinions based on facts.

We can then use these facts from various people and make an informed decision on how we want to proceed, should we consider this a risk, do we need a knife to do that, I hadn’t thought of that and how would I handle that.

Discussions about relevant subjects allow us to identify our blindspots. Once identified we can work out how we will handle them and then plan to cover the issues. Discussions also allow us to refine our plans, identify the best way forward as well as the best tools to use to help us on our way.

Don’t assume you have no blindspots, we all do. Ask questions and get some light on yours. Positive or negative every fact or opinion backed by facts is useful to us in adjusting our preps and make it more likely we can handle whatever comes our way.

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