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Identify what you need to put aside – pt 12 – Medical

The next article in our series ˜Identify what you need to put aside‘ is Medical.

In a post survival situation one of the most sought after skills will be medical experience. Experience gained working as a general practitioner or a paramedic would be highly prized as well as related experience such as working as a vet or a nurse. Now it is great having these skills but to gain maximum benefit from them you need to have medical supplies or access to substitutes that you can use for treating medical ailments. Although we should consider that treatments that are routine now will be impossible for some time after an event, any transplants, cancer treatment or dialysis. Even some common surgery will be out of reach of even medical experts without the equipment routinely found in hospitals and clinics. Even people who rely on regular supply of pills for treatable ailments will be in trouble when they run out and GPs do not give out more than three months worth at a time. The reality will be that anyone requiring regular or major medical treatment to live will be beyond help. Sorry about that but we must look at things realistically. The best we can hope for is being able to treat the basic ailments that will occur, broken bones, burns, amputations, deep cuts and penetration injuries will be our limit.

What should we have in our Home Medical Kit
The list of what we should actual have is not too hard to come by. I read several books, particularly the books written for providing medical services when there is no medical system as in ‘Where There is No Doctor‘, ‘Where Women Have No Doctor‘ and ‘Where There is No Dentist‘ by Hesperian, as well as other survival books and reports by doctors out in Africa and Military books on emergency surgery as well as the books FEMA produce. Read some here and buy some here hard copies are much better when you are working on someone. I also discussed and took advice from several people, paramedics, doctors and first aiders so we know what we need to have and it does not include specialist equipment like MRI scanners, X-ray machines or dialysis machines. This list is basically what you would find in a well outfitted doctors surgery or emergency medical facility.

I split the items into four areas;

  • Reference Books
  • Medical Tools
  • Consumables, Non Perishable supplies
  • Consumables, Perishable supplies

What quantities do I need?
The million pound question. The issue I hit with this list was actually defining the amount required. It depends so much on the type of injuries received and how are you supposed to know that in advance. I’ve asked doctors, nurses, paramedics and even the medical officer on a ship. They can tell me what they have in their kits but when it comes down to defining an amount for a kit that will handle 30 people for several months fixing what a paramedic could handle in a survival situation they were all stuck. Eventually, I got a list with quantities from each and built up my complete list from that. I would suggest that these items are minimums and you should consider your location and personal experiences to augment the amounts as required. Any feedback on amounts is appreciated.

