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The Giant is restless

After the events in France there have been a number of people that have spoken to me about what is going on. I’ve even had a couple of preppers I’ve not spoken to for a while contact me just for a chat and an update because I’m not on the site much.

The events in France are a wake up call for the ordinary people and many have opened their eyes. Only the really indoctrinated, and there are plenty of them, and those who can achieve short term gain from the swarms invading our lands have anything good to say about those invaders and the repressive culture they bring with them. Unfortunately, those people are in the media and politics and control the agenda set out for us to see and so the sheep, the sleeping giant, are easy convinced because in their hearts they want things to be that way. They stick their fingers in their ears and go ‘LaLaLa’ to drown out the frightening news. Explains how none of these attacks go near the media or the politicians and only to us.

This time though they have stretched out, time will tell if they have overreached or not but I think they may have. The French are not like us. They will ignore their government and do something about it. Strike, violence and retaliation are just some of the potential responses from the masses regardless of what the government does. No wishy washy hand wringing on French TV will change the view of those who were already feeling that immigration was too much and that the EU is going down the wrong path. How it goes I watch with interest and wish good luck to the French on this one.

Over here though it already clear that the same old rhetoric about religion of peace, a few bad apples, etc. etc. is being rolled out and how in the *cough* gun free UK you can’t get these weapons, Yeah Right!, and from I can see some of the great British public is already rolling over and having a doze, it’s in France, what lots of things are having abroad. Different place no need to worry. I hear they even eat Horses, savages.

Our government is already making in low key with Chamberlai.. our illustrious leader trotting out the old excuses and making out that we can do something to stop it. Well, we can, but what he is proposing isn’t it. So not much chance he will allow us to get armed and defend ourselves which is a bit hypocritical while he increases the number of armed security surrounding him and his pals. The useful idiots though are left out with the rest of us although oblivious to the threat and their cloak of piousness protects them from all harm. How I laugh when one of those gets it like that dozy American one a few months ago. One less SJW to protect them and I’m sure some of her friends may have had a change of heart as well but knowing how dozy they are, probably not many. Never mind every one counts. If it only takes one SJW life it is worth it.

So, it’ll all be down to the French starting something off or we have to wait until we get our own atrocities of a similar magnitude and for those that believed it took government style planning to achieve then consider how many firms, individuals, etc. arrange much more complicated events every day. I bet most of us with an IQ above our politicians could organise events of this magnitude. The only issue for us would be the weapons and the explosives, oh and the dumb dickheads to press the buttons but our foes don’t seem to have any problems with any of those.

Personally, this may start the French on their path and have opened several people eyes but I suspect it will take a similar attack in the UK before we do anything. Our society is too far down the path of being turned into namby pamby hand wringers who cry at the slightest thing. So do what you can yourself and watch out because the increase in surveillance our government will put in place due to these attacks will pick you up and not the people that should be targeted. After all you are a selfish racist scumbag and they are poor oppressed people just looking for a better life.

Just because one side doesn’t think they are at war doesn’t mean they are not and our governments, well actually, all governments wars over the last few decades have made the world a much dangerous place they are still fighting wars against people that don’t want to die but these guys don’t care about that. It is just a stage of their lives, and the shitty stage I should point out, so they are happy to pay the price and exit with a ticket to a bright future. Idiots.

5 comments to The Giant is restless

  • Mistwatch

    It is interesting to note the responses to this latest atrocity. There is stil the usual nonsense platitudes and memes of course. Ie. Londoners singing La Marseillaise. Whilst it is emotive and makes us feel better(by showing solidarity) it does nothing to confront and solve the problems. However, in contrast to this many Parisians at the scene who were interviewd are regarding this as being as part of a war. It would seem to many are detached from the realities of the world as many of “us” are living in a bubble that does not expand beyond their family and locality and so unable to comprehend this fact. I feel it poignant that I only just got into prepping and this event happens almost immediatly after, which only reinforces its necessity.

    Anyhow I’ve concluded my first post and would like to say Hi to everyone and thanks SD for the site. (rant over).


  • Skean Dhude

    Welcome, Better late than never although many of us have been doing this for a long time while still amazed about the way the world is going with no backlash from the public at all.

  • northern raider

    I see the inevitable fear driven knee jerk demands to arm all our cops is back in the press, but consider this.
    Demands to arm more British cops is pointless, as seen in Beslan school, Moscow theatre and Paris hall this weekend even the armed French police could do NOTHING whilst they were locked out of the venue and the terrs were locked inside with the victims.
    More armed cops will not STOP an attack, the police ALWAYS need time to respond, from the first 999 call to cops arriving takes at least 10 minutes and up to 45 minutes in rural areas.
    It is of little comfort know that when victims only have SECONDS to live that the police are only MINUTES away.
    Only the citizens themselves if legally allowed to carry a weapon for self defence could stop the slaughter.
    Some say ” but that will arm the criminals and terrorists, BUT THEY ARE ALREADY ARMED, its easy for criminals and extremists to get weapons thus the cops are armed as are the terrs but we are just victims in waiting.

  • northern raider

    What can even a million more armed cops do to stop a terrorist with an AK and a suicide bomb, he can empty 4 x30 round mags and blow himself up in under a minute, that’s less time than it takes for your 999 call to go through. There are only THREE options if you want to make British streets much safer from Islamic extremists who only want to kill and maim.

    (1) Deport the whole Muslim community to the middle east / north Africa
    (2) Do Nothing (UK govt default setting)
    (3) Let law abiding citizens be armed for personal protection, hell the politicians are protected, the cops are protected and armed, the extremists are equally well armed but we are just victims in waiting.

  • Fred

    Just because one side doesn’t think they are at war doesn’t mean they are not …

    Quite right. It’s on us now.

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