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Looking for a new Logo and Banner

Since I have been going I have had several comments about my Logo and my Banner. Although I am comfortable with them as I see the banner being a debris hut, that nobody has recognised, so what could be better than that in my view and the logo is simply someone out fending for themselves which is what we are all about.

I have been reluctantly forced into accepting that the Logo and Banner may not be the best for the sites because quite simply you, the public, don’t like them.

So I am again asking for your help to rectify this issue.

Anyone got any suggestions for a Logo and/or a Banner for the Survival UK sites. Needs to be something simple and in line with our aims. I’ll even offer a set of 12 books from the self sufficiency range as a prize.

6 comments to Looking for a new Logo and Banner

  • northern raider

    Why a logo? why not for example the KEY WORDS scattered in difference sizes, different colours and different scripts in the header box SUK.NET in central position surrounded by the key words FOOD< WATER< SHELTER< SECURITY< SELF SUFFICIENCY< MEDICAL< TRANSPORT< HEAT< LIGHT< HYGIENE< REFERENCE< FUEL< COMMUNICATIONS ETC ?

    Or the International Prepper symbol of the Triangle with unjoined ends?

    It still looks like the Jolly Green Giant staring at a compost heap 🙂

  • iaaems

    What attracted me to the site in the first place was the message “A Survival Site with a UK bias”.
    This is in black against a ‘dull’ background and does not visually work in my opinion.
    The little chap in the trees could possibly be enlarged.
    Maybe there’s too much debris hut.
    Just a few thoughts.

    • northern raider

      A slight UK bias would be more apt 🙂 When I left the forum there was three Americans and four Brits posting 🙂

  • Devonian

    Taking on board the previous comments, how about losing the photo header and having something simple like this on a plain background:

  • Ysbryd

    Since I’m here, possibly there’s slightly more of UK bias, if that makes any sense at all.🙂
    I have absolutely no objection to the current banner.
    I was also drawn to this site by the “survival with a UK bias” theme (since we are an island nation and have our very own distinct flora, fauna, weather and population density).

    In the UK we’ve our own set of issues to discuss and plan for but I’ve noticed a national tendency to ridicule preppers as lunatic fringe weirdos who wear camouflage, collect weapons and live in a bunker.
    Instead of planning for the future the average person thinks “we’re insured”,”it won’t happen here” or “the government will sort it out, that’s what we pay our taxes for.” When we get a situation like the flooding in Cumbria or the Levels the people all cry out that they’ve been shafted by society and it’s all someone else’s fault…No one says, “I bought a house on a flood plain next to river beneath some mountains so fair enough it was only to be expected.”

    We’re not dangerous or mad, we’re just the ones who are willing to take responsibility for our own welfare…but as a consequence of these attitudes I don’t evangelise about prepping.

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