The Home Medical Kit list for your supplies
– Books

– Tools

No Unit Item
20 Each Aspirating dental syringe
800 Each Bedpan
20 Each Blood Pressure Cuff
100 Each Blunt/Blunt Scissors
5 Each Bone Saw Med
5 Each Bone Saw small
100 Each cannulas each gauge
200 Each Cavit tube (temp filling inserter)
30 Each Cement spatula
20 Each Cervical collar
3 Each Compactor
20 Each Cowhorn forcep
10 Each Cryers elevators No 30
10 Each Cryers elevators No 31
10 Each Curved clamps large
10 Each Curved clamps small
2 Each Defibrillator
10 Each Dental mirror size 4
20 Each Dissecting forceps
5 Each Dressing Scissors
3 Each Dual Head Stethoscope
3 Each Excavator double ended, Guy’s pattern
20 Each Extraction forceps
15 Each Eye Bath
5 Each Eye magnets
25 Each Filling paste inserter
3 Each Gracey 11 curette
3 Each Gracey 12 curette
10 Each Guedel Airways 0 Small Child
10 Each Guedel Airways 00 Infant
10 Each Guedel Airways 1 Child
10 Each Guedel Airways 2 Small Adult
10 Each Guedel Airways 3 Medium Adult
10 Each Guedel Airways 4 Large Adult
25 Each Haemostatic clamps
6 Each Head Lamp
5 Each Hemilich flutter valve
60 Each Hemostats
100 Each Heparin locks
10 Each Hypothermia thermometer
100 Each Ice Bag
10 Each Inflatable splints ( half-leg/full leg/half-arm/full arm ) 1 set
500 Each IV giving sets
25 Each Laerdal Pocket Mask
10 Each Left upper molar forcep
500 Each Leur lock 16g
500 Each Leur lock 18g
50 Each Lg curved clamps
5 Each Lift Out obstetric forceps
10 Each Lower molar ‘hawks bill’ forcep
10 Each Lower universal forceps No 151
10 Each lvory C-1 scaler
5 Each Magnifying glass
10 Each Malleable finger splint
10 Each Malleable forearm splint
5 Each Manual suction pump
60 Each Mask and tubes
10 Each Mayo scissors
20 Each Metal hair comb
5 Each Mirror
10 Each Neck Collar large
10 Each Neck Collar medium
10 Each Neck Collar small
60 Each Needle holder
100 Each Nelaton catheter 16fr (no balloon)
50 Each Oropharyngeal airways
6 Each Otoscope
300 Each Oxygen
40 Each Oxygen Resuscitator bag
40 Each Oxygen Resuscitator bag tubing
20 Each Penrose drains
50 Each Quick Release Tourniquet
5 Each Re-usable Magill Forceps-Adult
5 Each Re-usable Magill Forceps-Child
15 Each Reuseable Rescue Mask
10 Each Right upper molar forcep
10 Each Scalpel Handle
4 Each Scissors 12.5cm
4 Each Scissors 18cm
4 Each Sharp probe
5 Each Sphygmomanometer
10 Each Spoon excavator
100 Each Sputum cups
10 Each Squeeze bottle
10 Each Stainless Steel Kidney Dishes
8 Each Stainless Steel Lotion Bowl
15 Each Steel Tweezers
2 Each Steriliser
5 Each Stethoscope
5 Each Straight clamps large
5 Each Straight clamps small
2 Each Straight elevator No 34
3 Each Stretcher, Collapsible
25 Each Suction aspirator
5 Each Thermometer
30 Each Thermometer Flexible – 10 second
3 Each Thigh collar
3 Each Thomas splint
5 Each Torch
10 Each Tuff Scissors
10 Each Upper universal forceps No 150
30 Each Urine container
50 Each Yankauer
10 Each Wrist Brace (Left hand)
10 Each Wrist Brace (Right hand)

