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Watching and Waiting

The one thing on everyone’s mind is ‘Do I have enough time to prepare?’

No matter what event or events you feel are the greatest threat and no matter what preps you need for your chosen events we all worry about time.

To me the answer is clear. It is Hell, No and, err… Yes.

Hell, No as in the fact that nobody in the UK can really prepare for an event that is outside our experience and no matter how much training we have, how much experience we gain by testing and how many preps we put aside for such an event when it happens there will be such a culture shock for everyone that events will unfold in a way that most of our planning will go awry and we will be dragged along by events that are going to be mainly outside our control. Our families and friends will interfere in all of our thought out plans by doing the unexpected just when you want them to be following your plans and everyone else will be the objects of such pity that you will hate yourself or defending yourself as they could be trying to rip your heart out with their teeth. You just don’t know and we will never prepare enough in a society like ours.

Yes, as in prepping is more about a state of mind than how many beans you have or fuel you have stockpiled. People with nothing put aside will survive while people with a good supply of food and water will not. Our society prizes large TVs and numerous holidays over the skills necessary to survive. All the best paid jobs now won’t exist after an event and the jobs that will don’t exist or are minimum wage jobs now.

As I’ve said before the preps are to enable you to survive the gap without too much trauma if the event is a localised short lived event like freak weather. It is for allowing us to adapt into another way of life for a longer event an the more preps or training the less of a culture shock it is, Most of our families don’t prep like us so training is minimal so logically you need more preps to compensate for them.

So prepare by stocking up, get some training and plan for an event. No matter how much you do it won’t feel like enough unless you are really rich or have significant experience but each item you put aside, training or experience you gain and plans you make will improve your chances.

Which is just as well really because the one element that we don’t know and are unlikely to ever know until it is too late is when an event will occur. Natural events can happen instantaneously, like tsunamis, or can happen in slow motion, like asteroids, while man made events, like an economic crash, keep being hidden or delayed by politicians until you have no idea when it is happening and everyone has dates from tomorrow to five years away. Hardly dates most of us can use.

So keep plodding on. Don’t ruin your life to prep, it may never happen in your lifetime but you can certainly start to prepare enough for most things in a very short period of time, Certainly enough to get you over a short lived event and as a base for your TEOTWAWKI preps.

Simple facts;

  1. The sooner you start the better off you will be.
  2. Even the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

3 comments to Watching and Waiting

  • oldman

    Good read, well put together. U folk in the UK have me spinning some what. Because if you can’t take your country back , how are we going to be able to? If u will not stand up to the people in charge . Why the hell should I think it will be any diff. here in the States. I mean look at the 2014 NDAA they just passed here a few days ago , and no one is doing a fu^%*#@ thing.

  • Skean Dhude

    I wrote a big long answer to this before I remembered my non political rule.

    Suffice to say you are in a much better position in the US than we are in the UK in most ways.

    Just make sure you have stocked up on ammo.

  • FloridaN8tive

    @oldman-I feel the same as you, I just don’t understand what people are thinking here in the good ole USA. I mean are they going to wait until the Constitution is totally scrapped and they are toting people to concentration camps?!Most folks don’t know American history enough to know that our Founding Fathers started the American Revolution over far less that what is being done to us at this time.I am not advocating armed revolution just yet, but it would be nice to see the majority of folks start paying attention to whats going on. If they don’t start soon, I feel it will be too late.

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