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Planning for Christmas

As Christmas approaches I’ve been finalising my holidays, planning my trips and generally doing what I can so that the festive season runs as smoothly as possible.

As part of that I also plan for the possibility that an event could occur while we are on holiday. Even during Christmas Day when the workers are all on holiday and off drinking egg nog.

It is easy enough for me because we usually have the kids around for Christmas, my parents tend to go away for the holiday period and I don’t see many other people.

If anything happened then it simply saves us going around picing people up and arranging for them to come home and if they have popped out it is only a couple of miles away at most. Except for my parents who would be hundreds of miles away. My father keeps his tank topped up so he could get home if the roads were drivable. Christmas is surprisingly busy on the road and if there was an event most people would want to get home quickly. They could easily be casualities which would not be good.

The biggest issue would be visitors which we could easily fob off poviding their car was going and if it wasn’t I doubt they would stay long anyway when it started getting a bit boring.

Be plenty to eat on the table and we always have plenty of leftovers but it depends on the weather as well as the event itself as much of our food would require cooking, easy enough as we have the tools but don’t want to advertise that at such an early stage.

So while you are thinking about what you are eating and planning your festivities also consider what you may have to do if with a lot of bad luck an event happens whilst you are on holiday, some of you will be away, some not. Just make sure that you don’t leave holes in your planning.

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