– Consumables, Non perishable supplies

No Unit Item
100 Each 40mm half needle sterile absorbable
100 Each 14fr catheters
400 Each 1ml insulin syringe
200 Roll 2″ sterile gauze
500 Each 2″ sterile pads
1000 Each 20ml syringe
1000 Each 21g needle
1000 Each 25g needle
1000 Each 2ml syringe
5000 Each Aprons
50 Roll Assorted sizes absorbable suture material
100 Each Bio bags
200 Each Blood collection bags + filter giving sets
200 Sachet Blood stopper powder
60 Each Catheter No 16
500 Each Conforming bandage 5cm x 5m
500 Each Conforming bandage 7.5cm x 5m
500 Each Conforming bandage 7.5cm x 4m
2000 Each Cotton Buds
30 Bag Cotton Rolls
500 Bag Cotton Wool
100 Bag Cotton Wool 100gm non sterile
100 Bag Cotton Wool 15gm sterile
400 Each Crape bandage 7.5cm x 4.5 m
100 Each Disinfectant Soap
10 Box Disposable Scalpels No 23
1000 Each Disposible razors
3 Pack Disposible tongue depressors
10 Roll Duct Tape
100 Each Elastic adhesive 7.5cm x 4m
50 Each Elasticated Stockinette C 10m
50 Each Face Shield
50 Each Foley balloon catheter 16fr
50 Each Foley Urethral Catheters
1000 Each Gauze sterile cotton 30 x 90cm
1000 Each Gauze Swabs 10x10cm
10 Each Hot Water Bottle
100 Each Hot/Cold Packs
100 Each HSE Large Dressing
100 Each HSE Medium Dressing
150 Each Hydrogen peroxide
150 Each Individually wrapped sterile triangular bandages
100 Each Individually wrapped, Extra large sterile, unmedicated wound dressings
100 Each Individually wrapped, Large sterile, unmedicated wound dressings
100 Each Individually wrapped, Medium sterile, unmedicated wound dressings
100 Each Israeli Battle Dressings (various)
200 Each IV cannulas 16 g
200 Each IV cannulas 20 g
200 Each IV cannulas 24 g
500 Each IV giving sets – maxisets + standard sets
1000 Each IV Kit
30 Each Laerdal pocket mask
100 Pack Large absorbent dressings/AB pads (5×9 or larger)
10 Each Nail Brush
400 Each Needles 20 g
400 Each Needles 22 g
400 Each Needles 24 g
50 Each N-G tubes + spigots
100 Box Nitrile Gloves
30 Each No 13 BPC Dressings
30 Each No 14 BPC Dressings varying size gauze pad
30 Each No 15 BPC Dressings attached rollar bandage
100 Each No 16 BPC Dressing (eye pads)
1000 Each Paper Towels
100 Roll Paracord 50 Ft
50 Each Penile sheath set
10 Kg Plaster of Paris (or fiberglass) roller bandages (4in/6in)
500 Each Plastic Bags
100 Each Plastic Burns bags 46cm x 31 cm
5 Each Plastic measuring jug, 1/2 L
200 Each Plastic sample bottles
100 Box Safety Pins
50 Each Salbutamol, rescue inhaler
100 Each Saline (Individual Containers)
30 Kg Salt
200 Each Salt Pills
10 Box Scalpel Blades size 11
10 Box Scalpel Blades size 12
10 Box Scalpel Blades size 15
100 Each Scrub Suits
300 Each Self adhesive bandages
2 Each Seton traction kit
40 Each Space Blankets
200 Each Spinal needles 22g
100 Each Sterile Plastic Sheets
40 Each Sterile Water (Individual Containers)
200 Each Sugar Pills
2 Kg Sulphur
50 Each Surgical face mask
100 Each Suture 26mm half needle sterile non-absorbable
100 Each Suture 40mm half needle sterile non-absorbable
50 Each Suture needles
1000 Each Syringes 10 ml
1000 Each Syringes 2 ml
1000 Each Syringes 20 ml
1000 Each Syringes 5 ml
10 Kg Talcum Powder
100 Pack Treated burn dressings 10 x 10cm
100 Pack Treated burn dressings 20 x 20cm
100 Pack Treated digit dressings
100 Each Trianglular bandage
100 Each Tubular gauze finger size/ 20m
100 Pack Urine Bags
10 Lt White vinegar

