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Trump was elected the next US President

I see the phenomenon that started with Brexit and moved to other EU countries now strike big in the US with the election of Donald Trump. God bless America.

Hopefully he will change America in such a way that the SJWs there will be driven out of power and our PC society will change. If it does then that should impact here and by 2020 we could end up with a PM that was actually conservative. Wouldn’t that make a change.

At the very least his changes to the US will impact the world in other ways, he can strengthen our trade to improve our position with the EU negotiations. He can remove support for foreign wars and not drag us in with them.

He is not your standard politician but that is his strength. He can build teams without worrying about politics to move the country forward but he has taken over massive debts, a failed and entrenched governmental system that will not go quietly.

I know he doesn’t read this but my only bit of advice is to keep out of slow moving open topped cars in big cities.

The future is unclear but I am positive about it. Fly high President Trump.

11 comments to Trump was elected the next US President

  • carnebwen

    won £150 betting on Trump.


    • Skean Dhude

      An aquantance of mine put a £100 on when he was 100 to 1. I always thought he was going to win. It was time but never thought about making a bet.

      PaddyPower paid out on Clinton before she was elected. Insert Irish joke here.

      • carnebwen

        Most of my bets were 5.1 He went up/down to 10.1 just after midnight when the first results started getting called. Then it was downhill all night until he won.

        When they finally get around to calling the final result with him being over 300 on the electoral collage I will win another 40 or so. The odds on that were 16. I made 35 on £2 and £100 or so on the £30 worth of direct him winning bets.

        Some “friends” on the internet chatboards I frequent won in the £5000-10000 amount with some cheeky scamp winning about $350k. Most people who bet that I talk to won a few hundered, based on the relatively smaller bets they were prepared to lose.

  • Fred

    Thanks for that, Skeane, wasn’t aware of it.

  • midnitemo

    I suspect he won’t survive his term in office , the naysayers will have to get a bit more inventive than an open top motorcade but I’m sure there working on it as we speak.

  • straight shooter

    Time will tell ? if he is about to practice what he has been preaching i wish him well but i would warn him on previous men who tried to do the honest things and do wright for all…………they end up dead, i am sure he does know the risks he runs for himself and his family….lets see what he’s made off ….full of shit or full of heol as we say in Wales.

  • Ysbryd

    I’m reserving my judgement on Trump as president as it’s none of my business, I have no vote in the matter and I’m unable to influence his impact on me. He has enough problems of his own like Skean Dhude said but Trump seems intent on creating more difficulties for himself by digging himself into entrenched positions on policy…most of which will be unachievable. We all saw the effect of the disappointment felt by the American liberal left when Obama failed to deliver on his promises…I’m sure we’ll see more of the same from disappointed Trump supporters.
    On a personal basis I think the guy is too antagonistic, he may be used to getting his way in business matters but world leaders are probably a whole new game. I wish him luck because he’ll need it.

  • Brexit, Trump, its not over yet, watch out for the elections in Europe next year, wouldn’t be surprised if Marine Le Pen is France’s next President, I wouldnt be but I bet the Elite’s will be surprised, can you imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth if that happened? LOL. ROTFLMAO.

  • Ysbryd

    it is keeping politics interesting, for sure.

  • Ysbryd

    As long as we don’t get Corbyn 😨

  • Charles Harris

    I voted for Trump only as an anti-Clinton action. There were no viable alternatives for intelligent adults. So, I will hope for the best. The two-party system in America is an abject failure and the establishment leadership of both sides are dumbfounded and wondering what happened. Trump’s election sent a clear message that “We The People” have had enough of establishment politics, special interests and corruption.

    Let us hope that he spends less time playing golf than Obama did and that he surrounds himself with intelligent and knowledgeable people and actually listens to them and follows their advice. If America would take care of its own troubles and spend less blood and treasure meddling in the affairs of other countries, I believe that most people would be happier.

    By the same token, I expect no nonsense from Trump in dealing with genuine threats to US national security. We can only hope that he can get past the “spin” of the military-industrial complex and make an accurate and factual assessment so as to be able to tell the difference… But who to believe? CIA doesn’t have a stellar track record…

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