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Bulk buying power – Not in the UK

One of the many areas where our US cousins have an advantage is that many items are available there in bulk. Ammunition, honey, toilet rolls, grain, the list is endless. You can buy 25lb packs, 1000 items and get big discounts. For example the CostCo over here in the UK is a different animal to the one in the US. There are few bargains here and most items can be bought elsewhere at cheaper prices.

Yet we in the UK also want to have goods at reasonable prices when we buy in bulk.

We just don’t seem to have anyone that fills that niche here. Sure we have suppliers who will sell 25lb of honey or toilet rolls on a pallet but you have to go looking for them and they usually are the producer or manufacturers that is all they do and you don’t get the best deals because you only want one pallet and will be a long time before returning.

Anyone know where you can buy bulk items like rice, pasta, honey, flour, beans, tea, vegetable oil, coffee and the like. Basic foodstuffs. Plus normal consumables like toilet rolls, kitchen foil, soap, air rifle pellets, washing up liquid, matches, fuel, bandages and similar. Not forgetting clothing, electronics and machinery.

Anyone know of a company that wholesales items like that or any large companies that would bulk sell to to the general public or small companies?

No wonder the UK is seen as very expensive to live. Taxes, legislation and a grab what you can mentality adds considerably to costs.

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