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Winter Preps

It’s colder outside than the ex-wifes heart and I’m liking it. I don’t mind the cold as I can wrap up but tend to overheat during summer. Such is life when you spend most of your life in computer rooms and cooled environments.

There has been a minor change in my circumstances and I now have to adapt to a situation that has been raised in priority. I’m currently accelerating my plan to move everything to storage and restore my home so that people can live in it.

So my days are now split between doing what I can outside in the woods, boring stuff like cleaning the paths from leaves, building a shed, a new chicken coop, feeding the livestock and planning the move of the bees, more on that in a few days, as well as packing crates with my preps, moving crates around the house, rebuilding the ceiling in the kitchen and sorting out the back garden for a new workshop.

As part of my moving stuff around I also found what was clearly the feathers from some of my missing chickens. The colours were faded but clearly the same. Three sad little piles of feathers marked where they were clearly disassembled. Clearly a predator like a fox got them. One mystery solved.

I’ve already done all my preps for this winter and have now finished at the summer sales and in the new year I’ll be looking at the winter sales. Seems like my year is already planned out and it is busy. Nothing really significant as you can see but just a lot of work on top of my earning work that is keeping me busy.

Who would have thought the end of the world was going to require so much time and work for so little to show.


1 comment to Winter Preps

  • Fred

    but tend to overheat during summer

    Yes, I do that too although in my case, it’s because of a layer of fat I keep cunningly around me throughout the year.

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