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New Year Catch Up – Round Up

As you can see I visited all the aspects of my prepping starting from the basics and then looked at what could be improved. I ended up with a list of what I want to do next;

Here is the list which I generated from my thoughts over the planning period.

  • Install CCTV for use before an Event
  • Configure CCTV and source Parts for after an Event
  • Investigate Drone if Funds allow
  • In Home Weapons and Defences
    1. Spear
    2. Shield
    3. Chocks
    4. Curtains
    5. Nails
    6. Etc.
  • Install Solar Panels for Lights
  • Investigate Solar Panels for Fridge/Freezer
  • Partition Garden
  • Add Rabbits to Livestock
  • Add Fish to Livestock
  • Start Mealworm Colony
  • Start Black Soldier Fly Colony
  • Replace Shed
  • Sort out and Refurbish Greenhouse
  • Set up Raised Garden Beds
  • Set up Growbags
  • Revisit Containers and Replace as necessary
  • Install new Water Butts
  • Install Irrigation
  • Build a Hydroponics unit
  • Build a Aquaponics unit
  • Install a Stealth Antenna
  • Procure Portable Antennas
  • Sort out Comms Power
  • Configure UV3R and UV5R Radios
  • Procure and Configure Ham Setup
  • Investigate PSK31 Interface
  • Set up a Still
  • Create and Populate a Files Site for SUK
  • Refurbish the Main SUK Site
  • Review and if necessary Refurbish the SUK Forum
  • Add a Shop to the SUK Site
  • Find some Land

Wow. A lot more than it sounded while working it out but there we have it.

I’ve already started work on the list and so far I have;

  • Investigating the CCTV options
  • Making arrangements for the Solar Panels to be installed in the best place
  • Procured Fencing for Garden Partition
  • Started a Mealworm Colony
  • Procured some compost and Growbags
  • Working on the Files site
  • Discussing with people their views on the sites, including the Forum
  • Looking at what I can sell that benefits everyone
  • I’ve been looking for some Land for a while. It isn’t easy unless I want to Bug Out

Lets get as many done as I can. I’m sure things will change and I will end up adding to the list.

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