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Losing sight of the point

One of the big risks that you take by making your own spirits in that you can poison yourself or make yourself go blind.

As the objective of making and consuming spirits is for you to enjoy yourself and in some cases, some days, get away from life for a short while you need to make sure that the trip isn’t one way or you end up blind or suffering from liver problems.

So while you consider some of the concoctions in the distilling spirits downloads make sure you follow these simple rules.

Make sure you have read and understood the instructions.
Follow the instructions.
Make sure that the unit is held securely and stable.
Use electrical heating where possible.
Make sure there are no leaks or damaged seals.
Distil in a well ventilated place.
Keep a fire extinguisher at hand.
Watch what is going on and ensure it does not run dry.

Always remember that what you are making is a poison. Incorrect dosages of this poison, either by drinking too much or getting the mixtures wrong can blind you, damage your liver or kill you. Also remember that what will be OK to a heavy drinker may still kill you.

Go to the distilling spirits downloads.

8 comments to Losing sight of the point

  • Skvez

    “As the objective of making and consuming spirits is for you to enjoy yourself”
    Spirits have uses beyond getting “pleasantly drunk”. They can be used to sterilise a wound or as a poor anasthetic / painkiller.
    Many “tea-totallers” have a bottle or two of whisky in their preps.
    Since spirits in glass bottles last almost indefinitely (provided no drinkers find them!) I’d suggest you set aside a few bottles for medicinal purposes now, while it’s made by professionals.

  • Skean Dhude


    Good point. One I have missed.

    I already have a few bottles on my list. I’ll add a couple of bottles of a cheap one, vodka perhaps, to the medical list. Maybe even mark it as something else.

  • Eatmoreveg

    on distiling i feel i have to say blindness comes from the methanol this should be removed as “the heads” fusel oils are removed as the “tails” alcohol – ethanol can also power your rotavator saving hours of back breaking work but distiling is presantly illegal in the uk ps 2 days ago 5 people from easten europe were killed in an explosion in a town in n.e. lincs because of a distiling accident it is not hard to find the facts though if you look

  • Skean Dhude


    Welcome. If done properly distilling is fine but as we know things are not always done properly and especially after an event things are likely to get worse not better. I’ll be looking at some recipes on here in due course.

    I’m shocked though to find it is illegal in the UK with us being all free and all. 🙂

  • Kenneth Eames

    It is certainly very useful in medicine. As a herbalist and Homoeopathic Practitioner I use a great deal of alcohol to manufacture tinctures, etc.

  • Skean Dhude


    So we need more alcohol than I thought as herbal and homoeopathic treatments will become the treatments of choice.

  • Kenneth Eames

    Not only will we need alcohol for medicine but many of us will be using alcohol stoves. Alcohol has the least toxic fumes of all the fuels. Of course, some people might be inclined to drink it, and in a survival situation, they could be forgiven for this.

  • Skean Dhude

    There are several good alcohol stoves on the market. I think it is going to be another valuable commodity. Worth more than gold after an event.

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