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Testing to see if a plant is a weed

I’ve always wondered what actually classified a plant as a weed? I have my theory but I wondered if there is an actually reason. You see most plants actually have uses. What is a weed to one is a valuable plant to others.

Weed test
To test if something is a weed simply touch it. If it is not a weed but an expensive and rare plant it will die instantly.
But survival does not make it a weed. Further tests are required.
Grip the plant lightly in your hand. If it breaks off then it is not a weed but a valued plant.
Again, survival is not definitive.
Keeping your grip on the plant tug gently. If it comes out easily and the roots are attached; It is not a weed it is again a valued plant.
Again, survival is not definitive.
Increase your grip and tug harder. If the plant comes up with the roots it is not a weed.
If it breaks off and the roots are left in the ground then it is a useful weed like dandelion or nettle.
If it doesn’t break off then it is a bad weed.
To test how bad it is douse it with weedkiller.
If it lives it is a harmful weed and will smother everything you try and grow unless to spend hours getting it under control.

2 comments to Testing to see if a plant is a weed

  • Skvez

    I always thought Dandelion’s had quite pretty flowers which would be prized if they were harder to grow.

  • Skean Dhude


    Dandelions seem to have quite a few uses as well, besides Dandelion wine they have several minerals and vitamins we need and make an interesting addition to our food stores.

    Dandelions and Nettles were the plants I was thinking of when I was wondering what the differences between plants and weeds was. It does seem to me to be based on how well it survives by itself. Hence the jokey article.

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