– Consumables, Perishable supplies

No Unit Item
1000 Each 75mm steri-strips
10 Pack Adhesive suture strips pkt of 52
100 Pack Adhesive tape 2.5cm x 5m
100 Pack Adrenaline, 1:1000 1ml amp
10 Lt Alcohol
100 Pack Alcohol prep
100 Pack Amethocaine eyedrops 0.5% 0.5ml
100 Pack Aminophylline, 25mg/1ml 10ml amp
300 Each Antibacterial Soap
40 Pack Antibiotic ear drops 5ml
20 Tube Antibiotic ointment
10 Tube Antifungal medication
10 Box Antiseptic Wipes
50 Sachet Aspirin 75mg tab
70 Box Aspirin tablets
70 Box Aspirin, 300mg tabs
30 Box Astemizole 10mg tab
70 Box Atenolol 50mg tab
70 Box Atropine iv
80 Box Augmentin oral/iv
1000 Each Bandaids assorted
50 Each Beclomethasone, 50microgm inhaler
10 Each Benalkium Chloride
70 Box Benedryl &/or Claratyne oral
5 Each Benzoic Acid 5% oint 50gm
80 Box Benzylpenicillin 600mg powder for inj
50 Sachet Betamethasone 0.1%/Neomycin 0.5% eyedrops 5mls
50 Sachet Betnesol oral
10 Lt Bleach Thick
500 Each Blood glucose lancets
500 Each Blood glucose test strip
50 Tube Burn gels and ointments
20 Each Burnshield Hydrogel – 50ml
50 Tube Calamine Lotion
10 Bottle Calpol 500ml
100 Pack Cefaclor oral
500 Box Ceftriaxone iv
500 Box Cefuroxime 750 mg powder for inj
100 Each Cervical Caps
10 Box Cetrimide solution 100mls
100 Box Chlorhexidine gluconate mouthwash 0.2% 300mls
500 Sachet Chlorhexidine solution 100mls
10 Kg Chlorine compound
40 Each Chlorpromazine 25mg tab
100 Pack Chlorpromazine 25mg/ml 1ml amp
30 Each Cimetidine 400mg tab
500 Box Ciprofloxacillin 500mg tab
500 Box Ciprofloxacin oral
3 Each Clotrimoxazole top
1000 Each Codeine phos 30mg tab
3000 Each Condoms
50 Box Cyclizine, 50mg/1ml 1ml amp
5 Each Dettol bottle – Large
300 Each Dextrose, 50% 20ml amp
50 Each Diaphragms
10 Box Diazepam 10mg tab
30 Box Diazepam 5mg/ml 2ml amp
100 Pack Diazepam iv
100 Pack Diazepam rectal 10mg/2,5ml recal tube
300 Box Diclofenac sodium 100mg supp
100 Each Disinfectant Spra
10 Each Doxycycline 100mg tab
1 Each Ephedrine nose drops 0.5% 10ml
20 Box Ergometrine &/or Oxytocin im/iv
2 Each Ergometrine 1ml amp
40 Each Erythromycin 250mg tab
1 Each Ethylchloride spray 50mg
10 Each Eye wash solution 500ml
50 Each Fluorescein eye test strips 1%
4 Each Framycetin sultphate 0.5% ointment 5gm
100 Pack Frusemide 10mg/ml 2ml amp
100 Pack Frusemide 40mg tab
100 Pack Frusemide, 10mg/1ml s 1ml amp
100 Lt General disinfectant
50 Sachet Glucagon, 1mg/ml 1 ml amp
300 Box Glucose infusion, 5%500 ml bag
300 Box Glyceryl trinitrate 0.4mg inhaler
100 Pack Gylcerol suppository 4gms supp
100 Pack Haemaccel or Pentaspan (a colloid resuscitation fluid)
10 Each Hand Sanitiser
50 Each Hydrocortisone 100mg/2ml powder forinj
20 Tubes Hydrocortisone cream 1% 15gm
50 Each Hydrocortisone iv/cream
50 Each Hydrocortisone, 100mg/2ml 100mg vial
20 Each Hyoscine 0.3mg tab
1000 Each Hypoallergenic plasters(Various sizes)
6 Tube Ibuproven gel
10 Box Ibuproven tablets
50 Each Injectable antihistamine
20 Each Injectable ephinephrine
2 Each Insectiside Hand spray
2 Lt Insectiside Liquid
10 Kg Insectiside Powder
3 Each Insulin 100iu/ml rapid action 10ml vial
200 Each Iron tablets
50 Each Ketamine iv/im
100 Each lidocaine 2% 1.8 ml
100 Each Lignocaine 1% 20mg/2mls 2ml amp
100 Pack Lignocaine gel
100 Pack Lignocaine top/spinal
400 Each Loperamide oral
100 Pack Metoclopramide iv/im
100 Pack Metronidazole 1gm supp
100 Pack Metronidazole 400mg tab
100 Pack Metronidazole oral
200 Roll Microporous Tape 5cm x 10m
50 Each Morphine 15mg/1ml 1ml amp
100 Each Morphine iv/im/sc
10 Each Morphine sulphate 10mg/ml 1ml amp
1000 Each Multidip. urine test strips
3 Each Mupirocin (Bactroban) top
30 Box Narloxone iv
30 Box Neomycin eye drop
20 Box Neomycin/polymixin B/hydrocortisone ear drops 5ml
500 Box Normal Saline
500 Box Normal saline for injection
3 Pack Oil of cloves 10mls
50 Sachet Oral antidiarrheals
500 Each Oral Contraceptive Pills
10 Sachet Oral Rehydration fluid sachets 1L
3 Each OTC Cough suppressant
50 Box Paediatric paracetamol 120mg tabs
100 Box Paracetamol 500mg tab
100 Each Paracetamol oral
100 Each Paraffin gauze dressing 10cm x 10cm
40 Each Phenobarbital, 15 mg. tablets
3 Each Pilocaine eye drops
1 Each Pilocarpine eyedrops 0.5% 0.5ml
4 Each Plasma substitution infusion fluid
100 Box Plasters (Various sizes)
1 Kg Potassium permanganate crystals 10gm
3 Each Povidone – Iodine Prep
25 Each Prednisolone, 5mg tabs
10 Each Pregnancy test kits
30 Each Prochlorperazine 3mg tab (buccal)
10 Each Promethazine 25mg/ml 1ml amp
10 Pack Reactive urine analysis test strips
50 Box Rehydration Sachets
50 Box Salbutamol 100 micrograms inhalers
50 Box Salbutamol inhaler
2 Each Silversalazine cream 1% 50gms
10 Each Smelling salts 17ml
3 Each Starr Otic Drops
100 Each Steri-strips
100 Each Superglue
100 Pack Swabs Alcohol
30 Each Tetanus immumoglobulin amp
30 Each Tetanus vaccine 0.5ml amp
20 Box Throat lozenges
4 Each Tincture of Benzoin
30 Each Trimethoprim 200mg tab
5 Each Vapour Rub
5 Each Vasaline (tub)
10 Each Vitamin K 10mg/ml 1ml amp
500 Box Water for injection
20 Box Zinc lozenges
2 Each Zinc ointment 25gms
2 Each Zinc Oxide paste
100 Each Zinc oxide plaster tape 2.5cm x 5m
10 Kg Zinc oxide powder

