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Drawing a line in the sand

In many of these posts I write about everyone drawing a line in the sand and although we all make the same sort of statements we all actually draw the line in the sand at different places. Many, perhaps the best, make the line in the sand appear closer than it is and never have people crossing that line while other people’s lines are continually crossed and yet it doesn’t trigger any reaction.

The reason being is that in reality the drawing of the line is more of a symbolic act than a definition of intent and the reason it is in sand is it can be moved to suit the occasion. To some it is a statement and regardless of the situation the line has been crossed so someone must pay. Regardless of the morality of the situation.

In the US a bunch of limp wristed liberal SJWs are wetting themselves because of a flag. A flag that stands for freedom against government but they are equating it with the Nazi Flag in their hysterical announcements. Hijacking it to their cause and therefore tainting it forever.


I’m very careful what lines I draw and I am pretty realistic in what I can do and what I can’t. I’m not prepared to be a martyr but I am prepare to support those that stand up and be counted. I already put my head above the parapet and risk my livelihood providing information and supporting you in your preps. I’m showing the flag as support for all our US cousins in their fight against the SJWs both here and abroad. I’ll keep it up till the law is amended and we can no longer have free speech. We need to fight against that.


3 comments to Drawing a line in the sand

  • Skvez

    The confederate flag was not associated with the Nazi flag.
    It does however have some historical association with slavery and it is this ‘excuse’ that is being used to suppress it.
    Of course every flag has associations with many things and to suppress it because a small percentage of the associations may be unpopular with a certain segment is censorship.
    It is ofcourse a distraction, get the people arguing a flags and not about the real issues of the day.

  • Skean Dhude

    Skvez, The associations are being made now by these people. They want to taint this symbol forever in peoples minds.

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