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Building a Survival Community in the UK

I’m primarily looking at a community in the UK here although the same applies to other countries. The information here will probably apply to whatever country you are in anyway.

One area where we as Survivalists seem to miss out on is meeting others like ourselves although we do interact with like minded others via emails, sites like this and occasional meets we tend not to blow our own trumpets and we keep our heads down as not to draw attention on ourselves. So you don’t see many Survivalist meetings at the local club or even on the Internet. I feel that is mainly because we have learnt to keep our heads down so that if the SHTF we do not get inundated with starving hordes because they are now aware you are the local Survival club member so you must have food somewhere. Not including the hassle and trauma of getting visits from the local police because you are clearly a tin foil hat wearing nut case that has a shotgun/firearm license and they want to know what else you have hidden away and what bylaws you are breaking by keeping too much ice cream in your house.

Looking at it from another angle most of us are Libertarians at heart, we just want to be left alone to do what we want and although we have no intentions of harming others we also do not want to be harmed by society, either by its rules or its enforcers and are well prepared to do harm if we are pushed into it. We also seem to be alpha males with clear views on what we should be doing and we don’t really play too well with others. If we were not then we would all be sitting watching TV and waiting for the government to tell us what to do next.

Yet, being a survivalist should not just be about the odd person preparing for the worst in isolation and picking up hints and tips from sites like this. We as a species have always worked well together in teams than alone as individuals. So how can we capitalise on this yet still keep ourselves safe?

Before we start we need to decide what actually are we looking at doing here?

Are we simply getting like minds together to share information, perhaps set up a bulk buying club or something similar or are we looking at the other extreme of building a like minded group with the intention of working together on a site or several close sites or going all the way and building a small self contained village out of the way, as best we can, of the rest of society?

All of these are perfectly valid reasons to get together with like minded people and make a community and it seems to me there are several ways we could achieve this. Here are a couple of them;

  • We could set up a contact board where you can find people in your area with like interests where you simply email each other and build up relationships that. Proceed at your own pace and arrange local meets as you get comfortable with each other.
  • We could arrange a virtual meeting in somewhere like Second Life.
  • We could simply arrange a Survivalist night at pub or club somewhere where all are invited.
  • We could arrange a special event for Survivalists where we can learn, exchange, buy and sell or just meet people.

When I get a bit more of the groundwork done on the spreadsheets and downloads then I will look at arranging something myself. I’ll even put a special contact area on the site where you can leave your details to enable personal contacts. Then it is down to you. The delay will give more people time to find the site, it is new, and make any meeting that much more interesting.

In the meantime let me know what you think in the comments.

16 comments to Building a Survival Community in the UK


    Thankgod someone in the uk has finaly set up a site for us brits,ive been reading survival blog for 2yrs but it is american and aimed at yanks so is not really informative for us brits.It would be great to be in contact with like minded people in this country.Im 42,a builder living in somerset near the devon border,grew up in devon and became interested in survivalism when i was 16 when i watched damnation alley and read the survivalist stories by jerry ahern.If your looking for a like minded friend then look no further.

  • Skean Dhude


    Glad to have you on board.

    Keep your eyes on the site. I’m working on a contact db as well as all the other stuff. Got my hands full here although others are contributing both visibly, see latest post, and under the water with peer reviewing documents.

  • Beladonna

    (holding up one hand) ahem, a female here 🙂

    Im not sure where anyone else is, but Im over in the east, but I and hubby would travel to meet like minded people, how about a weekend sometime in the future, where maybe we could all offer a bit of something in the way of expertise or information to share? We could meet in the middle maybe and camp out?

  • Skean Dhude


    Welcome. Nice to get a females perspective. This subject seems to be dominated by males. 🙂

    Hold that thought. I’m trying to set up a basic contact area, writing it now, and looking for people to get involved. I’ll be posting it when it is available and we will see what works out. Glad to know I won’t be sitting there on my own twiddling my thumbs.

    Watch this space.

  • Ash is my dog

    What a fantastic idea and so refreshing to see a site for UK based folks i have recently been bitten by the bushcraft bug and am working my way through the site exelent idea on the meetups i am in northamptonshire good luck and all the best for the future

  • Skean Dhude

    Hi there Ash,

    I’m glad you like it I’m spending a lot of my spare time working on it. I’m sure there will be plenty there for you to pick up.

    In the meantime if you want to connect up with others there is the contact database which is there for that purpose. It’s just getting started but it will pick up eventually.

  • Max Reaper147

    Hi I’m thinking of setting up a local survival group/club in my area could you offer any help to get me started?

  • Skean Dhude



    That is one of the things we are trying to do on this site.

    In my view the best way is to simply set up a place for a meet and advertise where and when the meet is on, make it a few weeks away. I’ll advertise it here if you want.

    Alternatively, you could use the contact area to contact others in your area and arrange a meet on a personal level. There are a few people on there now and several have exchanged messages although I have not had any feedback yet (hint, hint) so I don’t know how well it is doing.

    • Max Reaper147

      I’ve made a few local enquiries on facebook got a few people interested and a scout leader who is gona help on the basic skills side he’s a knot expert. Ill get a date when we can all meet and get a place to hold it thanks for the advice and ill let you know as soon as i have a date so we can get an advert up.

  • Skean Dhude

    Great, What area are you covering? If you need any help then send me a message via the contact form. Good luck with the organising.

  • HI guys i’m from Northern Ireland and as if the UK hasn’t fallen behind on the survival front then you can guess that where i’m from people have even less knowledge lol
    Its good to know that there are people in the UK interested in more than facebook and twitter however it would cost me too much to come over for every camp out therefor i’m looking to set up my own community over here. I don’t have anything set up yet but if anyone would like to get in touch I would be more than happy to meet up.

  • I recently started what i call Survival+ workshops.
    In two weeks one of my fellow ‘preppers’ will talk about financial issues…

    Also i started a local Transition Town initiative which has been picked up by some folk.
    One lady has succesfully started ‘squary meter gardening’ and organises ‘repair cafe’s’…

    Permaculture is gaining popularity. I think that should also be on the preppers minds…

  • Skean Dhude


    There are people in NI who come to this site. Why don’t you see if you can meet up with them. Best us the forum or the contact db and people can get in touch that way. Good luck in your meetings but always remember OPSEC for your protection.


    Sounds like you are well down the path. Hope that works out for you and we will be trying to catch up here. Let us know how it goes and what we can do to help.

  • hello friends, im in the states but looking for likeminded people to email of the older generation and have much knowledge and very useful. in selling my home and looking to buy a [[ safe]] homestead. im looking to meet others ,get to know them and if trustworthy ,,live together, and do gardening,canning, drying, just plain surviving. looking also for ideas on where to go. if u understand and do conduct yourself according to any situation then contact me. thank u ,. rose



  • Skean Dhude

    Anne, This post is 4 years old but you clearly jumped in on a link as the last post was more recent than that. Today in fact.

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