This is quite a big list so I have made it available as a separate download as well. Download it from here (right click). Some of the items on there are expensive and may never be used; other items are actually illegal to buy in the UK but can be brought abroad for all those that don’t live in an oppressive regime. Some of the items are cheaply available and for those I would consider the quantities as a minimum.

Again, education is critical here. One trained medical expert is worth 100 people without medical training. In second place is someone trained in first aid with access to the relevant books and in third place someone without medical training learning from books. Get everyone on your team educated in at least first aid.

Next up is part 13 in the series, Power.

10 comments to Identify what you need to put aside – pt 12 – Medical

  • Skvez

    800 bedpans !?
    The “Bedpan” I am aware of is a tint toilet seat and tray a patient can pee or poo into when imobile in a bed. They are bulky and re-usable, why would I ever need 800?

    All in all these lists are scary huge. Just how many people-years does this list cover?

  • Skean Dhude


    It is a frightening list. It is a list for 30 people for a year.

    Many of the items here are reuseable but many are not. Many are inexpensive but several are not.

    I’m looking for feedback on this and I have got someone coming around in the next few days to give a different perspective. I spent more time coming up with those numbers than I have on all the other articles put together. If you look on other sites they simply say scalpels, antibiotics, bandages but no numbers beyond 2 or 3 in a personal kit. None go into a medical kit for a TEOTWAWKI scenario for any real length of time, usable by medical people and in effect stocking a small clinic. 30 people for a year will sort out a community.

    Plus, I have no idea what half of these things are. So buying reusable bedpans may be a good idea but they may be a lot more expensive than carboard disposable ones. I am reliant on others here.

    However, between us we can get it right.

  • Skvez

    I wasn’t even aware you could get cardboard disposable bedpans! Now I know they’re disposable (and therefore cheap) it makes more sense. I was thinking that even a plastic one would probably cost £20 and I could think of better things to spend £16k on 🙂
    Glad to hear I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand what all those things are for (let alone how to use them).
    Perhaps my strategy of “Wrap it with cloth, tie it up, hope it gets better on its own” might benefit from some expansion.

