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Site Update

Finally got some time to make updates to the site. Upgraded the software and modified the web pages. GoDaddy was pretty crap in their support which didn’t help coupled with the million and one other things I had to do.

So a lot has changed in the last couple of months.

Got a van. Put solar panels on one of the trailers and wired it up as a portable power unit. Bees are locked away for the winter although there are still some out and about. Chickens pretty much as normal except now the rooster is a part time dad and brought in at night due to a complaint about the noise. I now have five chicks, one is a baby rooster and not started crowing yet, and five hens. Two are bantams, three are Warrens.

Pretty much sorted with water and such base items, never going to be OK with food and am still buying some although I think I’m OK for about two years now. Always adding to the medicine and tools stash. Making my own beer and wine now.

Could do with a barn rather than a house. Still looking for land but not having much luck. Have a couple of new sources to try and if no luck I’m going to consider moving next year to somewhere where there is a bit of land around.

Hoping to start reposting but lets see how the performance goes on the updated site. Let me know if you hit any issues via email.

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