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First steps – Get Planning

I would suggest that your first tasks are to actually decide what you are trying to do here. Are you looking at moving off the grid or just looking at making your money go that bit further?

You need to consider your goals carefully and realistically. Deciding to buy a yacht and leave it all may be OK but if you have four children under 10 you may find you have a problem. Be sensible. Talk it through with everyone who is going to be involved. Ensure they understand what you are planning.

So you have thought about what you want to do. It is something you all would like, it is something you, or your team, can do or be trained for, and it is something that everyone else involved is also happy about.

Now, break that down a bit, not too low level, but in sufficient detail so you know what you are doing. Split tasks down into manageable chunks. So live off the grid could break down into buy woodland, buy caravan, build outhouse, create garden area, create chicken roosts, dig tank traps and set up water collection and power generation. No real specifics, no timescales. That is a high level plan you can get started with and it doesn’t have to complete as you can simply add or modify things later as your plans change or you discover new things.

If your have to be careful with money then identify which tasks require funding and which you can do with your own hands.
Identify tasks that are dependent on others being completed.
Prioritise your tasks.
Then take the first one and get started.

Plan the task out in sufficient detail so that you know what to do at each stage and what you need. Obviously, if it is something you have done many times or is a really simple task then don’t go into any significant detail. I usually split them up at a simplistic level. For example; Build a fence; 1) Buy wood, nails and wire 2) Put up fence. (In reality you would stop at build fence but it is just an example).

Set timelines on each part and get on with it. Several tasks can usually be performed in parallel. For example you can buy the items for the fence whilst you are out shopping for your chemical toilet or even during normal shopping subject to your paranoia level. Try and link as much as you can together and always document them. That way you will not forget to do something. Checklists are great.

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