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How we need to prepare


One mans junk is another mans gold

In the west we have evolved into a throwaway society over the last few decades. Everything we seem to buy nowadays has a limited life and seems to be designed to self destruct immediately after the warranty period has expired. These units seem unable to be repaired and require replacement with the old units being […]

Three time lines to consider for OPSEC risks

A guest post by Skvez.

Most of us in the UK are going to be bugging in; we have little choice. We may move to the suburbs rather than live in a block of flats but we’re still right beside “the golden horde”, if things go wrong and we want to survive we need to […]

Building a Survival Community in the UK

I’m primarily looking at a community in the UK here although the same applies to other countries. The information here will probably apply to whatever country you are in anyway.

One area where we as Survivalists seem to miss out on is meeting others like ourselves although we do interact with like minded others via […]

Living sustainably

I find it ironic that the Greens want us to abandon civilisation and revert to living from the land using sustainable resources in a futile attempt to stop the planet changing as it has done for billions of years. How egotistical, we believe we have the power of gods and evolution stops with us. Most […]