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Looking to the Future – The Future

The final article in our series ‘Looking to the Future‘ is the Future.

As you can see I have spent a bit of time thinking about moving forward after an event. I can visualise in my mind the situations I have defined and feel that they could work. All, except for the financial side, I can even define the models that would provide real life working processes which we could build on.

And build on we must because if we wait too long before we recover we could find that we can never recapture our technological position and we need that as a stepping stone to the future. That will leave us on this planet with insufficient resources and no way off. It would be the end of our species and we will be replaced with nature’s next design in a few million years, a blink of the eye in galactic terms.

All the previous articles in this series outline a rough template and would evolve through time as we progress, some will progress slower than others and some may leap stages. This progress will be better than the slow progress we have made over the last few centuries because we have already invested in the brain power and resources to make it work. We must ensure we keep the information safe so it will save us years in redevelopment.

So, I’m looking for us to beat death, take leaps into our universe and continue to progress. All the things we should be working on now instead of building socialist paradises that never work. Never will, ever, but our nature makes us keep trying. The only way we can progress is through scientific advances and making the most of our brains. Not providing social engineering systems to support those who cannot be bothered working but to provide engineering systems to enable us to navigate the stars, to build new civilisations on remote galaxies and go beyond our current limitations.

Of course, that is a massive leap from basic survival but shows the path I would expect us to take. Not just surviving but catching up and going beyond where we are now. Let us not make the same mistakes we have done over the last 50 years again.

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
George Santayana (1863 – 1952)

However, some words of warning. We must consider that this may never come about even if we survive and prepare. The resources are much more difficult to recover from the earth, we will have lost some valuable skills and our great thinkers will likely have perished because our criteria was survival and survival traits tend to not to be reliant on theoretical thinking. We also will not have the technology to gather resources early on in our recovery. Hopefully, this will not stop us but merely require us to think again and adapt. Something we are very good at.

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