  • Skean Dhude


    I’m more than willing to admit that there are several areas where I am far from knowledgable but others are. Between us we should get it right.

    I intend for this site to build on the basics so we can all learn. After all so many sites just say buy this, buy that and doesn’t actually look at what it means. What priority should I put medical or water. By educating people on the reasons for things they can prioritise their own mitigations. After all each has their own issues and situations.

    I expect this list to change over the next few weeks. It is at V0.1 and it has taken up so much of my time already with, I suspect, a lot more to come.

  • moosedog

    When I was still working in hospitals there were some wards using metal bedpans, which had to be emptied, then put in a steam steriliser, and other wards which used the disposable cardboardy-stuff, which were just lobbed into a macerator. If you want to see me vomit just hand me either type that’s been used! The trouble with the disposable ones is that once they are used that’s it, meaning once the stockpile of 800 or whatever is finished there are no more available. I’d go for a smaller stock of metal bedpans for long term use, and some way of sterilizing them. If you have an obnoxious patient just put the pan in the freezer for a while before placing it under them. Guaranteed to cheer up the day for all but the one patient.

  • Steven K

    Just a quick bit of advice, needle exchanges will give free needles, alcohol swabs, sharps boxes and syringes for free. It’s anonymous and free. I think the daily limit is 10 pairs. I used the service whilst on steroids so I can vouch for it

  • Skean Dhude


    I’m thinking along the lines of an or section. Such as 800 bedpans or 5 metal ones. Trying to find the balance is the issue. Do you know anyone who would comment on the list? The more the merrier.


    Thanks for that. I like free things, although these are not free but lets not go there, and getting anything back from the government is a bonus.

    I’ve looked in the local services but couldn’t find needle exchanges. I’ll ask my paramedic neighbours when I see them. How do they work? Don’t you have to show you are a user or bring back old needles or something?

    • moosedog

      Skean Dhude: I don’t have any contacts left in the medical field but having studied the list myself I’d say you could run a small emergency clinic until the expiry dates were reached on the medicines. There doesn’t appear to be anything that would require an expert on hand, I think most of the equipment could be used and procedures carried out by a competent nurse or GP, or any skill level thereabouts or higher. I think the main problems would be procuring the equipment and keeping it maintained. Long term care of patients in an end of civilisation scenario would also be problematic: it’s one thing saving a life and then handing the patient over to the NHS for further care but quite a different proposition when there’s nobody out there to help. My personal feeling is that if our civilisation has ended then euthanasia might be the only realistic option for anyone with a major life threatening injury or illness.

  • Steven K

    No they don’t ask any questions, they hand you a sheet with all the different sizes and gauges, you fill it out hand it back and get a bag with everything in it. As for giving them back, the limit on how much you can take at once is higher if you have a full sharps box to hand in for destruction, otherwise they don’t care. They are easy to find, the one I used was in the Boots just off of princes st Edinburgh
    I am aware that they are not technically free but if a dirty junkie can use the service then so can I as a taxpayer haha. The worst part is the pharmacy staff seemed to have a good banter with the junkies queuing for methadone but looked at me like I was scum. I just didn’t get it.

  • Skean Dhude


    I tried to specifically avoid specialist equipment plus everything there is to handle minor or major injuries that once fixed means that the patient can get back on their feet. I don’t believe there is anything there that would help with serious diseases, cancer, stroke, etc. and I am of a similar belief about post trauma care. However, just to be clear, many of these people can still contribute in some ways and it is up to the group and its situation on how to deal with people beyond our limited medical help. You cannot, and should not, plan these out as every situation is different and thereis no one size fits all. It won’t be nice and it will be upsetting but we can still be humane and civilised about it if it happens.


    Such is life. They always feel sorry for those that accidentally fell on a needle twenty times and got addicted while you are clearly not at that level.

    Where I live they do do needle exchanges but want a sharps box passed in before they give anything out. Apparently, diabetics, etc. are OK but junkies and losers like me are not. I’ll do a bit more investigating.

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